3 Best Adjustable Beds for Older Sleepers

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On average, older adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep. When a person enters their senior years, the amount of sleep tends to decrease because they have trouble falling asleep. Although adjustable beds tend to be more expensive because of their adjustable mechanisms, they can provide a significantly higher quality of rest.

In this guide, we find 3 of the best adjustable bed for seniors. The adjustable beds covered in this guide provide an amazing upgrade to regular, standard bed. They allow you to adjust both your head and feet angle. The adjustable beds also come with pre-set positions and special little features that make them worth the money.

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Most adjustable beds allow for the leg and head to be raised and come with individual bases for two partners for a better sleep experience. The mattresses are also memory foam as they can easily bend as needed, and are made of only the most quality material for the best sleep experience.

Buyer’s Guide to Adjustable Beds for Senior (Elderly) Adults

Before buying an adjustable bed of any sort, you should familiarize yourself with the different features and options available. There are a few components we want to touch on when we shop around for a mechanically adjusting bed.


This is a big point because the adjustable beds are a pricey purchase that deals with a very important part of our life (our sleep).

In this guide, we look at an adjustable bed set that includes both the adjustable base and an accompanying mattress. Here are a few items to keep an eye out for when reviewing a warranty for the bed base:

  • Which mechanical component is covered by the warranty
  • How long the coverage period is for each component
  • What kind of defects and the specifics of the defects is mentioned in the warranty

Aside from checking the fine prints on what mechanical components, we want to know about the mattress coverage.

The warranty for the adjustable bed base may be a separate document from the warranty of the accompanying mattress. Certain issues such as sagging, incomplete deflating, and how it’s used should be reviewed closely.

One thing to keep in mind for warranties in general is what costs are covered by the manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer will only cover a percentage when replacing new components. Sometimes you might not receive any help on making replacements. Other times, you might have to pay out of your own pocket first before the warranty is honored.

However the warranty is laid out, be sure to read the fine prints, review the items we mentioned, and understand the additional unforeseen expenses are part of owning an adjustable bed.


This also ties into warranty, as we want to understand what the manufacturer and adjustable bed company is willing to do for us in the event of a malfunction or defect.

Adjustable beds are extremely heavy, so we also want to look out for any “white glove” services to help us do the following:

  • Deliver the adjustable system bed straight to our bedroom
  • Install the entire adjusting bed
  • Test to ensure all the parts are functional

Once the installation is completed by the helpers, they will ask you to sign a delivery and installation document to show everything is working fine. Do not feel pressured to sign it if there is something wrong with the bed system. You might find yourself needing to contact the company first if something is wrong. If everything does go as planned, the helpers will dispose of the boxes and plastic wrapping.

An adjustable bed base can weigh up to 100 pounds. For most seniors and people, this is impossible to lift, especially up a set of stairs.

Installation of the bed base can also be tricky and if done improperly, can become a safety issue. The mechanical components tend to be shipped as individual pieces to be put together in the bedroom.

You might also have to expect the mattress to be delivered at a separate time, which means having someone help lift it to place. This is usually not covered by the service.


When we purchase an adjustable bed, it’s unlikely we will see the motor ever and opening up our bed to check can void a warranty. There are a few finer points we want to watch out for when it comes to an adjustable motor bed:

  • Functionality: The motor works smoothly
  • Noise level:It’s quiet and kind to the ears
  • Protection against defects: The warranty coverage on the motor

We want a motor that has the strength to adjust the height of the bed, without making a ruckus in the middle of the night. The motors should be built with quality, and the warranty coverage can be a telling sign on what kind of life span we can expect.

Control options and menu

Ideally, a wireless remote control can be better than a wired remote control because it gives you the flexibility to place it on either side of the bed or however near or far.

Wired remotes does mean less worry about the battery life or losing the remote. A common habit from some sleepers is to place their remote control beside them against the wall. Sometimes the remote slips between the crack and fall underneath the bed, so a wired remote can make it easier to retrieve.

With a wireless remote, its placement is not an issue. You can store it in a nightstand or place it on a bedside table. However, we should keep in mind the signal can be interfered with. Although this is super unlikely, sometimes having other devices like a bluetooth speaker can cause some mild frustration.

