22 Best Comforters for All Sleeping Needs

It’s the middle of the night. You wake up with a chill down your spine. Your feet is cold, and you wonder whether you should get up from bed to turn up the heater. Maybe you should get a thicker blanket instead? Except you don’t want to sweat. Blankets never seem to keep your feet warm, either. Why not get a comforter?

Comforters are a great addition to your bedding. They provide an extra layer of warmth that keeps your body heat together without making you sweat. They can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. They can also be used year round and always feel snuggly soft with the nice fluffy feel of a cloud. No wonder five-star hotels use comforters.

Looking for more specific comforters? We wrote a guide on each comforter here:

Without further ado, we will dive into the 22 top rated comforter reviews:

Reviews Of The Best Comforters

Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter

The Utopia Bedding Down Alternative is a #1 best sellers on Amazon. It uses a siliconized polyester fill, an extremely soft material, to create a soft, fluffy, cloud shaped design. The comforter also has a filling of 300 gsm (grams per square meter) which is on the higher end for popular comforters, providing a thicker amount of material, therefore a higher warmth level and quality down alternative.

The Utopia Bedding Down Alternative is machine washable and machine dryable. It is hypoallergenic, making it preferable for allergy sufferers thanks to its synthetic filling and cover. The comforter uses a classic box-stitch pattern with strong piped edges to create walls between top and bottom layers of filling, to prevent the polyester filling from clumping and shifting.

There are three sizes available: twin (64-inch X 88-inch), queen (88-inch X 88-inch), and king size (1-2-inch X 90-inch)

Pinzon Down Alternative Comforter

Pinzon also makes a down alternative for their comforter. The Pinzon Down Alternative is a polyester fill comforter with a cotton shell. A great hypoallergenic down alternative, this product weighs 75 ounces of hypoallergenic polyester filling.

It is made with end-to-end, sewn-through box construction that prevents the filling from shifting unevenly on the inside. The product also has a fill power of 550. It is machine washable and machine dryable.

The Pinzon Down Alternative Comforter is also made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory with high safety and environmental standards.

There are three sizes available: twin (68-inch X 88-inch), queen (90-inch X 96-inch), and king size (108-inch X 96-inch). There are also two styles available: extra warmth and medium weight.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter

The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down is a 100% goose down comforter that weighs 50 ounces, much less weight than competing comforters.

It uses a 100% Egyptian cotton cover that is hypoallergenic and high 1200 thread count for a soft feel. Egyptian cotton is also known for its quality fiber. This means that despite regular cotton and Egyptian cotton having the same thread count, Egyptian cotton will provide a softer, luxurious feel.

The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter has a fill power of over 750 and uses baffle box construction that are 14-inch X 14-inch to keep the down filling from shifting around inside. The product is made in China.

There are four available sizes: twin (68-inch X 90-inch), queen (90-inch X 90-inch), king (106-inch X 90-inch), and California king size (106-inch X 90-inch).

Please note the king and California king size may be the same size and price.

Cuddledown European Goose Down

The Cuddledown Down is a European white goose down fill with 100% cotton sateen, with a fill power of 800. Sateen is a type of fabric that uses a weave structure called satin. Typically, standard plain weaves use one-over, one-under structure, but with sateen, you have four-over, one-under that creates a softer feel with a luxurious shine. The cotton sateen shell has 450 thread count.

The Cuddledown Down Comforter is made in the USA with fine imported materials. It is OEKO-TEX certified for high safety and environmental standards. The dimensions of the king size \is 115-inch X 96-inch and weighs roughly 90 ounces, heavier than most comforter.

Warm Things Hungarian Goose Down

The Warm Things Down is a Hungarian goose down comforter with a 100% cotton shell. It uses a baffle box construction to keep the down from shifting to different ends. The product has a 700 fill power with 390 thread count.

The Warm Things Down Comforter is a medium-weight design, which makes it great for the summer weather and season without a high warmth level. The product also come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, and is made in the USA with fine imported materials.

