12 Best Down Alternative Comforters for Toasty Comfort

You lay in bed, trying to fall asleep. But you’re feeling the chill along your arms and legs. It’s getting cold, and it has happened before – every single night.

You wrap your blanket underneath your feet. Wiggle your cold toes and rubbing them together, you start to wonder to yourself “I should get a comforter”.

Down alternative are a popular material, right next to down. They make for a great starter comforter, for those who aren’t sure which material is best and can keep you warm through the night just as well as down comforters.

In this buyer’s guide, we review 12 of the top rated down alternative comforters on the market.

Comforters can keep you consistently warm throughout each night and provide you with a steady nightly sleep pattern where you can fall asleep better. They make a great addition to any bedding and, unlike most blankets, won’t cause hot flashes or sweaty nights.

If it means getting better quality sleep so you can start your day on the right foot, then buying a comforter is definitely worth the money.

If you are looking for a down alternative material comforter, we are here to do just that. In this guide, we cover the best rated down alternative comforter reviews for 2017:

Reviews of the Top 12 Down Alternative Comforters

#1. Best of the best – Utopia Bedding Comforter


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The Utopia Bedding is the #1 best seller for down alternative comforters. This duvet insert is white quilted and use siliconized fiberfill. Siliconized fiberfill doesn’t attract dust and is frequently used to fill furniture, accents that come in contact with sensitive areas of your body, and toys for children with dust allergies. Siliconized fiberfill prevent dust mites and bacteria from attaching to the filling, making it antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The filling also holds its shape better than cotton filler to create a plush and fluffy feel.

It is very similar in characteristics to a duvet. The comforter fits snugly inside a duvet cover that can be removed and washed. When you use a duvet cover, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of your bed and your entire room without having to decorate.

The Utopia Bedding uses a box-stitched construct with piped edges for an elegant style that prevents the fill from unevenly shifting through the comforter. It is a clean look and contemporary style, with an ultra-plush feel to give you a heavenly sleeping experience that is snugly soft, fluffy like a cloud and indulging for a vacation-quality rest. It is easy to take care of by machine wash with a gentle cycle of cold water, and can be sun dried or machine tumble dry on low heat as needed.

There are three sizes available for this white quilted product:

  • Twin 64-inch X 88-inch
  • Queen 88-inch X 88-inch
  • King 102-inch X 90-inch

#2. Step-up luxury – Superior Comforter


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The Superior Comforter is a medium weight, down alternative duvet insert that is perfect for all seasons. It has a subtle softness feel thanks to the soft shell made from the finest microfiber. The comforter has a fluffy and lofty down alternative polyfill. Luxuriously soft and noiseless, the hypoallergenic fill can help relieve allergies shoppers may have or not know they have with goose down and feather bedding. The hypoallergenic property is also great for those who have asthma. With medium weight, you will have a comfortable amount of pressure without being too thick that can help you fall asleep peacefully.

The Superior Comforter has a classical, timeless look that is flexible to complete any bedding set. It is also designed to go well with Superior’s collection of mattress toppers, mattress protectors, blankets, and pillows. It uses a baffle box construction with double needle stitching to prevent the fill from moving around inside creating an uneven distribution.

The comforter is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat to re-fluff and to get rid of moisture. It is wrinkle-resistant and feels silky smooth feel when it comes right out of the dryer.

There are three sizes available for the year round product:

  • Twin/Twin XL 68-inch X 90-inch, 60 ounces
  • Full/Queen 88-inch X 90-inch, 77 ounces
  • King 108-inch X 90-inch, 100-ounces

#3. Runner-up choice – LinenSpa Comforter


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The LinenSpa is allergen-free with corner duvet loops. Feathers and down fill regularly collect dander and dust mites along with allergen that causes its sleeper to have allergies. With a microfiber fill from the comforter, it is hypoallergenic preventing allergies while giving you a softness feel (without sneezes). Having corner duvet loops is great when you use a duvet cover. Duvet covers are perfect for decorating your bedding and providing your room with a uniquely different feel. However, they need duvet loops to prevent it from slipping and sliding underneath. With a patent-pending design from LinenSpa, this eight corner and side loops prevent duvet cover sags and shifting.

The LinenSpa also uses a reversible design scheme that allows you to flip back and forth between two unique colors for your bedding. You can match the season or your mood simply by flipping it over. The comforter is designed to be ultra-soft and used for all seasons, so you won’t have to get rid of it from your bed when summer rolls around. It has excellent airflow, mid-weight, and uses a box-stitching filled with a microfiber material that does not shift or clump up. It is best described as super soft, warm, fluffy and built for heavy duty.

