Are Adjustable Beds Worth the Money?

Aside from helping with snoring, it’s worth knowing the good and the bad to adjustable beds. Here’s a quick summary of the benefits and drawbacks of adjustable beds:


  • Comfort for everyone
  • Access to multiple sleep positions, especially with zero gravity!
  • Potentially better sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced snoring


  • They are expensive!
  • Need repairs and maintenance
  • Potential malfunctions
  • Noisy mechanics
  • Heavy to lift and set up

What exactly makes adjustable beds great? What makes them a terrible idea? Here are the pros and cons of buying and owning adjustable beds and adjustable bed frames:

Advantages of Adjustable Beds

Universal Comfort

Adjustable beds are the epitome of beds. They offer your body sleeping positions inaccessible without sleeping awkwardly on dozens of stacked pillows. With a single remote control and a handful of features such as bluetooth and under-bed lighting, sleep feels luxurious and much more comfortable. Regardless of your weight, height, or preferred sleeping position, there’s a great sleep for you.

New Sleeping Positions for the Body

With the click of a button, adjustable beds can give you your favorite sleep position. You can raise your upper body, raise your legs, or use the popular Zero Gravity position for a weightless rest.

Promoting Better Quality of Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping on a regular bed of all types, then an adjustable bed might offer you the much needed comfort and new sleeping positions for your body. It’s easy to become sore from sleeping in the same position every night for years. With adjustable positions, you can sleep better every night and change your posture as you see fit.

Relieving Aches and Pain

Adjustable beds can alleviate pressure on different parts of the body. You can customize your comfort and use massage settings to reduce the chronic pain from physical conditions such as arthritis and fibromylagia.

Reducing Snore Levels

Being able to sleep in an adjustable inclined position can reduce the severity of snoring. You can customize your head and upper body elevation to the right angle or use the ‘anti-snore’ setting for a preset position by most adjustable beds. Alleviating snoring is helpful for people with sleep apnea or other linked sleep disorders.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Beds

High Up-Front Cost

Adjustable beds are generally expensive. They can cost more than $1,000 for just the bed frame, and even more for the right adjustable bed. This also doesn’t include the maintenance and repair costs over time.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

To fix an adjustable bed, a specialist has to be called in. If your warranty is available, you might get the help you need on top. Otherwise, it can cost you an extra hundred or two for the bed repair service.

Mechanical Malfunctions Frustrations

Adjustable beds are made with electric components, moving mechanical parts, and lots of heavy metal pieces. Breakdowns can occur, and getting the right bed repair service can be timely (staying home to wait for the repair team) and costly, especially if your warranty is up.

Noisy Mechanics

The moving parts and electric motor will generate noise to move the metal pieces. Doing so can be disrupting to sleep, especially for your partner. Newer models are fairly quiet, but it might not be quiet enough for you or your loved ones.

Heavy Bed Base

Adjustable bed bases can weigh as much as 400 pounds. Most go for around 200 pounds. Unless you order a white glove service along with your adjustable bed set, carrying them into your house, up the stairs, and into your bedroom can be dangerous.

Should You Get an Adjustable Bed?

A worthy question that requires consideration. A number of factors should be weighed before deciding whether an adjustable bed is right for you?

Are you sleeping in pain? Suffering from chronic pain is terrible. If there is any way of reducing the amount of suffering, especially when it relates to your sleep that ties into your wakeful days, then it could be the step in the right direction. There will be frustrations setting up your adjustable bed, but it won’t beat having a decent night’s sleep.

Do you have sleep apnea? As we wrote about adjustable beds and snoring, they can help alleviate snoring levels by elevating your upper body enough to take the pressure off your airways and reduce obstruction for better breathing. It is especially important and helpful for people who have obstructive sleep apnea.

On a budget? Purchasing an adjustable bed will be expensive. Having a realistic budget for spending on your future adjustable bed will help buying the right one easier. Most bed bases go for over $1,000 before mattresses. The pricey ones can go as high as $3,000. Sometimes even more. We wrote a buyer’s guide recommending and breaking down the top rated adjustable beds. We also did a guide on adjustable bed bases and frames only (if you own an adjustable mattress already). And if you are elderly or struggle with physical conditions, then our guide on the best adjustable beds for seniors should help.

Want a luxury sleep experience? It goes without saying sleeping on an adjustable bed will rock. You have the regular flat sleeping position, plus many more thanks to the mechanical adjusting features and position setting functions of these types of beds. Also, massages!

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