3 Best Adjustable Beds for Luxury Sleep

We review and recommend the best adjustable beds for your needs. In this guide, we also cover whether adjustable beds are right for you and what makes a great adjustable bed system. Our review

This guide is on beds bases that can adjust its position as well as accompanying mattresses. We include links to the adjustable bed base reviewed as well, but if you are interested in browsing adjustable bed bases, adjustable bed frames (for changing the width to accompany different mattress sizes) or mattresses for adjustable bed bases, we will publish guides and link to them in the near future!


Reviews of the Top 3 Adjusting Beds

#1. DynastyMattress and Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base with 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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DynastyMattress and Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base with 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed System Come One Wireless Remote Control, WallHugger, Dual Massage with Wave. Under Bed Lighting. Base color: Grey, . Feels like the Tempur-Pedic the Ergo Sleep System Adjustable Bed! Retails: $4,500 and up.
  • Include: One 12" Queen CoolBreeze GEL Mattresses. Made with High Quality 3" HD CoolBreeze GEL Memory Foam, 4" State of the Art Cool Airflow and 5" High Density medium firm foam for ultimate support base. CertiPUR-US Certified!
  • Head and Foot Articulation Effortlessly raise the head or foot to find the perfect position. 4"-Profile Foundation Style Base with Wall hugger Technology State-of-the-art Wall hugger technology.
  • Ultra-quiet High Performance motors 850-lb. Lift Capacity - Full-Body Dual Massage with Wave. Back-Lit Wireless Stand up Remote - Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Flat, Two Custom Programmable Buttons. Adjustable Legs 6" to 10" - Extended 10 Year In-home Warranty! Parts and Labor FREE!
  • Curbside Delivery! Mattress Ships Separately via FedEx. ATTN: Please ensure SHIPPING ADDRESS and CURRENT PHONE NUMBER has been entered accurately for the freight company to contact you to schedule delivery!

The DynastyMattress and Leggett & Platt adjustable bed system comes with five things:

  1. The adjustable bed base called the S-Cape 2.0
  2. The 12-inch gel memory foam mattress called the CoolBreeze
  3. Two standard size gel memory foam pillows
  4. 25 year limited manufacturer warranty on the S-Cape 2.0 bed base
  5. 30 year limited manufacturer warranty on the CoolBreeze mattress

The two cooling memory foam pillows is a nice touch that most adjustable bed systems aren’t offering. However, let’s not get distracted by this freebie. We start our review on the adjustable bed base.

Here is what the S-Cape 2.0 comes with:

  • Back-lit wireless remote controller that can placed in a standing position on a table
  • Under-bed ambient and functional lighting
  • Heavy duty roller legs that are adjustable in height (between 6 to 10 inches)
  • 4-inch profile foundation with trademarked Wall Hugger technology
  • Full body dual massage (coming from the legs and upper chest/head areas)
  • 2 pre-programmed positions (zero-gravity and anti-snore) with 2 custom positions available

There are 2 pre-programmed positions: zero-gravity and anti-snore. Zero gravity will raise your head and feet simultaneously to a pre-set position that makes you feel like you’re floating. Anti-snore raises you to a 7-degree angle, enough to open airways and reduce snoring. There is also a flat position button to level the base so you can get off after you are done. For safety, you can also set the flat position button to press-and-hold in case you accidentally press it – great for the elderly seniors.

The bed system also comes with two custom programmable positions for your liking. Maybe you would like to watch TV while in bed, reading your favorite book, surfing the web on your laptop, or for relaxing.

The remote also lights up whenever you press a button, which makes the buttons visible to you at night. The under-bed ambient lighting is also controlled by the push of a button on the remote controller, so you can have lighting without turning on your room light during the night. If you go with the split sizes, it will come with two remotes for each side.

The legs are made from steel construction for heavy duty impact. Although the bed in total weighs more than 400 pounds (please stay safe!) which makes it a little difficult to move, the legs do come with wheels to push and pull the bed system where you need it to be. The wheels can be locked after so you can safely get on and off without shifting the entire bed.

On the remote, you can control the Wave dual massage. You can increase or decrease the massage intensity for your head and feet separately. The massage can be a little loud because it involves vibrating the bed base (which has steel in it), but it shouldn’t be too unbearable.