Wireless does make the remote prone to misplacement. Losing the control does mean having to pay to replace it, which might take some days before the new controller gets shipped to your home.

As for the menu, we can judge the quality of a control on a few features:

  • Are the buttons intuitive to use?
  • Are there many or a few buttons?
  • Does the remote have a back-lit screen to show you what is going on?
  • Do the buttons come with a back-lighting?
  • How many pre-set positions are available?
  • How many buttons can you pre-program to the perfect position for you?

The remote control after all is what gives us the utility of the bed. These questions can help enlighten us on what the adjustable bed can do for us and our sleep.

Brief Overview of the Senior Adjusting Beds Reviewed

The adjustable beds reviewed have the following commonalities:

  • All three are made by the same manufacturer: Leggett & Platt
  • All mattresses are 12” in height, and the mattress set has a total height of 25” from the ground
  • All three sets have four available positions: sleeping flat, raised legs, raised head, or zero-gravity (raised legs and head)
  • All come with two backlit remote controllers, with programmable positions and apps
  • Each remote controls individual bases
  • The sets are heavy and will require at least two people to carry
  • Setup is not part of the price displayed on Amazon
  • As much as the seller or Leggett & Platt can provide in quality customer service over the phone, the setup and repair ultimately depends on the communication between them and local third-party service companies
  • Most reviewers would agree that all three mattresses have been tremendously comfortable and are satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt with their purchases
  • The remotes also come with an awesome “snore” button feature that repositions the head (of your partner) to ease snoring

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the three top rated adjustable bed mattresses reviews for seniors.

Reviews of the Top 3 Adjustable Senior Beds

#1. S-Cape 2.0 Base with CoolBreeze Mattress

The S-Cape 2.0 Base with CoolBreeze Mattress is a two piece set with a total height of 25″. This mattress sleeps on the medium firm to firm comfort, but with a very generous sink without the trapping feeling. The middle layers of this mattress are egg crate designs that allow for airflow for cooler sleep. With a quality top gel memory foam layer on top to maintain a flat sleeping surface, you can hop on without worrying about being unable to get off the bed.

The set comes with two 12″ adjustable memory foam mattresses and two contemporary gray patterned 7″ upholstery (adjustable base). The legs are 4″ high and casters are 2″ high. There are two available sizes: queen size and split king.

The high-performance motor is quiet, and the set can support a maximum total weight of 700 pounds. There are two wireless back-lit stand-up remote to control each individual base, with an emergency power off feature. The remote is flat button design, with two programmable custom positions. There is also a dual massage feature.

The “split king” mattress has five layers in total.

  • The top layer is a 1″ gel memory foam
  • The second layer is 4″ of visco-elastic memory foam
  • The third & fourth layers are individual 2″ air flow foam
  • The fifth layer is 3″ of high-density polyurethane base foam

There are four main positions you can set up the adjustable base: flat sleep, head up only, feet up only, and zero-gravity sleep (head up and feet up). The WallHugger engineering allows your mattress to be kept a smaller distance from the wall or other objects, such as a night table, without the mattress set hitting the wall when being adjusted.

This product comes with 30 years of limited warranty and is CertiPUR certified. The price on Amazon does not include set up (frames being brought into your home). The package will come with easy-to-follow instructions. You can, however, make an order with a setup where the third-party shipping company will lift the heavy frames to where you want it placed.

The dimensions of both bases for the split king is 76″ by 80″. The queen size dimensions are 60″ by 80″. The bed set comes with their own cover that zips on.

There are two drawbacks reported by reviewers with the split king mattress set, which may have more to do with third-party shipping and repair service companies:

  1. Reviewers have reported that the customer service representatives were not the highest quality service. If you have any problems with the bed frame, you will be referred to Leggett & Platt (L&P), the bed frame manufacturers for support. You may have to speak to the referred local third-party service company. Shoppers should keep in mind that service repair and customer service is highly dependent on the local companies, and not so much Dynasty or L&P commitment to quality customer care.
  2. The mattresses and adjustable mattress bases are shipped separately. If shoppers purchase the set without setup (not included in the Amazon price), then they may need extra helping hands to lift the big and heavy bases.