There are four sizes available: twin (66-inch X 84-inch, 24 ounces) queen (90-inch X 92-inch, 32 ounces), king (108-inch X 96-inch, 40 ounces), and over-sized king (120-inch X 96-inch, 44 ounces).

Please note this comforter has instructions to dry clean only.

Pacific Coast European Duck Down Comforter

The Pacific Coast Down is a full/queen size comforter that uses European goose down with an Egyptian cotton shell. It has a thread count of 420 with a baffle box design. The weight of the fill is 34 ounces, with a fill power of 650.

The Pacific Coast Down Comforter comes in only one size, with the dimension of 90-inch X 98-inch. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, and is made in the USA with fine imported materials. It is machine washable and machine dryable.

Cuddledown 233TC European Duck Down Comforter

The Cuddledown Down is a light-weight comforter that uses European duck down fill. The shell is made of 100% cotton cambric with a thread count of 233.

The fill power of the duck down fill is 600. The only size available is king, with a dimension of 107-inch X 92-inch.

The Cuddle Down Comforter comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, and is made in the USA with fine imported materials.

Sleep & Beyond Merino Wool Comforter

The Sleep & Beyond Wool is an organic merino wool comforter with a 100% cotton sateen fabric with a jacquard design. Wool provide a much better alternative to down or synthetic material because of its better airflow. Wool also wicks, pulling sweat away to help with evaporation so you stay cool and dry, while still getting a decent insulation for your body heat. The drawback is that there is no loft or fluffiness to the comforter.

The Sleep & Beyond Wool Comforter ivory cotton cover has a thread count of 300. It is is 1.5-inch thick and is chemical-free with its 100% natural wool fiber material. The cotton cover is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the organic merino wool fill is verified by the USDA NOP (United States Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program).

There are three sizes available from Sleepy & Beyond: twin (66-inch X 86-inch, 64 ounces), full/queen (86-inch X 86-inch, 72 ounches), and king size (100-inch X 86-inch, 88 ounces)

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter

The Holy Lamb Organics Wool is a eco-wool batting comforter with organic cotton fabric cover. The product has a hand stitch perimeter and hand tufted in the middle to keep the wool in place and allow for washing. It also uses cotton thread only for the cover, with no poly blend materials.

The inside of the Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter is filled with Premium Eco-Wool sourced from the company’s Sustainable Wool Program.

There are four sizes available:

  • Crib (35-inch X 53-inch),
  • Twin (68-inch X 86-inch),
  • Full/queen (86-inch X 86-inch), and
  • King/CAL king size (100-inch X 86-inch)

For each size, there are also three warmth levels (with different weight) to select from: cool comfort, perfect comfort, and extra warmth.

Cool Comfort:

Perfect comfort:

Extra warmth:

According to Holy Lamb Organics, most people purchase the Perfect Comfort, unless they live in a hot or cold climate, or if their body tends to run very hot or very cold.

Sweet Dreams Home Peruvian Royal Alpaca

The Sweet Dreams Home Alpaca Comforter uses a Peruvian Royal Alpaca fill with Peruvian Pima Cotton Sateen with a thread count of 600.

Royal Alpaca is a rare and unique fiber that is hypoallergenic and can resist odors better than other fibers. Royal Alpaca fibers are less than 19 microns in diameter, compared to most cotton fibers which are around 20 to 25 microns in diameter, making Royal Alpaca provide a smoother touch with less irritation to sensitive skin.

There are four sizes available: twin (72-inch X 95-inch, 73.6 ounces), full (86-inch X 98-inch, 88 ounces), queen (92-inch X 98-inch, 96 ounces), and king size (106-inch X 102-inch, 105.6 ounces).

LinenSpa Down Alternative Comforter

The LinenSpa Down Alternative is a comforter that uses microfiber material. One benefit of this product is that the corners have a sewn corner tabs to help secure a duvet cover in place. The comforter also uses box-stitched construction to keep the fill from shifting or clumping together.

The LinenSpa Down Alternative Comforter is machine washable and machine dryable. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

There are four colors available with two colors each on separate sides: white only, navy/graphite, sand/mocha, and stone/charcoal.

