3 Best Car Camping Beds for Couples and Single Sleepers

Looking for the best mattress for car camping? In this guide, we cover the three best car mattresses for you or your loved ones (including pets) to sleep and sit comfortable in the back of your car.

There are many benefits to investing in the best car mattress. Car mattresses are known to be used for traveling long distances, going camping in your car, or for a pet in need of a comfy, wide surface in the back of your car. They can also be great for some serious after party or using at the beach for your loved ones. Car mattresses have also been used on camping on a flat grass surface such as at a park or backyard.

Since they are inflatable, car mattresses are make for an easy to use, nice flat back seat area for your car. They are lightweight in material and, when you are done using them, can easily be stored and carried away as needed. They certainly make for a better sleep surface than the hard surface of your car interior.

So, without further ado, here are the three of the best inflatable car mattresses reviews.

Reviews Of The Best Mattress For Car Camping

LeiMin ZAOTOTO Mattress

The LeiMin ZAOTOTO Mattress is a 3-inch back seat inflatable mattress designed for the back seat and trunk of most SUV’s and minivans. It has foldable side flaps to prevent rolling into the interior sides of your car, three foldable sections in the mid and head of the mattress to allow for different levels of raise, and each foldable section is independent air compartments so you can inflate one or two sections depending your available car space.

Material: The mattress surface is made of composite flocking material with a velvet-like feel for comfort. It is made with PVC material for durability as well, similar to the other best car mattresses.

Size: The mattress is 70 inches by 50 inches, fitting in most SUV’s and minivans. Two adults can sleep on the mattress easily and perfect for family camping trips. The unit consists of three folding pieces, as well, for the perfect adjustment and fit.

Additional information: The mattress comes with an electric air pump and one repair patch and glue kit. The LeiMin ZAOTOTO Mattress can withstand temperatures between -13 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 to 60 degrees Celsius).

3 Tree Mattress

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The 3 Tree Mattress is a 3-Inch, heavy-duty inflatable car mattress designed to be uniform, reduce bumps and uneven road impact, and comfortable for resting. This durable air mattress is lightweight, easy to carry after folding, and great for long-distance driving and outdoor activities. It is extremely similar to the DYZD Mattress in design and material, except it is available in five different flocking colors. This mattress is known to be one of the best car camping mattress on the market.

Material: The mattress uses high-quality PVC material and flocking material for a smooth and soft comfort. PVC is a synthetic plastic, widely used across the world, that provides durability and stretch with longer lifespan than other plastic material.

Size: The mattress spans 56 inches by 34 inches and has a thickness of 5 inches. Maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds.

Additional information: Suitable temperature range is -13 to 140 degrees Farhenheit (-25 to 60 degrees Celsius). It takes roughly two minutes to inflate. The mattress also comes with an air pump and one repair patch and glue kits, a carry pouch and two pillows. The 3 Tree Mattress is available in five different colors.

DYZD Mattress

The DYZD Mattress is a 3.1-inch, one-piece, black back seat extended mattress with legs so you can sleep the full length and width of the back seat of your car. This mattress is most suitable for sedan and SUV vehicles, but also works for jeeps and reported by reviewers to work for smaller cars as well.

Material: The surface is made with composite breathable flocking material that provides a soft, leather feeling, and comfortable surface. The mattress is made with high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most used type of synthetic plastic that is strong in material for durability and fire resistant.

Size: When unfolded and inflated, the mattress surface is 55.1 inches by 35.4 inches. The thickness of the mattress is 3.1 inches. Maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds.

Additional information: The DYZD Mattress comes with a quality mattress air pump made with a high-quality plastic and elaborate design for non-heating, efficient and longer lasting life. It also comes with one repair patch, a glue stick, a carry pouch and two pillows. The mattress can withstand a temperature between -13 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 to 60 degrees Celsius). It takes approximately two minutes to inflate. One inflation can last up to 10 hours.

Our Final Thoughts

When deciding on a car mattress, it’s important to check the type of material and size of the mattress. First off, shoppers should measure the interior of the back seat of their car and compare it to the available sizes of inflatable car mattresses. This measurement process ensures you don’t end up with a car mattress with the wrong size.

Secondly, shoppers should check the reports from reviewers from Amazon to ensure that mattresses are up to their standard. At My Sleepy Ferret, we make sure we do this for you for every product type review before deciding on what mattress is the best.

Third, when purchasing a car mattress, you must carefully consider how frequent the inflatable mattress will be used. Naturally, inflatable mattresses need to be re-inflated every 10 hours as air leak is normal. However, air mattresses by their very nature are not meant to be used every single day, despite the durability of the materials.

Another common practice to keep in mind is when using car mattresses for pets. Pet claws can also puncture the mattress and should be carefully dealt with first (for example, having the pet wear shoes). This will make sure your mattress lasts longer than its first few uses.

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