The S-Cape 2.0 adjustable bed base can support a total weight of up to 850 pounds (including the mattress). It also comes with a backup battery in the event of a power outage. The backup battery will help the S-Cape 2.0 automatically go into a flat position when activated for your safety. It also comes with a mattress retention bar called the MicroHooks, which hold the mattress in place during adjusting.

Moving onto the mattress, here are the layers that make up the CoolBreeze:

  • 3-inch high density gel memory foam
  • Two 2-inch convoluted foams
  • 5-inch high density foam base

The top layer provides a cool sleeping surface, with the gel beads infused into the memory foam for absorbing heat over time. Along with the convoluted foams underneath, heat trapping is less likely as the mattress breathes well to help dissipate the heat and pull it away from the surface.

The mattress is a medium-firm sleeping experience (6 to 7, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest). The high density upper layer is provided with more cushion and leeway thanks to the convoluted foam layers. With a high density foam base, you get a full body deep compression support to prevent any uncomfortable sink that can cause an awkward sleeping positions.

Overall, we’re a huge fan and want to give the S-Cape 2.0 + CoolBreeze Mattress set as our best rated and highly recommended adjustable bed. The S-Cape 2.0 offer a huge amount of value with rather luxurious features (massaging, lighting, and so on). The adjustable mechanisms were rather quiet, and the remote controller makes the adjustable bed and its luxury features simple to use. They have 7 sizes available, including split sizes for separately adjusting sleep positions. We were hoping there would be USB ports available to charge our devices, but the S-Cape 2.0 does not come with any hubs.

The Coolbreeze Mattress is a great choice for a gel memory foam. It’s flexible with the convoluted foam middle layers for compatible use with the S-Cape 2.0, and dense enough to provide a comfortable night time sleep. When the S-Cape 2.0 is in zero-gravity position, the mattress doesn’t scrunch up uncomfortably around the mid section of your body. It’s cool gel upper layer along with breathable convoluted middle layer provides a cooler sleep experience without the heat trap.

Two thumbs up for the DynastyMattress and Leggett & Platt bed system!

#2. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with 10.5-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with 10.5-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Transform your bedroom into the most used room in the house and enjoy lifestyle benefits by combining our Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Ventilated Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress with our Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Base; the latest in memory foam and gel mattress technology with a low-cost alternative to more expensive ergonomic bases for the ultimate sleep system
  • Luxurious ventilated gel memory foam mattress with 10.5-Inch profile is a superior choice over other memory foam mattresses; refreshing gel particles are infused throughout the memory foam which help to regulate the mattress temperature and high-density memory foam conforms to your body, reducing pressure points in any sleeping position
  • Whisper quiet base with separate ergonomic head and foot elevations; programmable settings for lounge, TV/PC, and zero-gravity positions; 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage; easy to use wireless remote with preset and programmable settings and for additional convenience two USB ports are built in the base to charge your electronic devices
  • Adjustable legs for three different height options- 4, 6.5 or combined for 10.5 inches; includes mattress retention rail to keep your mattress in place
  • Adjustable base and mattress (rolled and compressed) packages may arrive separately; easy to assemble

The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed System comes with a few things:

  1. The adjustable bed base called the Adjustable Comfort
  2. The 10.5-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  3. 3-year warranty on the Adjustable Comfort adjustable bed base
  4. 25-year warranty on the Cool Gel memory foam mattresses

The first thing we and yourself will notice is the 3-year warranty. It’s much less than most adjustable bed base. We will cover more details about it in just a moment.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base
“Best-rated adjustable bed base” – New York Magazine, The Strategist, March 4, 2021; 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage so you can unwind, relax and soothe your body

Let’s dive into what you can expect with the Adjustable Comfort adjustable bed base:

  • 1 wireless remote with blue-lit display
  • Adjustable leg height with 3 settings
  • 1 USB hub with 2 ports
  • 3 pre-programmed programmable positions (zero-gravity, TV/PC, and lounge)
  • 3-speed separate head and foot dual massage

There are four positions available on the remote: zero-gravity, tv/pc, lounge, and flat. The zero-gravity position lifts both your legs and head up in a position where you feel weightless. The TV/PC position brings up your upper body high up so you can hop on your laptop while in bed or watch television comfortably. The lounge position is a little lower than the TV/PC but higher than the zero-gravity, for relaxing and mellowing on your adjustable bed. Each of these positions are pre-programmed, and you can change them up by adjusting the head and foot position to where you want it to be followed by simply holding down the position’s button for about 5 seconds until the display on your remote lights up.