There are also eight sizes available:

Hanna Kay Down Alternative Comforter

The Hanna Kay Down Alternative is a microfiber filling cover with a silk-like soft microfiber cover. The comforter is 100% hypoallergenic, using a microfiber cover that is moisture-resistant and crinkle-resistant. Crinkles are small creases or wrinkles on the cover. It’s also well known for its luxurious, soft touch and “airy” softness.

The Hanna Kay Down Alternative Comforter uses a box double stitching to keep filling uniform across the comforter, even after wash. It can retain its shape and prevent the fill from moving, especially after machine wash and machine dry. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

The comforter is available in two sizes: twin (84-inch X 84-inch, ? ounces), and queen size (88-inch X 90-inch, 77 ounces).

Superior Down Alternative Comforter

The Superior Down Alternative is a microfiber fill comforter with microfiber cover. It uses a classic style design that fits well with other Superior’s collection style of mattress toppers, mattress protectors, blankets, and pillows. The cover is a silky, soft microfiber for hypoallergenic properties and noiseless experience.

The Superior Down Alternative Comforter uses a baffle box construction, with double needle stitching to prevent fill from shifting around. The double stitching makes the product much more durable, and is machine washable and machine dryable.

There are three sizes available: twin/twin XL (68-inch X 90-inch, 60 ounces), full/queen (88-inch X 90-inch, 77 ounces), and king size (108-inch X 90-inch, 100 ounces)

Royal Hotel Down Alternative Comforter

The Royal Hotel Down Alternative is year-round, medium warmth comforter that uses microfiber fill. The product fill power is 750, with a cotton shell thread count of 300. It is also completely hypoallergenic, and machine washable and machine dryable.

The Royal Hotel Down Alternative Comforter has 1-inch side gusset for maximum warmth. It also has a baffle wall box design to prevent the filling from shifting unevenly.

There are three sizes available: twin/twin XL (68-inch X 90-inch, 55 ounces), queen (90-inch X 90-inch, 70 ounces), and king size (106-inch X 90-inch, 86 ounces)

Pinzon Goose Down Comforter

The Pinzon Goose Down is a goose down comforter made in the USA with imported materials. This product has a 400-thread-count striped dobby weave with a weight of 40 ounces of white goose-down filling. The fill power is 600.

It uses a patented end-to-end 14-inch baffle box construction that keeps fillings locked in place without shifting from one end to another. It is machine washable and machine dryable.

The Pinzon Goose Down Comforter is made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, which is an independent certification system ensuring textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

There are three available sizes: twin (68-inch X 88-inch), full/queen (90-inch X 96-inch), and king size (108-inch X 96-inch). You also have a choice between goose down or duck down.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Comforter

The AmazonBasics Microfiber is also known as a down alternative. This brand is Amazon. It uses 100% polester microfiber shell with a 100% polyester fill. It is imported and made from a OEKO-TEX standard 100 factory in china. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

The AmazonBasics Microfiber Comforter shell provides a luxurios soft hand feel, but also breathability, wrinkle-resistance and long-lasting durability. It also uses a simple design with a diamond-style pattern of stitching for a visual dimension appeal. The product uses a reversible design, so that each style has two color, with one on each side.

There are five available colors: black/grey, pink/blush, red/khaki, chocolate brown/khaki, and navy blue/sky blue. There are also three sizes available: twin/twin XL (63-inch X 90-inch), full/queen (86-inch X 92-inch), and king size (102-inch X 90-inch).

Royal Bedding Down Comforter

The Royal Bedding Down is a Siberian goose down comforter using 90% down and 10% small down feather. It has a fill power of 750 and a thread count of 500. The cover is 100% cotton, making it hypoallergenic and allergy free. The cover also provides a smooth, soft and silky feel.

The Royal Bedding Down Comforter uses the classic Baffle Box design with double stitching to prevent shifting around of the filling. Each box is roughly 12-inch X 12-inch in size. There are also gusset on side for maximum warmth.

