10 Best Hybrid Beds for the Ultimate Sleep Experience

Hybrid mattresses put together the best attributes of material types. For example, innerspring mattresses that are too firm can get a latex or memory foam top layer to improve comfort.

What is a hybrid mattress? How are they different from the other types of mattresses? And more importantly, are they worth the money? There are a lot of sales-y marketing has sprung up about hybrid mattresses. In this guide, we will look past the hype, provide information on shopping considerations, and recommend the top hybrid mattresses for you to make the best-informed decision possible.

Top Rated Best Hybrid Mattresses

  1. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Cobalt Mattress

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  2. WinkBeds Mattress

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  3. Zinus Green Tea Mattress

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  4. Tempur-Pedic Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress

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  5. Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

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  6. Classic Brands Gramercy Mattress

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  7. Viola Mattress

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  8. Zotto Sleep Mattress

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  9. Modway Elysse Mattress

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  10. Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress

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Are Hybrid Mattresses Worth The Money?

Unless a manufacturer of a mattress comes up with a crazy design or uses unheard of materials, we believe most types of mattresses are well worth the money. Hybrid mattresses are definitely at the top of the list.

Aa hybrid mattress has around 6 to 7 years in product lifespan before they begin to decline in comfort. You can, however, use them well beyond ten years. Most people do. Since the top layer is memory foam, sagging and body impression will be the first signs of declining comfort levels. Another sign is when the coils begin to weaken in bounce and the center of the mattress sinks further than the edges and corners.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Right For You?

Hybrid mattresses offer a unique level of comfort because of their design. The combination of materials such as memory foam and pocket springs provide a balance between bounce and responsiveness.

Here are several reasons why you might choose hybrid mattresses over other options:

  • You tried innerspring mattresses, but they make too much noise or don’t contour to your body well enough, creating noticeable pressure on different parts of your body
  • You tried memory foam mattresses, but they feel too firm and hard on your body
  • You’re looking for a luxury mattress that is relatively inexpensive to other mattresses on the market
  • You are having back problems and need a mattress that can support the proper alignment of your body, without forgoing too much comfort
  • You are looking for something with edge support because you roll off the bed more often than not in your sleep

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a mattress using two or more different materials. By combining different materials, you gain from the benefits of the material.

A hybrid mattress doesn’t necessarily contain an even 50/50 of two materials or 1/3 splitting of three materials. Manufacturers of mattresses will have their tested formula and provide the design they found to best suit their audience. Unfortunately, this mix is a business trade secret and isn’t shared with the public.

What’s important in hybrid mattresses aren’t so much the mix or the design, but rather the materials involved. When people talk about hybrid mattresses, they think of foam and innerspring (mostly pocket coils and continuous coils). The foam and innerspring hybrid mattresses are the most popular on the market. We will be covering this combination of innerspring and foam within this article.

Pro-tip: By combining the responsiveness of foam with the bounce of pocket springs, you get deep compression support (from the coils) with pressure relief (from the foam).

There is also something called a semi-hybrid mattress, which is essentially a pillow-top over a coil base. It’s a different design that exchanges the typical memory foam with the pillow-top surface. The big idea remains the same: a surface that relieves pressure and deep compression support, both allowing contouring to the shape of your body for support.

How Much Are Hybrid Mattresses?

You are looking at anywhere between $200 and $1,500. There are also hybrid mattresses that are in the price range of $2,000 and over.

For hybrid mattresses priced over $1,500, they will use either a combination of materials and designs. You may find mattresses that include gel foam, extra plush layers of foam, or multiple layers. For example, the TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima uses TEMPUR material which is an exclusive design by the Tempur-Pedic brand manufacturer and distributor.

Pro-tip: Lower coil gauge numbers mean thicker coils than higher coil gauge numbers. You typically find lower gauge numbers along the side of your mattress for edge support. Higher gauge numbers are thinner coils that are gentle and more forgiving. Coil gauge numbers commonly range from 12 to 15.

Hybrid mattresses below $1,500 can also provide quality material. For example, like Viola provides triple edge side-wall support, with a hybrid mix of the pocket coil, latex, and gel-infused memory foam. Viola also offers a 100-night trial with a full refund and free returns if their mattress doesn’t suit you.

For hybrid mattresses below $500, you will find lower quality foam that can still provide quality sleep but may not last as long as the mattresses in the higher price class. The qualities of materials differ between the price classes.

One thing to note is this doesn’t necessarily mean all mattresses under $500 are of poor quality. Some manufacturers like Zinus and Classic Brands spend less on marketing and advertising, passing their savings to the customers by pricing their mattresses lower.

More Choices for You

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Our Final Thoughts

In this article, we cover what is a hybrid mattress and how they provide a better quality of sleep. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent alternative to the pure memory foam or pure innerspring mattresses because they combine the best of both worlds. You get both the bounce and deep compression support from the coil and the responsiveness and contouring of memory foam to relieve the contact pressure on your body. If you are looking for the best hybrid mattress, be sure to check out the list of the top 10 recommended hybrid mattresses above.

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