Hi, I’m Brian!

My goal, as with MySleepyFerret, is to provide you insightful information to help you make the most informed decisions on how you spend your “sleep” money. I also work to give you up to date information so you can make the biggest impact and change to you sleep for the better.

Founded in 2017, My Sleepy Ferret helps people learn how to improve their sleep, for a more healthy, happy lifestyle with proper sleep techniques and tools. We do this by providing essential information for buying sleep-related products and guides on specific mattresses, pillows, and more.

Every night, I have troubles sleeping. Waking up to throbbing headaches with neck pain was normal to me. For the longest of time, I thought it was normal for everyone. Then, I became having more troubles sleeping with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). It kept me up at night. It started to affect me during the day. I was worried.

I worked day and night to compile the best sleep-related products to help me sleep through the night. I looked at every angle, did all my research, and looked at what everyone was saying.

This website is dedicated to you, fellow reader.

We’re here to save you the troubles of being unable to sleep well. At MySleepyFerret, we work to resesarch, compile, compare, and report on the bedding and bedding accessory products you need. From mattresses to comforters, we pride ourselves on finding you only the best of the best products so you can get quality sleep every night.