Best Mattress For Back Pain – Relieving Your Back Muscles from Stress

Having back problems? A peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep starts with the choice of a good mattress. With many brands, types, sizes and designs on the market, picking one can be daunting. It’s important to choose a mattress of good quality and premium comfort, especially if you suffer from back pains.

Sleeping With Back Pain

Pain in the back, especially the lower back, can be life altering. Constant pain, especially during times that matter most, such as your sleep, can be difficult to manage. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce back pain in your sleep:

  • Be conscious of your sleep posture by trying to place a pillow underneath your knees so your spine maintains its curve. Back pain can be caused by awkward sleep positions.
  • Change the way you sleep by considering sleeping on your side while placing a pillow between your legs. Keep in mind to keep your neck and spine well aligned with a proper pillow height.
  • Pick up the healthy habit of stretching before bed, especially your back muscles.
  • Make a lifestyle change and avoid overexerting your back a few hours before bed.
  • Get yourself checked out by a medical profession because back pain can be linked to other underlying problems and can only be taken care of by a doctor.
  • Start with fundamentals and change your mattress!

When it comes to back pain during sleep, it’s important to understand what your personal preference on firmness. Consider trying out mattresses are a local store, reading online reviews such as our guide, and opinions of other reviewers on Amazon.

The featured image is the Tuft & Needle mattress. One of the top rated mattress on the market, its designed to relieve pressure around your body by evenly distributing your weight across your bed. It’s firm enough so that you won’t sleep in awkward curves and help maintain your spine alignment. It also comes with a 100-night trial so that you can test the mattress with minimal risk.

We understand there is a lot of information out there, so we at My Sleepy Ferret did our best to sort out only the best of the best mattresses for taking care of a bad back for you.

So, without further ado, here are five of the best mattress for back problems.

Review of the Best Mattresses for Back Pain

1. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Full Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler & More Supportive Than Memory Foam Mattress, Certi-PUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, 10-Year True Warranty, Made in USA, Rated CR’s Best Buy Mattress
  • NOTE: Please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any potential odor to dissipate.
  • ADAPTIVE FOAM: Constructed with freshly poured T&N Adaptive foam, this queen size mattress provides a bouncy yet supportive feel perfect for all sleeping positions. Our foam allows us to compress our mattress to fit into a small box and shipped quickly.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our high-grade foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam which cause you to "sink in and feel stuck" and "sleep hot." The T&N Adaptive foam sleeps cool, is just the right mix of "not too soft, and not too hard", and offers great pressure relief and "localized bounce" so you won't disturb your sleeping partner.
  • NO RISK: Mattress has a full refund guarantee with a 100 Night Sleep Trial plus an honest, 10-year warranty you can actually use (no gimmicks); Over 95% of our customers keep their mattress and refer it to others

The Tuft & Needle is a 10-inch full mattress designed for comfort for the general mass and arguably is one of the best mattress for your back. It’s neither too hard nor too soft, evenly distributing your weight for total comfort. Unlike latex and memory foam used in most mattresses, the pressure relief technique makes your sleep even better.

The bounce feature supports localized movements that occur at night. This means that you and your partner can enjoy undisturbed sleep. With these amazing features, your back pains will be no more, letting you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

The mattress comes with 100-night trials, meaning you get to sleep on it and test if it’s working for you. If you’re not happy and bought this bed on Amazon, you can return it within the 100-day period from the date of receipt.

Most reviewers with back problems would agree the T&N Mattress did its job in taking away some back pain. There are a few reviewers who reported to have no more back pain after switching their mattress to Turf & Needle. Many reviewers are happy with its size, comfort level, and firmness. Reviewers were also happy with the 100-night trial to test their mattress with minimal risk.

“I’m a side and back sleeper, and it wasn’t a miracle fix, but every morning so far I’ve woken up with less and less back and neck pain.”

“As a practicing chiropractor I know the benefits of a good supportive night sleep has. This mattress in absolute the best mattress I’ve ever slept on.”

“Does my back feel tired after working 12 hr shift? Yes. Hurt? No. My back feels 100 times better.”

2. Perfect Cloud Visco Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Queen) - Featuring Luxurious Fabrics & Double Layer of Visco Gel Cool Design For All-Night Comfort
  • WHAT IS AN ELEGANCE GEL-PRO MATTRESS | So, what does Gel-Pro memory foam mean exactly? Good question. Well, it's science, actually! Our Elegance mattress has not one, but two unique layers of cooling Visco-Gel! And these layers are combined into a thick and luxurious 12-inch memory foam to provide the maximum possible sleeping comfort you could ever dream of. Besides providing all night comfort, this will keep you temperature-controlled ensuring you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • YOU CAN SLEEP BETTER | With Perfect Cloud's Basics Mattress, you really can find the perfect sleep you've been longing for. Our thoroughly tested memory foam helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain, which frequently keep you awake and unrested. The cooling gel is an added luxury to help lull you into the needed sleep you are craving. Because what do you want? Sleep. And when do you want it? Now!
  • FIRST-CLASS PREMIUM KNIT COVER | Our best-in-class premium textile stretch knit cover is fully removable for easy cleaning care. It features a durable zipper to withstand the most vigorous of washing, and is so soft and snuggly that you may not want to put a sheet over it! And who would blame you? The quality of this plush quilted textile cover looks and feels absolutely amazing, and could possibly put your current linens to shame.
  • WEIGHTLESS SLEEP EXPERIENCE | Is your body feeling a little heavy at the end-of-the-day, and your current mattress simply isn't helping alleviate this issue for restful sleep? We've got you covered! Replace your old mattress with this memory foam luxury with added double visco-gel topper, and this problem floats away like a cloud overnight. All Perfect Cloud mattresses allow for comfortable all-night sleep that will help you wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated, and happy.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY | That's right. A 100% guarantee that you will fall in the sleepiest of love with our Basics Mattress. You can purchase from Perfect Cloud with total confidence knowing that your new mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, designed in the USA, and backed by our incredible 10-year warranty. And with our outstanding Amazon customer service, your purchase is risk-free! All our Perfect Cloud mattresses sold on Amazon come with a 30-day trial. DIMENSIONS | 80 x 60 x 12 inches.