The wireless remote control has quite a number of buttons. You get a button for each of the positions, including the flat position. Aside from the buttons, you have a display that shows you what it’s doing at the moment and the changes you make so you know you pressed the button properly. The screen is blue-lit display so it’s not too terrible at night. There isn’t any built in flashlight or back-lighting on the buttons so you might have some difficulty seeing in the dark. There are up and down buttons for both the head section and the foot section for adjusting the base bed. There is also a massage button where you can massage both your head and foot of the base bed or do one or the other individually.

There are three massage settings, with a button for each. You can massage your head and upper body, your legs and feet, or your entire body. The massages stay on for 15 minutes, which is a little brief for our taste, but it does help track how much time you spend on your bed if you do find yourself going too many rounds with the massage.

There are six legs to the Adjustable Comfort, each could be adjusted to three different levels: 4 inches, 7 inches, or 11 inches in height. The bed base part where you sleep on is 4 inches, so at a maximum adjusted leg height, the bed base will be 15 inches. Add in the 10.5 inch mattress and you get 25.5 inches as a maximum height. 18.5 inches is the lowest with the base bed and mattress combined. The maximum height of 25.5 inches isn’t too bad – it’s within the usual range for being able to comfortably get up and onto bed for most people.

There is a single USB hub with two ports on the right side of the base bed when you lay down. Unlike the Lucid L300 which has USB ports on both sides of the mattress, the Adjustable Comfort having it on one side only can make it slightly awkward when you have it pushed up against a wall. However, it does the job and lets you charge your smart phone or other devices while you lay in bed. Our suggestion is to get an extra long USB cord for your devices so you reach over to either side of your adjustable bed.

Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Medium-Firm Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly

Moving onto the mattress, here is what we are looking at:

  • 2 inches of gel particles infused into the memory foam
  • Two 2 inches of soft comfort foam
  • 4.5 inches of high density poly base foam

We love the charcoal gray sides with the white top. It is a 4-way stretch knit that is highly breathable and can sleep well with how the memory foam contours to your body. The gel upper layer foam also does a great job at absorbing heat from your body so that there is no heat trap. The memory foam also conforms well to your body for a much comfortable sleep. Memory foam has been growing more and more popular over the years as one of the leading materials for a good night’s sleep. It is slow in responsiveness so you can sink comfortably into the layer (not too much) and let it provide support for all your body’s curves. The gel memory foam layer also has ventilation holes (open-cell structure) to better help with airflow and reducing heat trapping. The mid-layer comfort foams provide further support and comfortably cradle your body. The base layer provides high density support to ensure you get the proper deep compression support you need without sinking all the way through your mattress.

The mattress is a medium-plush in firmness (4-5 out of 10, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the firmest) which is much more plush than the average mattress. We personally love it because it relieves a lot of the pressure points on your body while giving you a cooler sleep experience. You also have a 10 year warranty on the mattress if it sags

Overall, the Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base and Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress are a tried and tested adjustable bed system. There are a few things we would have loved to see from the bed, but for its price range the Classic Brands adjustable bed system works. You have two programmable slots with a zero-gravity position for a comfortable sleep. If the tv/pc and lounge came with its own pre-programmed positions, it might make for a better first-use experience since we were initially confused with the buttons.

We also love the Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. One of the most common problems sleepers have is being too hot at night. The cool gel memory foam mattress does just that, with its gel-infused upper layer, airflow among the middle layers, and a high density base to provide comfort and support.

#3. Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 12-inch Hybrid Mattress

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The Lucid Adjustable Bed System comes with a few things:

  1. The adjustable bed base called the Lucid L300
  2. The 12-inch Lucid hybrid mattress (memory foam + innerspring)
  3. 10-year limited manufacturer warranty on both the bed base and the mattress

The hybrid mattress is a nice choice. Hybrid mattresses are not extremely popular because of they are relatively more expensive compared to memory foams or innersprings. We will go into more detail with the Lucid hybrid mattress in a moment.