There are two sizes available: full/queen (90-inch X 90-inch, 50 ounces) and king/CAL king (106-inch X 90-inch, 60 ounces)

Chezmoi Down Alternative Comforter

The Chezmoi Down Alternative is a 100% polyester microfiber fill comforter with a 100% polyester cover. With a pure polyester material, they can be machine washed and machine dried for easy care while retaining its loft and fluff after every machine cycle. The product is also 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free because of the synthetic material.

The Chezmoi Down Alternative Comforter uses box double needle stitching design to prevent the filling from escaping or shifting unevenly on the inside. There are also piped edges for aesthetics as well as corner tabs for anchoring duvet covers.

There are three sizes available: twin (64-inch X 88-inch), queen (88-inch X 88-inch), and king size (102-inch X 90-inch)

Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter

The Natural Comfort Down Alternative is a 100% polyester microfiber fill with a 100% cotton shell cover. The cover fabric has a 200 thread count with 7-inch X 7-inch box stitching for a soft feel while retaining its shape. It also has loops on every corner for duvet covers, and can be machine washable and dryable for easy care.

There are three sizes available: full XL (82-inch X 95-inch, 76 ounces), queen XL (89-inch X 95-inch, 82 ounces), and king XL (104-inch X 95-inch, 90 ounces).

KingLinen Down Alternative Comforter

The KingLinen Down Alternative is a box-stitching design comforter with a silky-feel, soft touch. This product uses 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber fill with a polyester cover. The cover is very soft in touch and is fluffy overall.

The KingLinen Down Alternative Comforter can be machine washed and machine dryable, with cold water wash and on low heat tumble dry.

There are four sizes available: twin (64-inch X 88-inch), twin XL (68-inch X 90-inch), queen (88-inch X 88-inch), and king size (102-inch X 92-inch).

Natural Comfort Mulberry Silk Comforter

The Natural Comfort Silk is a 100% Mulberry silk filling comforter with a 100% cotton fabric shell. The shell is combed with sateen finished making the thread count a smooth 305. Mulberry silk is 100% natural and is odorless. The material contains natural protein called sericin that reduces the possibility of allergic reaction, making Mulberry silk also hypoallergenic. Sericin is an ingredient also found in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

There are three sizes available: twin (64-inch X 88-inch, 24 ounces), queen (92-inch X 89-inch, 33.6 ounces), and king size (102-inch X 89-inch, 38.4 ounces).

Silk is naturally lightweight and offer a much less puffy loft than down or down alternative. However, the soft drape contours to your body to give you a full body cover experience without the heavy weight of down.

Dreamland Mulberry Silk Comforter

The Dreamland Silk is another all natural Mulberry silk comforter. This product uses a 100% cotton cover with 100% high grade Mulberry silk fill. Hypoallergenic and smooth on all skin types, the natural fiber provide a soft and silky-feel with a thread count of 300. It is also machine washable and dryer friendly, and is available in two colors: white and pink

There are three sizes available: twin (66-inch X 88-inch, 1.7), queen (90-inch X 92-inch, 2.4), and king size (102-inch X 92-inch, 2.8).

Benefits Of Using A Comforter

  • They provide a consistent temperature for sleep. The body is habitual in nature, and dramatic changes to how you sleep affect the quality of your rest. By using a comforter every time, your body adapt and learn to relax at the same temperature you provide
  • They also provide longer warmth minus the hot flashes, night sweating, and cold feet. The fabric and material used provide airflow (breathability) that allow the regulation of your temperature. Comforters also wick away sweat, helping your body evaporate moisture easily to cool your body down.
  • They have a soft, silk-like smooth touch that feels satisfying. Most comforters have a high thread count of 300+ that provide a generously satisfying feel. Did we also mention they are fluffy?
  • They are built for colder climates, warmer climates, and year round use. Hot flashes and night sweats, or insufficient warmth might be a concern to you. Luckily, designers of take this into account and have built comforters that cater to the different climates.
  • They provide a comforting snuggle over your body. Comforters come in a range of weight. The weight from the filling provides a sense of comfort that protect you from the cold.
  • They are low-maintenance bedding. Once a year, comforters should be cleaned. They can be cleaned even less frequently when you use a duvet cover. Most comforters only require a wash once a year, needing only a gentle machine wash and low heat, gentle tumble machine dry. Since you won’t be needing to wash your comforter frequently, you can be happy knowing you are saving money on your hydro bill all year round!