The quilted duvet insert is available in eight different sizes and four different colors. There is white, navy/graphite, sand/mocha, and stone/charcoal.

The eight sizes available are:

  • Twin 68-inch X 86-inch
  • Twin XL 68-inch X 92-inch
  • Full 82-inch X 86-inch
  • Queen 88-inch X 92-inch
  • Oversized Queen 98-inch X 98-inch
  • King 106-inch X 92-inch
  • California King 102-inch X 96-inch
  • Oversized King 116-inch X 98-inch

The LinenSpa Comforter comes with a 3-year warranty. It is machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleaning and maintenance.

#4. Budget pick – AmazonBasics Comforter


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The AmazonBasics Microfiber is great budget comforter. If you are working within a budget, it won’t get any better this Amazon brand comforter. Using a reversible design, you can flip it to choose between two solid color schemes that change the appearance of your bedding and your entire bedroom! It uses a diamond-style pattern of stitching for a visual dimension, unlike the typical, classical box stitching. Simple style. Soft texture. The comforter can bring cozy warmth to any sleeping space.

The AmazonBasics Microfiber is 100% polyester microfiber cover with 100% polyester fill. It offers a luxurious, soft hand feel and provides breathability so you can sleep without getting hot flashes at night. It is wrinkle-resistant in material and long-lasting strength for durability. The microfiber is a plush fill that can insulate warmth for winter or keep you comfortable year round.

The comforter is considerably light-weight and unfortunately does not have a lot of loft or fluffiness. It is easy to care for because it’s machine washable on warm (permanent press cycle) and dryer safe on low settings.

The product is available in five different colors: black, pink, red, chocolate, and navy blue.

There are three sizes available:

  • Twin/Twin XL 63-inch X 90-inch
  • Full/Queen 86-inch X 92-inch
  • King 102-inch X 90-inch

The AmazonBasics Microfiber Comforter is made in OEKTO-TEX Standard 100 factory. This certification is an independent certification system that makes sure textiles like this product from Amazon meet high safety and environmental standards.

#5. Year round – Hanna Kay Comforter


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The Hanna Kay is another best selling down alternative comforter on the market. It is a duvet insert that is fluffy, warm, and soft. Made to be year round, so you don’t have to keep switching blankets, this product uses a silky microfiber cover for the best softness around. Unlike cotton covers, it does not make noise, keeps things quiet, and has a luxurious touch and appearance to it. The supremely soft microfiber cover is a no-crinkle zone that is lovely.

The Hanna Kay uses a specialized closed box double stitching that keeps your filling uniform across the surface even after the wash. This prevents cold spots from forming as well as clumping of the fill. The comforter is designed to keep you warm in the winter without sweating as well as fresh in the summer so you can feel cozy for a good night of snuggling. It uses a moisture-resistant, 100% hypoallergenic, soft filling that is ideal for anyone with allergies or concerns of allergies or simply want a good night sleep.

Hanna Kay aim to exceed standards set by by other brands on the market. They guarantee an “airy softness” quality for all their products so you can have an enjoyable sleep experience. If for some reason it does not result in anything but a quality sleep experience, the company will refund your entire purchase with a no-hassle return. This product comes only in queen size 86-inch X 86-inch. The Hanna Kay Down Alternative Comforter also comes with a 10-year warranty to protect you from manufacturer defects.

#6. Hypoallergenic – Lavish Comforter


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The Lavish Comforter is a hypoallergenic duvet, double brushed microfiber with corner tabs. This lightweight comforter is a great quality product that is allergy free with a 100% poly fiber fill. Poly fiber fill prevents dust mites, bacteria, mildew and mold from forming as long as it is machine dried. If you are dealing with allergies and do not want to wake up feeling stuffed up, then the Lavish Comforts will be perfect for you.

The comforter is a fluffy, super soft appearance that breathes very well with excellent airflow to help evaporate sweat without compromising warmth. Thick enough for the cold seasons and a little warm, but cozy for the summer weather. It uses a premium doubled brushed 1800 series microfiber for superior softness, even softer than Egyptian cotton.

With the highest quality material and 100% polyester microfiber, the baffle box construction adds extra quality by making sure the quality fill can expand inside without leaving cold spots or gaps for warmth to escape. The baffle box design does well to prevent the fill from shifting around and making the weight unevenly distributed.