Ordering with the setup is highly recommended and reviewers are glad to have included setup in their purchase. The delivery team is required to make sure everything about the bed bases are working correctly before they leave, including the remote control, programs, and each adjustable position.

Overall, reviewers were very satisfied with the complete adjustable bed system. A few reviewers have updated their Amazon reviews some time since purchase. The mattresses have remained firm and kept their original form. Mechanisms of the adjustable bed frame continue to function without hiccups. It took most reviewers three to seven days for the mattresses to fully expand after unpacking.

The mattress contours to your body. Purchasers have not noticed any problems with the gap between the mattresses. Reviewers also enjoy the massage feature, powerful enough to relieve back pain and sore legs.

#2. Prodigy 2.0 Base with Miranda Mattress

The Prodigy 2.0 Base with Miranda Mattress is a mattress set with two 12″ mattress, each with five layers of foam.

  • The top layer is 1.5″ of gel infused foam, quilted into the cover for cool pressure relief
  • The second layer is 3″ of Serene foam that allows air and moisture to move through the material and give you the fresh mattress feel
  • The third layer is 1″ of Firm Eco Flex foam for stability and weight distribution, without the sinking feeling of having so many individual layers
  • The fourth layer is 1″ of Soft Eco Flex foam for assisting in softening your experience jumping into the mattress
  • The final layer at the bottom is 5.5″ of Eco Flex Support Core foam, which supports your entire body to keep your spine and neck properly aligned.

The Serene Foam is five times more supportive than standard memory foam commonly found in lower price classes, making it one of the best adjustable bed for elderly individuals. This layer also helps with regulating temperature by dissipating heat without build up.

The base of the adjustable bed is 11 inches minimum with legs that can be adjusted for a total base height of 17 inches. The mattress feel is medium plush and is CertiPUR certified.

Prodigy 2.0 has a number of cool features. It comes with 4-port USB hub on the side of the base, head tilt and under bed lighting that can be dimmed. With two separate remotes to control each individual base, shoppers can sleep however they wish without affecting their partner.

The remote offers two programmable positions (four on the app). There is also a “snore” button, which can be quite helpful for partners who snore at night as the base gently raises the head at a push of a button without waking them up. The backlit remote controller also comes with a convenient table-top holder.

One awesome feature of the bed base is the sleep timer function that allows you to transition from one position to another at a specified time. There is also a “gentle wake” alarm for both a light massage and an audible alarm so you can wake up without feeling groggy. The mattress set can support a total maximum weight of 700 pounds. The warranty is 20 years. The bed strap kit is sold separately.

There haven’t been many complaints by reviewers. The few reviewers that gave the mattress a poor rating reported the mattress to be uncomfortable or asking for a refund or exchange after 6 months from sale because the mattress was causing back and neck problems.

Overall, the mechanisms for adjusting the base are very quiet. The mattress is reported to be very comfortable and customer service care was great. Most reviewers would agree that the cooling gels did their jobs to provide a nice temperature sleep without heat build up. The light under the bed was also a nice touch for most reviewers.

One drawback of the bed base is how much it weighs. If you order a split king size, each base weigh roughly 150 pounds and would be a two-person job for carrying to the bedroom.

#3. Classic Brands Comfort Base with Cool Gel Mattress

How it sleeps: The Classic Brands Comfort Base with Cool Gel Mattress is a top pick by Amazon. Described as a medium firm comfort, we find many reviewers reporting the mattress to be more of a firm comfort level. A large part of this has to do with the construction with a relatively thin top layer of memory foam followed by regular support foams underneath. The Cool Gel is suitable if you are a heavy-set sleeper or sleep on your back. The drawback is the mattress may be a little too firm for light-set sleepers and side sleepers, and may not be as cool temperature as some people may like.

The Comfort Base does an excellent job at providing adjustable comfort. With programmable positions, you can set up a variety of custom positions suited to you and your partner. An important thing to keep in mind is the bed base does not have wall-hugging movement, so the bed may hit your head board if you have one.