Comforters are built to keep you snugly warm without the cold or hot flashes. They also have a low maintenance cost and can provide a five-star hotel sleep experience, making us feel they are worth the money. Let’s start taking a look at what the best ones that are out there today.

Types Of Comforters

  • Down filling is a popular and timeless choice of filling. There are two types of down: goose down and duck down. Goose down is a little more expensive than duck down because they have a higher fill power. Fill power is the cubic inches an ounce of down will fill. A comforter with a fill power of 600 will fill 600 cubic inches with one ounce. More fill is better as naturally over time, down loses its fluffiness and comfort. A fill power of 600 to 700 is a great start. However, if you want a comforter to last for over 30 years, aim for a fill power of 800. Higher fill power provides better insulation.
  • Down alternative is an excellent choice for those who have allergic reactions to natural bedding. Down alternative is a synthetic material known as microfiber. Microfiber mimics the fluffiness and warmth of down, without collecting dust or allergens. Most down alternatives also use cotton as the shell cover. Cotton is also hypoallergenic.
  • Shoppers who choose wool fill typically swear by its material because they provide a better airflow while maintaining warmth levels. Wool also does an excellent job wicking away sweat for you during the night.
  • Silk filling, on the other hand, provides a more luxurious to touch and feel. Silk is usually more expensive than other fillings. Although silk does not give a fluffy experience, if you have sensitive skin, the high thread count and quality of silk fiber are much easier on the skin with less friction. If you intend to use your comforter for years to come, you may want to consider giving your skin a break during the night by using silk comforters instead.
  • Alpaca fill falls in between wool and silk, providing the refreshing feel of wool with the small fiber micron for a smooth touch experience.


Considerations When Shopping For A Comforter

  • What is your budget or price range? Most comforters are between $100 to $300. However, you can find budget ones can be between $50 to $100. Prices can range significantly between a twin size and a king size. Material and filling can also have a wide price gap. Down material can be as much as $200 more than down alternatives, not to mention other fill types such as wool and silk. It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for the best comforter – so start with a budget in mind, then adjust it if you find a particular type of comforter you can enjoy for years.
  • What type of fill is best for you? Most shoppers purchase the tried and true down comforter. However, if you have allergic reactions to natural bedding, down alternatives are the next popular choice at a lower cost. Wool, alpaca, and silk are also great choices for a more luxurious experience.
  • What construction does the comforter use? Depending on the construction of the comforter, prices may vary. The classic look and the sewing constructions most use is the baffle box stitching. The reason is different construction use require different labor intensity. Here is a short list of construction comforters use:
    • Box-stitching: Also known as sewn-through stitching, two large sheets of fabric are sewn together shut from the top and through the bottom. Perfect for lighter comforters because of its cost-efficient design that still prevents the filling from uneven distribution. However, this construction is not so great with down filling because there are better alternatives for a higher loft, such as the baffle-box stitching.
    • Baffle-box stitching: vertical walls called baffles are sewn inside the comforter, providing depth for the filling to expand and provide loft (thickness). Also, this construction eliminates “cold spots” where there may be less filling, therefore open areas in the comforter. By providing some space on the stitched areas, the filling can fill the gaps between boxes.
  • In addition to the construction, you may also want to have corner tabs available for a duvet cover. Corner tabs prevent the comforter from shifting around inside the duvet cover. Keep in mind that the size of the box sewing doesn’t equate to higher quality. A sufficient amount of space is still needed in each box to allow the down or down alternative to expand and provide higher loft and a fluffier experience.
  • What type of fabric and fabric might you like? Different fabric type and fabric design cost differently. The quality of the weaving depends on the quality of the material. The most commonly used fabric is sateen. Here are a few types of fabrics comforters may use:
    • Cambric – excellent value using basic weaving, densely woven, soft cotton
    • Damask – great price with outstanding quality
    • Sateen – offers high sheen and softer feel cotton with a more open weave
    • Batiste – high durability and lightweight.
    • Jacquard – expensive, tightly woven fabric with decorative pattern
  • What are your ideal warmth level and comforter weight? Fill power and filling weight are the two metrics you will want to examine. The higher the fill power, the higher insulation quality of the down. A higher fill power also means higher warmth level.
  • If you are looking for a starter comforter, we highly recommend a fill power between 600 to 700 if you find yourself cold frequently at night. Otherwise, for a longer lasting use, look for 800 fill power. A fill power of 500 to 600 is perfect for a soft, light warmth in warmer climates.
  • What is your ideal thread count? Thread count has to do with the shell (cover) of the comforter. Most use cotton fabric as the shell. A higher thread count means more threading per square inch, which means a softer touch. Shoppers prefer covers with thread count above 300.
  • What is the ideal size of your comforter? Many comforters vary in actual length when it comes to listed sizes. For example, a queen size for one brand could be 90-inch X 90-inch while another brand could be 86-inch X 86-inch. Most of the time, comforters are longer and wider than most beds – A queen size mattress is typically 60-inch X 80-inch.
  • When it comes to choosing a good down, you don’t have to stick to the rules of mattress dimension. Down comforters are sized to fit all types of beds: twins, doubles, queens, kings and California kings. If you want a down comforter that does more than sit on top of your mattress or if your partner has a bad habit of hogging your half of the bedding during sleep, pick one that is one size larger than your mattress size will be a good idea. Keep in mind they are designed to be used for several years at a time – plan for the long-term comfort and sleep of you and your partner!
  • Do you want a duvet cover? We recommend duvet covers for a longer lasting use of your comforter. They help keep it clean for a longer time, which means less washing and maintaining high loft and fluffy experience. Choosing an attractive, protective duvet cover can also help change the feel and appearance of your bedroom. Although it’s possible to wash your comforter, you may run the risk of a tear and lose your filling inside the washing machine. Machine washing down is less desirable. However, you can always, like most people, have your comforter professionally dry-cleaned instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between duvet and comforter?

