3 Best Adjustable Mattresses for Any Adjustable Bedframes

Not all mattresses are made equal. Even more so, not all mattresses can bend well for an adjustable bed base and frame. There are mattress types that have a hard time bending and might not be the best candidate for adjustable beds. However, there are also suitable ones that can do just as great without the need for you to spend extra money. They are the same as regular mattresses and can be used as regular beds or for adjustable beds. In this buyer’s guide, we look at what makes a good adjustable mattress and recommend the best adjustable mattresses on the market.

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Reviews of the Best Adjustable Mattresses

Best Recommended – Sealy Response Performance Mattress

The Sealy Response Performance is one of the top notch best mattress brand and mattress product line on the market with decades of experience providing comfortable rest to sleepers across the country.

Here are the highlights of this mattress:

  • Hybrid combining patented Response Pro encased coil system, and Sealy blend support foams and cool gel memory foam
  • Available in multiple sizes, thickness, and pillow tops (tight and euro)
  • Made in the USA
  • ComfortLoft cover with MoistureProtect for a soft knit feel that draws moisture away for a cooler, comfortable sleep
  • DuraFlex Edge System for strong edge support and maximum mattress surface for use

The Response Performance line is well known for its PosturePedic technology. This patented system provide reinforced support in a zoned area for the heaviest part of our body (torso), where the support is needed the most.

This innerspring pillow top mattress comes with two types of top: tight top (sewned onto the mattress) and euro top (extra padding). Both offer a good sleeping experience, where euro top offers more padding for those who prefer a more soft and plush surface.

Underneath, we find the SealySupport foam for added support and SealyCool Gel memory foam for added pressure relief and conforming comfort. The blend Sealy uses for their foam is unique in that unlike traditional foam, they provide a good support for your body’s posture and its natural curves.

Combined with a design that offers high-density coil borders for edge support and maximizing the use of the mattress’s sleeping surface, this compatible mattress leads the way as the top quality material and engineer of an adjustable mattress.

Best Value – Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam (with 2 Bonus Pillows)

The Classic Brands is another competing adjustable bed and mattress brand on the market. Known for its market position as a low priced mattress company, this CoolGel Mattress is unmatched in value.

Here are the highlights to the Classic Brands CoolGel Mattress:

  • Memory foam infused with gel particles for added stability, responsiveness, and a sleeping surface with better regulated temperature
  • 14 inches in thickness, higher than most mattresses, for an easier experience climbing on and off your bed and a medium-firm feel with multiple layers as cushion
  • Adjustable base friendly design for flexibility and durability while maintaining the mattress integrity and body support
  • Two shredded memory foam standard pillow bonus!

The CoolGel Mattress is an elegant and simple mattress, laced with what we find a beautifully tailored and detailed stretch knit fabric cover. Its notable design is the waterfall edge and matching knit side panels for a unique mattress style. The cover is highly breathable for a cooler sleep, and combined with its aerated gel memory foam layers make sleeping much more comfortable at night.

Underneath, we find several layers of regular foam and memory foam. Regular foam provides a foundation and give the mattress its shape. Memory foam on the other hand provides moldability and contouring support for pressure relief only known to this material type. Using premium and high-density cool gel memory foam that is aerated (holes on top) and built with an open cell construction, we find better airflow throughout the mattress to relieve heat build up when sleeping.

Despite the mattress being imported from plants in China, it is independently tested in laboratories and CertiPUR-US certified for low chemical emissions and safe use. The mattress is also backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any defection.

The Organic Choice – Latex For Less Mattress

The Latex For Less is one of the top organic mattresses available. Certified by multiple third-party companies for all-natural and safe-for-use materials, this bed makes for an amazing soft (or firm) sleeping surface for adjustable beds.

Here are the highlights for the Latex For Less Mattresses are:

  • Certified for all natural, high quality latex foam by GOTS, Eco-Institut, and Oeko-Tex 100
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Reversible sides for two firmness levels
  • 120-night trial period for test running
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Latex for Less Mattress use 100% all-natural latex. This provide the mattress an amazing natural bouncy sleeping surface that can be great for those who enjoy innerspring but prefer to use foam instead. Its buoyant design provide comfortable movement along the entire mattress, and can make getting on and off the bed a pleasant experience.

There are two layers of latex, with the “medium” firmness side being a Tatalay construct for more give and softness and the “firm” side being Dunlop construct for a more firm and molding sleeping surface. With two firmness to choose from, you won’t have to decide beforehand which is right for you. A simple flip of the reversible mattress lets you change the sleeping surface to your preference. There is a small label that indicates which side is medium and which side is firm.

Above the latex layers, we find a 100% natural wool that act as a natural fire barrier, exceeding safety standards without fire retardant or other chemicals added. Wool also naturally wick away moisture while being highly breathable for a cooler sleep.

The cotton cover is all made with 100% organic cotton that is stretched (not woven) to provide a soft-touch, welcoming sleeping surface. The elasticity of stretch knit cotton cover over quilted or woven cotton provide more “give” that can be best described as a luxury touch.