The Lavish Comforts is machine washable and dryer safe. The white quilted comforter is available is four sizes:

  • Twin 68-inch X 86-inch
  • Queen 90-inch X 90-inch
  • King 104-inch X 86-inch
  • California King 104-inch X 96-inch

#7. Egyptian cotton – Egyptian Bedding Comforter


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The Egyptian Bedding is a luxurious, white goose down alternative comforter. It has a very nice weight and warmth to it. It is a very soft and comfortable duvet that is delivered in a beautiful, zippered package. The cover shell is crafted with Long Staple Giza cotton grown in the Lush Nile River Valley. Classy and elegant and style, the Egyptian Bedding is woven to a high 600 thread count.

The Egyptian Bedding uses a box-stitching design that keeps the fill from shifting unevenly. It is completely hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies to down or feather fill, and allergy-free. The fill power is over 750 with a fill weight of 70+ ounces, depending on your chosen size.

There are three sizes available for the white Egyptian Cotton comforter:

  • Twin/Twin XL 68-inch X 90-inch, 70 ounces
  • Full/Queen 90-inch X 90-inch, 80 ounces
  • King/Cal King 106-inch X 90-inch, 90 ounces

The Egyptian Bedding is delivered brand new and factory sealed, with a warranty when you purchase from an Authorized Egyptian Bedding Reseller on Amazon.

#8. Summer – Chezmoi Comforter


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The Chezmoi Down Alternative is a medium warmth comforter that makes it ideal for use all year round. Like sleeping on a cloud, it provides a light and super soft touch. You can easily snuggle underneath and fall asleep through summer and winter weathers. This product is easy to care that can be machined washed or machine dried in case of any unwanted spill or food stain. Unlike goose down material, you won’t need to pay expensive dry-cleaning bills for maintaining its fluffiness.

The Chezmoi uses double needle stitching design for strength and durability that is much better than single needle stitching. It also prevents the allergy-free polyester microfiber from escaping. There are piped edges and four corner tabs that make it perfect for using with a duvet cover. The corner tabs help anchor the duvet insert to the duvet cover so it won’t shift to one side.

The luxury goose down-alternative is built for year round use with a comfortable, medium warmth level temperature. It is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free with synthetic material fill.

The sizes available are:

  • King 102-inch X 90-inch
  • Full/Queen 88-inch X 88-inch
  • Twin 64-inch X 88-inch

#9. Twin-size – Natural Comfort Comforter


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The Natural Comfort is a very light-weight comforter that uses 100% material fill and shell. The cover is an embossed polyester microfiber with polyester microfiber fill, making this product completely hypoallergenic and free from allergic reactions for those sensitive to down or feathers. The shell is woven with a thread count of over 300 for an outstanding soft touch surface.

The Natural Comfort uses box stitch construction to keep the fill from moving around. The lightweight fill makes this product ideal for regions with hot temperatures. If you find yourself waking up sweating in the mornings or have your sleep interrupted because of hot flashes, the Natural Comfort is perfect for keeping you comfortable and cool enough for a good night of rest. It is made in the USA with imported manufacturing components. The product is very balanced and designed to fit all types of needs.

There are four sizes available:

  • King 104-inch X 95-inch, 34 ounces
  • Queen 95-inch X 90-inch, 29 ounces
  • Full 90-inch X 84-inch, 26 ounces
  • Twin 88-inch X 66-inch, 20 ounces

#10. Queen-size – Amrapur Overseas Comforter


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The Amprapur Overseas Down Alternative is a reversible design with a 11 available color schemes. It uses a reversible design with two solid colors for you to change the feel and appearance of your bed and bedroom with just one flip. It is a thin and lightweight design for summer and warm weathers so you can sleep comfortably without night sweat and hot flashes. Although the duvet insert is not as puffy or fluffy, it is crafted with super soft, plush microfiber and contains 100% all-polyester fill for comfort and be 100% hypoallergenic.

The Amprar Overseas is designed with a classic and contemporary construction and color scheme. The vibrant color choices available are made exclusively not to fade over time with washing. It is machine washable and dryer safe, with gentle cycles with cold water and low tumble dry. The comforter is luxuriously soft and noiseless.

It is available is three sizes:

  • Twin 68-inch X 88-inch
  • Queen 88-inch X 88-inch
  • King 104-inch X 88-inch

There are 11 colors available for you:

  • White
  • White/Gray
  • Anemone/Wheat (Red)
  • Anthracite/Silver (Black)
  • Blue/Cream
  • Blush/White (Pink)
  • Coral Blue/Oatmeal
  • Eclipse/Silver (Navy Blue)
  • Ivory/Atmosphere (Beige)
  • Oatmeal/Dusty Blue
  • Rust/Oatmeal (Orange)

#11. King-size – Royal Hotel Comforter


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The Royal Hotel Down Alternative is exceedingly nice for its price. It is a super soft and fluffy comforter that is ideal for year round use. The cover is 100% cotton for a luxurious and soft feel, woven with a 300 thread count. Cotton is perfect for sensitive skin or if you are prone to allergies because of its hypoallergenic qualities. Cotton weaving is naturally stronger and much more durable because of easy stretch properties.

