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Need a bed on a budget? We know what it’s like being tight on cash and living within a budget. We put together a list of the five best budget mattresses under $200 from

Although here at MySleepyFerret we don’t advocate purchasing mattresses in a lower price class, we understand sometimes we need something that will work for us until we can get something better.

The featured image is the Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress. Made from natural green tea extract, this 6-inch memory foam provide anti-oxidant surface that your skin can benefit from. The extract also helps maintain the freshness of the mattress. With a 10-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with this budget mattress.

There are a few points to keep in mind with the mattresses in this list:

  • Mattresses are under 6 inches in height
  • 2 of the 5 only come in twin sizes
  • We included the best of each category of mattresses (memory foam, latex, and springs)
  • All mattresses are rated 4 stars and higher, and very much loved by reviewers who bought their respective mattresses

So, without further ado, here are your five of the best mattresses on a budget.

Reviews of the Best Inexpensive Mattress

1. Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam aims to comfort and relieve pressure on your body during sleep. This product comes with a 1-inch memory foam and 5-inch airflow high-density base support. It is certified by third-party CertiPUR and is anti-oxidant.

One big feature is the Zinus Green Tea is the infused natural green tea extract that help maintain product freshness, making it one of the best budget memory foam mattress. It’s easy to unpack and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. A lot of other reviewers reported that the edge support of this memory foam mattress is amazing, especially if you find yourself falling off the bed often. One drawback reported were the memory foams not inflating upon unboxing. The manufacturer and seller have since then fixed this issue and serviced everyone who was inconvenienced.

2. Home Comfort Sleep Memory Foam And Coil Mattress

The Home Comfort Sleep is a 6-inch spring mattress that is made from foam and polyester layers between its cover and coils. Each coil inside the mattress is independently encased for equal weight distribution, so all parts of your mattress will remain firm and intact. Here are the sizes available, as mentioned by LIFE Home:

  • Twin 39-inch x 75-inch
  • Full 54-inch x 75-inch
  • Queen 60-inch x 80-inch
  • King 76-inch x 80-inch

A lot of reviewers reported the mattress doesn’t cause a lot of noise when you move on and off gently. It’s very firm and great for the back. Although the package that the mattress comes in and the wrapping that was done appears to be very simple, many reviewers were surprised and were extremely satisfied with their Home Comfort Sleep mattress.

3. Milliard Tri-Fold Twin Mattress


The Milliard Tri-Folding is an affordable 4-inch twin size mattress that can be folded up into three pieces, which is great for smaller spaced areas. It comes with a soft removable cover for washing and a non-slip bottom so you don’t rock it all the way to the other end of your room. It is designed with fabric that allows for airflow to help regulate sleep temperature. The product is CertiPUR certified and certified for not losing its shape over time. The dimensions when laid flat is 75-inch x 25-inch. When folded up for storage, it is 25-inch length x 25-inch width x 12-inch height.

Since the product is only 4-inch in height, few reviewers reported that it’s much more firm than other types of beds. If you aren’t a fan of firmer surfaces, this might not be for you. However, those same reviewers that mentioned that this product is a bit too firm also mentioned it was still very comfortable and usable.

4. Zinus Sleep Master Tri-Fold Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Zinus, as the first and best brands for beds, is very well known for their mattresses sold on Amazon. It’s no wonder we included their other best budget memory foam mattress on our list! The Sleep Master Memory Foam is a 4-inch tri-fold twin mattress that can be packed away easily. The bed layers are 1-inch memory foam, 2-inch latex foam, and 1-inch high-density base support. The memory foam fabric is infused with natural ingredients that can absorb moisture and eliminate odor so your mattress can stay fresh. It is CertiPUR certified and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The cover is made of Jacquard fabric.

Many reviewers would agree that this mattress is one of the better tri-fold products they slept on. It’s comfortable and convenient, and quite often used for camping as well. The mattress is thick enough to cushion you from the hard floor and, if used as a guest bed, can be stored in the guest room closet without much hassle. One drawback is the fabric that keeps the panels together can be a point of tear. If you toss and tug your Sleep Master too aggressively, you may rip the fabric. However, if you carefully store or lay it open, you won’t have any problems. The manufacturer and seller have worked to improve the quality of the fabric, and have also worked with its customers to replace their worn out products.

5. Accu-Gold Mattress

The Accu-Gold is an 8-inch mattress made in the USA and designed with an open cell structure for better ventilation. The foam is a visco-elastic foam that can react to body temperature and comfort to the shape of your body. Visco-elastic foam is also known to reduce the pressure on problematic sleeping points on your body, like the hips and shoulder. This product also comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Reviewers of this product said it’s more than comfortable and firm. One person who ordered a full-size Accu-Gold had 18 broken bones and was afraid at first to sleep, but was surprised they were able to sleep very well on their new bed. There was also a reported a new bed odor from the mattress from one reviewer. However, it went away after some time.

Final Thoughts

When you choose a budget mattress, keep in mind that all the fluff with fancy model names and expensive looking covers are distractions. Take a close look at recent reviews and what their reviewers think about the product. Do what you can to stay within your budget, but also avoid purchasing something that won’t give you the quality sleep you deserve. It’s not worth saving money if it means you lose sleep every day. We sleep for roughly one-third of our day so we can do better things with the other two-thirds. Picking the right (and affordable) mattress is important!

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