Let’s start with the Lucid L300 bed base and see what it comes with:

  • Wireless back-lit remote with a built-in back side flashlight (remote batteries included)
  • Two USB charging ports on each side of the head of the adjustable bed base

Not a lot of options available at first glance. The Lucid L300 turns out to be one of the more simple bed bases available on the market, focusing on functionality and lifespan over features.

The adjustable bed base comes with a very simple looking wireless remote control that lets you raise and lower the head and legs individually. It also has a nifty built-in flashlight so you can see at night without turning your room lights on. The buttons also have back lighting so pressing any will activate it for you to see the remote controls easier.

You also get to set 1 custom position for an automated way to go to sleep comfortably (or watch TV, read a book, surf the web). We would have loved to be able to set more custom positions, but we can settle for one. What makes the Lucid L300 special is how far the head and foot of the bed base can incline. The head can incline independently up to 60 degrees, while the foot can do so up to 45 degrees.

The bed base is made with a stylish upholstered frame in a charcoal gray. It can support a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds including the mattress. The legs aren’t adjustable, so the top of the base is 15 inches from the floor. With the 10 or 12-inch mattress, you get a comfortable 25 to 27 inches to get on and off your bed.

The dual USB ports are located on both sides of the bed, with two outlets each: one with a low output charging slot and the other with a high output charging slot. If you get a split size (say, two twin XL for a king size), be careful using the ports between the gaps because you might ruin your wires as the beds are adjusted to a flat position!

The bed base will be delivered right to your door steps. There is no white glove service as Lucid L300 is relatively easy to assemble (no experts required!). The bed base is has a folding hinge which means a smaller packaging for an easier carrying by two people.

Moving onto the Lucid Hybrid Mattress, there is a 10-inch and 12-inch mattress to choose from. We will cover the layers for the 12-inch version:

  • 2 inches of bamboo charcoal infused memory foam
  • 1.5 inches of aloe vera infused memory foam
  • 2 inches of support foam
  • 6.5 inches of individually encased steel coils

The top three layers make for an interesting combination, with a pocket coil base to create a medium-plush firmness (4 to 5, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest). One common nuisance with memory foam is its linger odor. Although it typically dissipates after 2-4 weeks, some owners would rather be able to sleep on their beds peacefully without plugging their nose. Ultimately, the top layers together minimizes this common odor problem.

Bamboo and charcoal works at wicking away moisture to help provide you with a cooler sleep. They’re highly breathable, letting air flow well throughout the layer. For the second layer, we have aloe vera. Aloe vera’s main benefit comes from internal consumption, but infused within a mattress comes topical benefits such as natural healing and other rejuvenating properties for the skin and body for a soothing sleep. It’s also a natural antibiotic, anti-microbial and antiseptic to ensure a healthy sleep mattress for you.

The support foam layers help provide transition between the top foam layers and encased steel coils to provide a consistent flat surface feel. The pocket steel coils provide a responsive sleeping surface, where the bed conforms and supports your body’s curves. Together with the memory foam layer, you get a highly support sleeping surface where the memory foam contours to your body and the coils provide an upward bouyant support with deep compression support.

The mattress has an amazing 6 inches of edge support, which is unheard of for us. Ever sat on the edge of a bed only for you to sink your butt all the way down to your knees? If yes, then you will enjoy this much-loved support along the edges. It makes getting on and off your bed much easier and reassuring.

Overall, we are happy with the Lucid L300 and Lucid hybrid mattress. The Lucid L300 does lack quite a number of features compared to the S-Cape 2.0, but it does come with more simplicity and at a slightly lower price. It makes a low buzzing noise that is quiet, and the speed is comfortably slow but fast enough to not be tedious. If you buy a split size twin xl for a king bed and want to control both halves as once (moving as one piece), you can pair one of the wireless remote controller to adjust them simultaneously. It also comes with a retention bar to keep the mattress in place.

We are also pretty happy about the Lucid hybrid mattress. We love the bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera ingredients. We find bamboo used more frequently in mattresses as a resilient and durable fabric material for wicking away moisture for cooler sleep. We also see charcoal used in water filters and now in mattresses for filtering odor and impurities in the air. Aloe vera commonly consumed or applied to your skin for its healing properties can provide the same benefits to you while you sleep.

We would love to see a longer warranty being offered as it is relatively shorter than other adjustable beds for more assurance over the quality of the Lucid L300. However, 10 years is more than sufficient for any faulty or defective mechanical parts (or defects of the mattress) so we aren’t concerned over it.