The Royal Hotel also uses a baffle wall box double stitching design with a 1-inch side gusset for preventing the microfiber fill from shifting around in your comforter. The fill power of the goose down-alternative polyester fill is an equivalent down fill power of 750+. This high fill power provides quality warmth with minimal cold spots, especially with baffle box construction so that the fill can provide maximum loft and cover along stitching edges. The side gusset also provides maximum amount of warmth. The comforter is a medium-weight fill that will provide you the best year round warmth and cozy comfort.

There are three sizes available:

  • Twin/Twin XL 68-inch X 90-inch, 55 ounces
  • Queen 90-inch X 90-inch, 70 ounces
  • King 106-inch X 90-inch, 86 ounces

#12. California King – ienjoy Hotel Comforter


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The ienjoy Hotel is part of the Hotel Collection 1500 series. It is a luxury goose down-alternative comforter that offers a hotel quality sleep and warmth experience. The product is incredibly soft and lightweight, filled with synthetic goose feathers that provide the best lightweight material you can find. With expert craftsmanship and design, this Beckham Hotel is an oversized, hypoallergenic comforter to protect you from allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. It is easy to care for with machine wash using a gentle cycle and cold water. You can simply sundry or low tumble dry as well for a fluffy, lofty experience.

The ienjoy Hotel is made with microfiber and imported materials. The shell is a more of a cotton feel, and provide a warmth that isn’t too hot or thick. The product also breathes well and helps wick away sweat so the sweat can evaporate well without getting stuffy underneath, keeping you cool with warmth at night.

There are three sizes available:

  • Twin/Twin XL 66-inch X 92-inch
  • Full/Queen 86-inch X 88-inch
  • King/Cali King 102-inch X 90-inch

There are also six colors available for each size:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Sage
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Chocolate

The comforter also comes with a 30-day no questions asked to exchange for a new one.

Buyer’s Guide to Synthetic Comforters

Considerations When Shopping For Down Alternative Comforters

What is your ideal warmth level?

Depending on the weather and climate of your region, you may want a comforter that is designed for warmer or colder weather. These would be medium weight to not be too warm or not warm enough. Prices will vary for warmth level and know what you need will help you better budget and choose one right for you.

What is your budget or price range?

Aside from buying a down alternative comforter, you will want to consider other bedding accessories you may need. A duvet cover will certainly provide a longer lasting use for your comforter. A flat sheet will also extend the life as well by acting as a barrier between you and the comforter. They can range in price from as little as $25 to a quality $150, or $200+. The size will also affect your budget size. Between a twin and California king, you may be looking at a price difference between $25 to $200.

What is the fill type of the comforter?

Most down alternative comforters use synthetic polyester microfiber. They provide excellence warmth levels at lower prices. However, there are other types of synthetic fills that may be used:

  • Gel fiber: not actual gel, gel fiber is lightweight, cushy, and can be scrunched up. They have nearly identical properties to down filling.
  • Natural fill: these would be bamboo, silk, or buckwheat. The natural fillings are all hypoallergenic. Natural fill is a great alternative to down filling and polyester microfiber filling.

What construction does the comforter use?

Baffle-box stitching will be the ideal choice for construction. The stitching design helps keep filling from unevenly shifting inside. With a baffle-box design, baffles (panels) are used to separate filling instead of stitching the top and bottom layer together. By having a baffle-box design, there will be less cold spots as fillings can expand to the edges of the sewing.

What is your ideal cover fabric?

There are four types of fabric down alternative comforters can come in:

  • Batiste: which is an opaque cotton or cotton-blend fabric. Often seen in baby clothing and lingerie because they are gentle on the skin while being lightweight.
  • Sateen: a popular choice made of cotton. Sateen uses a weaving pattern and fabric quality that create a quality sheen and soft, smooth touch.
  • Damask: glossy and simple, it is often used to create contrasting textures such as stripes or checker patterns.
  • Cambric: delicate and fine, this lightweight fabric can also be found in linen, handkerchiefs, and for lace and needlework.

What is the thread count of the comforter?