The mattress comes with an awesome 4-month (120-night) trial period which lets you ample time to test run the mattress to your satisfaction. With a 20-year warranty protecting from manufacturer defect, we can safely say the Latex For Less as an adjustable mattress is a great candidate for long-term comfort.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Mattress?

An adjustable bed mattress is a large piece of pad that supports your body for sleep. What makes it special is that it can bend well to the shape of its adjustable bed base and frame. If it has trouble bending, then it’s a regular mattress. If it can bend, it’s an adjustable mattress.

Did you know? Thanks to the reclining features of adjustable beds, health issues can be better managed such as snoring, acid reflux, breathing problems, and aches and pains.

Do I Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed?

Not necessarily. There are mattresses that are designed to be adjustable, where the parts of the mattress should bed for standard adjustable bed bases and frames. You won’t necessarily have to shell out hundreds of extra dollars just to find a suitable mattress for your bed base or adjustable frame. In this guide, we look for the best quality mattress, and a large part of our research involve searching in the right material types, namely foam-based materials such as memory foam and latex. However, for the most part, nearly all mattresses you find online, unless they have specialized edge support or built-in fram (think: innerspring), many should be suitable for your adjustable bed base.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For Adjustable Beds?

During our research, we found that the best type of mattress are ones that can bend easily to the standard type of adjustable bed bases and frames.

As we have found, air beds and some innerspring mattresses just won’t work with adjustable beds. A large part why they fail for our particular need is because they are designed to work as a whole mattress for sleep. Air beds, for example, cannot bed or else the internal structure of chambers and air pressure can burst. Some innerspring, namely ones that use interconnected springs like Bonnell coils and continuous coils, cannot bend as easily and can warp under pressure of being bent.

What works well as an adjustable mattress are:

  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex foam mattresses
  • Pocketed (individually wrapped) innerspring coil mattresses
  • Most hybrid mattresses

Foam-based mattresses can bend very well naturally as part of the material construct so they are the likely candidates for adjustable beds. Memory foam and latex both have their good and bads, and you can learn more about them in our comparison guide found here. Pocketed innerspring coils also have flexibility as a candidate mattress type. Unlike their older brothers and sisters of interconnected mesh coils, individually wrapped coil springs work separate are not exactly intertwined in full, and can bend as needed. They are also a tried and tested mattress type that our parents and grandparents have slept on for decades. Hybrid mattresses are judged on a per-mattress basis. Although most use pocketed coils, the sheer thickness and density of hybrid mattress can make it difficult to bend, which may not let us use our adjustable bed base and frame to its fullest potential. We do include recommendations of hybrid mattresses, and dive deeper in detail below.

What Makes A Great Adjustable Mattress?

Comfortable sleeping surface and degree of firmness. It goes without saying we want to ensure the mattress we use can benefit us and help improve our quality of sleep. If a mattress feels too firm or too plush, that can cause aches and pain, affecting the quality of rest. The average mattress tends to be medium-firm and suitable for most people. However, we found even a mattress that is known to be plush soft can turn out to be too firm. We do our best to look closely at each mattress review to find any patterns or resemblance of a mattress with inaccurate description of its firmness. However, the best way to find the right mattress for you aside is to find mattresses that also offer a sufficient trial period for you to test for several nights.


Lengthy trial period for testing and breaking in the mattress. Most mattresses ordered from Amazon by default offer a 30-day return period. Some mattresses go further and extend their trial periods to 90 days on up. For the average consumer, 30 days can be enough to break in a mattress to see how well it sleeps for you then arrange a return if necessary. However, for the busier folks, you may want to find a mattress with a longer trial period. A mattress that feels firm may need time to soften up after a few sleep

Flexible and built for bending. There are a lot of different mattresses on the market that can make for a great addition to adjustable beds. However, some of them may not be well built to withstand the constant daily pressure applied by your bed base adjustable system. We look at several mattress material types to see how well they play, and can safely choose materials such as memory foam and latex. Luckily, we did our research and expanded on the options to other mattresses that can flex and bend to your whim for the next several years. Adjustable mattresses also include pocketed innerspring coils and hybrid combinations.

Adds enough height to your bed for an easy experience to get on and off. Most of our readers for adjustable beds have a health condition that can make sleeping difficult and moving around a challenge. That said, we want to look for a mattress 8-inches or greater. The height to get on and off your bed comfortably for most people is somewhere between 16 to 24 inches. Most adjustable bed base and frames can have an adjustable height varying between 7 to 15 inches. This means we can have a minimum of 15 inches with an 8-inch mattress on a low height setting for the bed base. This may or may not be too low for you, so we can only suggest that getting an adequately thick mattress can help provide a better on-off bed experience. The thickness of the mattress also adds to the firmness of the sleeping surface, and we want to ensure it is firm and supportive enough to help you maintain a healthy posture.


Within your allotted budget. We all have different budgets for choosing the right adjustable mattress. Depending on how much you have available to buy your next mattress, we want to be considerate of spending. In our buyer’s guide, we do our best to cover a wide price range of adjustable mattresses to suit all budgets. Of course, it goes without saying that the more expensive the mattress, the more supportive features are available that can make your sleep experience that much better. However, you can also get away with cheaper models as well that is comfortable enough and let your adjustable base and frame do the rest for providing a comfortable sleep.

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