One quick note: some readers may be interested in the head board used by Lucid in the product photos. The Lucid adjustable bed system does not come with a head board as it is sold separately. We did a bit of research to find them for you! You can find both the square headboard and headboard with scalloped corners below, in stone gray or charcoal color.

Buyer’s Guide to Adjustable Beds

Are Adjustable Beds Right For Me?

There are a lot of great reasons to own an adjustable bed. Reknown for its high class sleeping experience, many people purchase an adjustable bed for its unique sleeping positions, massaging features, and more. Is it right for you though? Let’s talk about the reasons or and against owning an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds are right for you if:

  • You recently underwent surgery (legs, hips, back, etc) and unable to sleep comfortably on regular beds, requiring elevation to help alleviation pain
  • You have acid reflux, and need your upper body and head angled to sleep without discomfort
  • You snore at night, and it’s disturbing your sleeping partner or affecting your sleeping
  • Sleep apnea is something you are dealing with, and want to ensure your airways are clear during your sleep
  • You are feeling frisky or want to improve your sleep to a more luxurious, high quality experience
  • You have a big budget ready (we’re talking $1000+) and your bedroom accommodate an adjustable bed
  • You have arthritis or other health conditions that demand a more comfortable sleeping position that doesn’t involve dozens of pillows to alleviate stress and pain


Adjustable beds are NOT right for you if:

  • You are looking for an inexpensive bed set or have a small budget for furnishing your bedroom
  • Your bedroom floor might not be able to handle an extra 150 pounds to 400 pounds of heavy duty steel construct bed base
  • You are a light sleeper with a sleeping partner who is a night owl (the mechanical sounds are somewhat quiet, but you could be disturbed when your sleeping partner goes to bed)

The last thing we want is for you to own a glorified, expensive adjustable bed system that remains flat each night.

Adjustable bed systems are expensive compared to traditional flat-mattress and bed foundation because of their electrical and mechanical designs. What do others say about their adjustable bed? Nearly everyone who owns an adjustable bed system never goes back on their mind. For reasons they initially need served, they provide a sleep experience like no other. It makes you feel good, it sleeps and sits comfortably, and you can do other things on your bed as well with a simple press of a button. Adjustable beds are definitely the next sleep level experience.

What Makes a Great Adjustable Bed Set?

There are a few important criteria to watch out for when shopping for an Adjustable Bed Base and Mattress:

Head and foot of bed base are adjustable

Aside from the bed being able to change its shape, we want to also look out for the ability to adjust the moving parts inch by inch as it suits us. There are adjustable beds out there that might not have any leeway to the pre-programmed positions.

‘White glove’ setup and servicing available

Any heavy shipment will most likely be placed at the curbside on delivery, which can be a very far walk from your front door and to your bedroom. Be prepared with a helping hand in order to finish the set up, or consider chipping in an extra bit (we’re talking about roughly ~$100 more) for the white glove bed setup treatment. We highly recommend paying for the white glove service because bed bases can weigh between 150 to 400 pounds. Part of ordering this service means you also get the setup and testing taken care of to ensure your adjustable bed works without any hiccups.

You will definitely want warranty

Break downs can happen. Knowing what the warranty entails and having a lengthy one can protect you from any sudden manufacturer defects. The warranty duration and coverage will vary from seller to seller.

(Optional) Comes with a massage feature, bluetooth, USB ports, and under-the-bed lighting

If you are feeling frisky and want some classy features, you can’t go wrong with having built-in massagers to your brand new adjustable bed base, especially if you are spending good money for a higher quality sleep (think: zero-gravity resting positions!).

  • Bluetooth lets you wirelessly connect your smartphone and use your phone as a remote control for your adjustable bed base. You will need to download the provided application to your phone or tablet, and it’s also worth checking if the seller has an app that can be downloaded from the Apple store (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android), depending on which smartphones you have.
  • USB hubs can allow you to charge your devices from your bed instead of a wall socket that might be far from you. This number of ports will vary between brands.
  • Ambient night lighting underneath your adjustable bed base is also a nice touch that can make getting out of bed easier when you wake up for the day or need to use the restroom. Under-bed lighting tends to be controlled with a remote controller or from your smartphone application.

Want More Choices?

Here are the latest best selling adjusting beds on Amazon:

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