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Daybeds are great for saving space. They are a multi-function furniture and can be found often used in smaller spaces such as a studio apartment or small living room. Compared to regular sofas, they do not take extra space in length or width. Why they may appear to take more space has to do with difference with having a sofa is that it provides cushion and less depth for sitting, whereas a daybed would require pillows to provide a place to sit and lean back comfortably.

Most of the best daybeds have three sides of rails and acts as a deep coach. One drawback is that they may need a supporting wall that runs the entire length of the bed. However, there are a lot of other benefits of owning a daybed over a sofa or regular bed:

Benefits Of Owning A Daybed

  • Daybeds provide a two-in-one utility as additional beds for special guests and extra seating or lounging during the day
  • The seats are wider and deeper than most sofas, and can be a great furniture for lounging activities
  • They are great for smaller spaces because of their extra utility, such as a studio apartment
  • Most have a rail or armrest for you to lean against like a lounging chair
  • Daybeds also provide under-the-bed space for storage or holding a trundle
    Including a trundle with your daybed will provide even more beds for guests

Daybeds are a great light-weight addition to homes. With their multi-functional nature, they are great for slumber parties and sleep overs, as well as lounging and seating as needed.

Considerations When Shopping For A Daybed

  • What is your budget for your daybed? Aside from the frame, you will want to keep in mind the budget needed to purchase the pillows, bed sheets and cover, mattress(es) and trundle
  • What type of mattress and mattress height? Depending on the space available underneath the daybed, you will need to exercise caution in finding the right mattress height. For sleeping, you will also want to consider whether a foam, spring, or hybrid mattress best suits your sleep needs or the guests that may be staying over
  • How does your living space look? For aesthetic considerations, consider what style, color, and design best suits and complements your living space. You may be interested in a wood frame, metal frame, or a combination of the two
  • What size mattress is needed for your chosen daybed? Most require a twin-size mattress. However, there are are built to support full-size mattresses.
  • How much space is available where you want to place your daybed?
  • How many pillows will you need to support your daybed as a seating area? The average sofa depth is 18 to 22 inches. Twin-size mattresses are 39-inch deep. If you intend to use for seating, you will need pillows or cushions to fill the backside for comfortable sitting.
  • Does the daybed come with a trundle? Most daybeds have mattresses and trundles sold separately. For most trundles purchased separately, they can be rolled around. You also have the option to pick a trundle that can pop-up to a greater height or static and low on the floor

In this guide, we cover the best daybeds in different categories and needs. So, without further ado, here are the top rated daybeds reviews for 2017:

Best Daybed With Trundle

DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle

The DHP Tokyo is a twin-size, brushed bronze finish with round finial detailing. The product is designed to fit two twin-size mattresses (75-inch by 39-inch) and comes with a roll-out trundle that can come all the way out from under the bed or moved to any other location.

The trundle does not pop up and will require a twin-size mattress with a thickness of 8 inches to fit underneath. Assembly is simple. Few reviewers on Amazon suggest roughly 45 to 60 minutes to assemble. The DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Daybed For Adults

DHP Victoria Daybed

The DHP Victoria is a full-size, metal daybed with finial detailing and designed with a contemporary feel. Available in three colors: white, silver, and bronze, the DHP Victoria can be used as a full-size bed or extra seating.

There is plenty of space below the DHP Victoria Daybed to support a trundle. The distance from the bottom of the bed to the floor is about 15-inches, providing much more space for storage or a trundle than most daybeds. The product also can support an upper weight limit of 400 lbs.

Best daybed for living room

DHP Sophia Daybed and Trundle

The DHP Sophia and Trundle is a twin-size, backless, upholstered daybed that includes a roll-out trundle. Although this product will require a back wall to lean against, it is an accent piece that can be used also as a room divider for interior designing. With slightly sleighed arms for a contemporary feel, the bed includes wooden slats to provide support and comfort for seating or sleep.

The DHP Sophia Daybed and Trundle is made of fabric and comes with three available colors: black, navy, and tan. The trundle is not attached and can be rolled to another part of your room. For the trundle to be rolled underneath the bed, you will need a twin-size mattress of 7 inches or less in thickness.

Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

2K Designs Daybed and Pop-Up Trundle

The 2K Designs and Pop-Up Trundle is a metal frame and metal slats daybed with a collapsible trundle that can fit beneath the bed. It does not come with a headboard, footboard or armrests. However, the headboard and footboard can be attached to the metal frame with holes on the front and back.

The 2K Designs Daybed and Pop-Up Trundle can be popped up to the same level as the bed. The base of the bed to the floor is a height of 17 inches. The trundle can support a twin-size mattress thickness of 10 inches and still fit underneath the daybed.

Best Daybed For Small Room

Hillsdale Madison Daybed

The Hillsdale Madison is twin-size, metal frame daybed with a suspension deck. The suspension deck is a ladder-like platform that is similar to a bed slat. The daybed includes a side and back panel, and posts. With a black finished metal grills paired with a cherry finished wooden posts, this popular combination makes for a great design between modern and classical aesthetics.

The Hillsdale Madison Daybed is known to be a sturdy bed and seating. The height from the top of the suspension deck to the floor is 16 inches in height. It uses a twin-size mattress for seating.

Best Small-Size Daybed

Dorel Living Kayden Daybed

The Dorel Living Kayden is a solid wood, twin-size daybed with clean lines and a rich finish. The bed slats are wooden details and the frame is solid wood for durability.

The Dorel Living Kayden Daybed has a space underneath of 13 inches. The bed can support a maximum weight limit of 225 pounds. There are three available colors: black, espresso, and white.

For a full-size version of the product, check out the Dorel Living Morgan by clicking here.

Best Quality Daybed (With Storage)

Fashion Bed Group Grandover Daybed and Trundle

The Fashion Bed Group Grandover is a wooden, twin-sized daybed with a roll-out trundle. The bed is constructed with solid wood with an espresso color finish for durability. The panels are upholstered with a soft cream finished, with polyester fabric with antique brass finished nail heads.

The trundle is 13.5 inches in height and can either be used to accommodate a twin-size mattress or used as drawers for extra storage. The Fashion Bed Group Grandover Daybed and Trundle comes with a 1-year warranty.


In this guide, we covered several best daybeds for different needs. These products are a great piece of furniture for both classical and modern interior designs. They can be used for both seating, lounging and for sleep. In addition to the daybed, shoppers can incorporate a trundle that can hold a mattress for extra bedding for special sleepover guests. They have the extra space underneath for storing personal items or for holding a trundle with a mattress.

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