Base height: Three different heights available:

  • 4 inches,
  • 6.5 inches, or
  • Combined together for 10.5 inches.

Including the mattress, your bed height can be either 16, 18.5, or 22.5 inches.

Mattress thickness: 12 inches

Mattress type: Cool gel memory foam.

Mattress construction: Mattress is made with three layers. We have 2.5 inches of cool gel memory foam as top layer, 3 inches of gel support foam for a little bounce and support, and 6.5 inches of high-density base foam for deep compression support. Since the mattress is made with foam, you should expect off-gassing and odor as the bed needs a few days to air out.

Bed base construction: The bed base includes rail at the feet of the bed to hold the mattress in place as you change positions. It’s important to keep in mind that the bed base comes with two built-in USB ports located on the right side when sleeping. Be sure to leave some space from the wall to access the USB ports. The bed base does arrive in pieces, but can easily be assembled. We recommend un-boxing where you intend to setup the bed and follow the manual provided.

Position settings: There are 4 programmable pre-set positions:

  • TV/PC (must be programmed)
  • Lounge (upper body lifted, legs flat)
  • Zero-gravity (upper body lifted, legs lifted), and
  • Flat

You can program pre-set positions by holding down the button of your choice for 5 seconds, when a person avatar will appear on the screen of the remote controller.

Lighting: The only lighting available is the screen section of the remote controller. The buttons are not backlit and do not have raised/indented surfaces, which can make it difficult to find the button you want to press.

Massage: The massagers are located at the head and feet areas. There are three speeds available to choose from.

Additional info: There are four sizes available:

  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

The bed base is heavy and will require two people to move. The mattress and bed base may arrive separately.

Shipping: Free.

Warranty: The bed base comes with a 3-year warranty while the mattress comes with a 25-year warranty.

Sleepy Trial: The return policy is 30 days, backed by Amazon.

Overall: Classic Brands offer a competitively awesome value in this bed. The mattress and bed base both does the job providing remote-adjusted resting positions and a comfortable sleep. The remote controller and mattress design could be improved, with back-lit buttons for seeing what to press in the dark and a better breathable mattress construction. The lack of wall-hugging may also turn some buyers away as the head part of the bed need some extra space.

Want More Choices?

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Our Final Thoughts

Finding the best adjustable bed for seniors involve taking your research and understanding of beds and mattresses to the next level. Elderly individuals have special needs and are prone to being more sensitive, waking up sore and fatigue when they already sleep less than adulthood.

At MySleepyFerret, we are grateful for you to visit us and we do our best to conduct the best quality research and provide you with reasonable options for a higher quality of sleep.

In this guide, we cover 3 of the top rated adjustable beds on Amazon. Please keep in mind they are very heavy and purchasers should request setup assistance for their adjustable bed set.

The adjustable bed sets listed are also memory foam mattresses for easy bend and contouring to the curves of your body. Each adjustable bed comes with two individual bases, one for you and for your partner. Adjustable bed sets come with mechanisms that allow for adjusting the position of your body during sleep with the touch of a remote. They also include massages, gentle alarms with vibration or audible alarms, and programmable positions.

  1. I have recently purchased a mattress made entirely with natural materials, mainly wool and cotton. My mom has no problem with it, but my dad find it unbearably hot and have to sleep elsewhere. Is there anything I can get to put on top of the mattress to cool me down? I’ve seen gel cooling pads advertised. Do they work?

    • Hi Kevin, Sleepy Brian here. Gel cooling pads are a great choice. Alternatively, you can opt for down mattress pads or down alternative if allergies may be a concern.

      Can I help you with anything else?

  2. hey guys, is this system something I can use with my existing bed frame?

    • Hi Teresa, Sleepy Brian here. The products we reviewed in this guide come with both mattress and bed frame.

      If you already have a bed frame, I would recommend checking out memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses for options. That way, you won’t spend on another bed frame when you already have one.

      Can I help you with anything else?

  3. Does Medicare help pay for adjustable beds that are not hospital beds? I have a hospital bed and find it quite uncomfortable sleeping in a single bed again. I don’t need a king or queen but at least a full bed would be more comfortable.

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