Most comforters are 250 and over in thread count. 250 is considered the smoothing point. However, most shoppers go after 300 and up for that dream silky feel. If you are buying a comforter that is higher than 300, keep in mind that some shoppers have reported disrupted sleep because the surface is too soft on the skin. (Although you can use a flat sheet underneath to fix this possible issue.)

What size comforter do you need?

Size will be a very important factor when it comes to price. You will also want to consider size not only based on your bed but also if you have a sleeping partner and how he or she sleeps.Some shoppers decide to have two comforters instead of one or buying one size up. Comforters can be used for decades, Spending the extra dollar to make sure you sleep well during those decades will pay you back a hundred folds.

Benefits Of Owning A Down Alternative Comforter

  • People with allergies or allergic reactions to the natural material are better with the down alternative material than using down comforters.
  • They can maintain their fluffiness and loft much better than down because of the synthetic filling used in comforters.
    They are easier to maintain because they are not made with natural, animal materials. Most are machine washable or tumble dried on low settings.
  • Down alternative is ideal for tight budgets. Price-wise, these comforters can be as much as $300 less compared to their down counterparts.
  • They can provide warmth equally well compared to down comforters. Down alternative fillings are popular because they do the same job at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re sick and tired of your down comforter spewing feathers everywhere, down alternative will keep itself together. They won’t belch feathers every time you wash or fluff them up.

If your comforter needs to be replaced, the cheaper down alternative are perfect for the job. There is a wide range of budget-friendly ones on Amazon you can choose.

If you aren’t sure what comforter is best for you, down alternative can make a great starter comforter because they last long and are easier to maintain. They feel the same and can keep you just as warm during the night.

If you need a lightweight or summer comforter, down alternative are perfect.

If you are having allergic reactions or want to avoid allergic reactions from down comforters, down alternative will help you sleep well (without irritation or disrupting your sleep).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does down alternative mean and what are they made of?

Down alternative is a synthetic filling type. It could be the favorite microfiber, gel-fiber, or a natural fiber like bamboo, silk, or buckwheat. Rayon, polyester, and cotton also fall into the material category of down alternative. These materials are known for its hypoallergenic property to protect its owner from allergens.

Should I cover my down alternative comforter?

Although they can last longer as a synthetic material, it isn’t immune to getting dirty or damaged from tear and wear. Down alternatives comforters can be machine washed and dried once a year without a cover. However, if you have pets or intend to do a little wrestling on your bed, a duvet cover for your comforter would be recommended.

How do I care for my down comforter?

Not all comforters are made the same. It is essential that you read the care instructions on your comforter. Otherwise, as long as your comforter is not soiled or stained, most comforters can do with cleaning every year or two. Most down alternative comforters can be 1. Shaken and fluffed once a day. 2. Machine washable with cold water, and 3. machine dryable on low heat tumble. Keep in mind that your comforter should be completely dried out. Any trapped moisture or dampness will cause mold to grow. Line drying can also cause mildew to grow.

How are down comforters packaged for shipping?

Comforters are usually shipped in a clear, rectangular, plastic zipper bag. They are waterproof, reusable when you need to transport your comforter, and durable. The clear plastic bag can usually take a beating, but won’t stand a chance against sharp objects, so store them safely!

Can you wash down alternative comforters?

Most can be machine washed and dried without a problem (albeit on lowest of low settings). However, you should read and follow the care instructions that will be provided to you along with your comforter – typically found on the label attached to the comforter. If your product has a tear anywhere, you should avoid using machines and bring it to a dry cleaner, letting them know about the damaged area.

Why choose a down alternative comforter? How is it different from down comforters?

The main reason shoppers want a down alternative comforter is to keep them warm through every night without blowing their budget. They are a much cheaper fill type for comforters. With its synthetic nature it can also hold its shape and loft for a much longer period compared to down. It may not be as fluffy, but it can last much longer. Some shoppers may have skin irritation or allergic reactions to down comforters, despite hypoallergenic shell covers. Down alternative comforters are entirely hypoallergenic because it is 100% human-made. Natural fillings like bamboo and silk are natural fibers and can protect you from allergens as well. They are much easier to maintain while longer lasting in lifespan.

What should I consider when choosing a down comforter?

Desired warmth level and comforter size would be the two major points to consider. The purpose of the comforter is to keep you warm over the night. Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to choose a thicker, heavier, and larger ones. Some shoppers with sleeping partners purchase two instead of one or buy one size up. For example, instead of a queen size down alternative comforter, you may want a king size or even California king size. One size up ensures that all sides of your bed are well covered and that you can use the comforter for many years without worry of cold feet or arms.

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