A comforter is sewn shut. Duvet cover can protect it for longer lasting use. Duvet with its cover is usually thicker, thus, more durable than a comforter. The two terms are commonly used interchangeably in the USA. However, they are known to be two different things in other parts of the world.

How do I clean and maintain my comforter?

Use a duvet cover. Shake your comforter every day. Wash it once a year.

Most comforters can be machine washed and machine dried with the most delicate, lowest settings. However, feel free to dry in the sunlight if you enjoy the smell of invigorating freshness and sweet sunlight. If you find yourself sweating a lot (which shouldn’t happen with a quality comforter) or have pets hop on and off it, washing a little more frequently is fine.

You should, however, read the instructions found on the label or in a manual that comes with your product upon order. Some warranties require certain ways of handling and washing. Doing anything different may void your warranty.

Most comforters have sewing as patterns that not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also keeps the filling from all shifting to one end of the comforter. If your comforter tears, you will have to find a local quilt repair and restoration expert. You can also call the company you ordered your product from who may have suggestions or can recommend help to you.

How much do comforters weigh?

There are three weight classes for down comforters. These weight classes somewhat help determine the warmth level but are not exclusive indicators.

There is no consensus either on what is considered light-weight or what is heavy-weight. We did our best to guesstimate based all the comforters we have reviewed so you can have the best idea when choosing one.

  • Light-weight: 40-60 ounces
  • Medium-weight: 60-90 ounces
  • Heavy-weight: 90+ ounces

If you are looking for a lightweight comforter for summer, we recommend one that weighs under 60 ounces.

Do I need a flat sheet between myself and the comforter?

Flat sheets can help pick up the sweat from your body. However, it is another layer of bedding that is thin and can be uncomfortable if you or your partner participate in an intense fight under the sheet before falling asleep.

If you want a longer lasting comforter, a flat sheet will help as an extra layer of protection. Using a duvet cover in addition to a flat sheet will help extend the longevity of your best comforter by keeping it clean for a longer period.

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