The Perfect Cloud is an exclusive Amazon 12-inch queen (also comes in king and full sizes) visco-elastic memory foam mattress designed for extreme luxury. It is designed to be supportive of the body and back making this product a great mattress for a bad back.

It features a thick 1-inch HD Air Infused Memory Foam as a top layer with a similar 1.5-inch foam beneath to pamper you. Designed to meet the ‘just right’ coveted standard of Goldilocks, this mattress will turn your bed in a luxury hotel bed that you’ll surely like.

GEL-PRO memory foam makes up the third layer of this mattress. The thick 2-inch layer featuring memory foam infused with advanced gel offers the extra conforming comfort your body needs when asleep. It also controls your general body temperature, ensuring that you get to sleep comfortably every single night.

The 7.5-inch HD Base Support Foam makes up the fourth layer. This additional thick layer gives you unmatched support for a weightless experience during your sleep.

The removable stretch knit cover is based on the company’s latest Mesh Gusset technology for air transfer. The premium, best-in-class cover ensures that your mattress gets to breathe, with fresh air flowing in and out of it for a cool and fresh feel. Its timeless design means it can blend in well with any bed frame. Remove it easily for care.

What’s more, the materials used are CertiPUR-US certified. The bed comes with a 25-year warranty with 100% guarantee of great results. The USA-made product is also backed with outstanding customer service and risk-free purchases. Feel free to test the mattress and return it within the 30-day trial period if need be.

Many reviewers with back pain have reported that their backs feel better when sleeping on the Perfect Cloud Visco Memory Foam. The product has been reported to help many reviewers sleep better and have suggested the Perfect Cloud is one of the best mattresses for lower back pain. Reviewers with arthritis have also reported better sleep compared to other mattresses on the market.

“Thanks to this mattress, I don’t have to sleep with a pillow under my legs, and my back has never felt better.”

“Great mattress, comfortable, helped with lower back pain, great night sleep.”

“Morning back ache and body pain gone since first nights sleep.”

3. Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Queen Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress
  • 12" Queen Talalay Latex Mattress with a zipper cover Eurotop to make Latex Interchangable
  • Talalay Latex and High Density Base Foam
  • Mattress is Made in the USA
  • Talalay Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial
  • All Latex Mattresses custom tailored to your desired firmness see product description below. After purchase you will be contacted to customize the firmness level on your latex mattress.

The Ultimate Dreams is a latex 12-inch mattress comes with a Euro top zipper cover to ensure you can easily interchange the latex. It’s built with high-density base foam to give your body the support it needs when you’re asleep. The USA-made product comes with good qualities imparted by the Talalay latex ranging from anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic properties.

Moreover, the mattresses are customized to meet your unique needs for firmness. Upon purchase, you’re prompted to provide info on your desired firmness level.

Many reviewers are happy with the Ultimate Dreams because of its high-density foam. Reviewers were quite surprised at being able to pick the firmness level of their choice in their order. If you want a specific firmness, then the Ultimate Dreams Mattress is a great choice. Reviewers with back pain have reported amazing nights of rest and good sleep without morning soreness. They would not recommend a better mattress for comfort, customization, and back support.

“If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point soreness this is the ticket!”

“I don’t toss and turn nearly as much as I used to because the mattress supports my back very well.”

“Normally in the morning, when I get up and move my neck, it cracks like crazy. Back is stiff. Since sleeping in this bed, I have virtually no back or neck pain.”

4. Breathing Snuggle-Pedic Mattress

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes - Patented Airflow Transfer System, Kool-Flow Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Cover, USA Orthopedic Flex-Support Memory Foam, 4-Month Sleep Trial & 20-Year Warranty (King)
  • The PATENTED AIRFLOW TRANSFER SYSTEM works by creating 100 TIMES THE BREATHABILITY of other mattresses that only use ventilation holes or channels, but not both and do not connect the two like the ONLY THE SNUGGLE-PEDIC MATTRESS does!
  • Our Flex-Support Technology Gives The PRESSURE RELIEF of a Memory Foam/Gel Mattress, Only it is EASIER TO MOVE AROUND ON like a traditional mattress and MORE SUPPORTIVE. 100% MADE IN THE USA and CertiPUR-US Certified ECO-FRIENDLY and VERY LOW V.O.C.
  • PRESSURE RELIEVING SURFACE WITH EXTRA SUPPORTIVE & FIRMER LOWER LAYER gives you the perfect balance and universal comfort. Compare to Tuft & Needle, Leesa, Sleep Innovations and Casper to see the difference for yourself!

The Snuggle-Pedic comes with a patented airflow transfer system for 100X more breathability than other types of mattresses. The USA-made product is eco-friendly (as it’s vacuum-sealed and rolled), CertiPUR-US certified and low in V.O.C. The Flex-Support Technology provides the support and pressure relief that sleepers need to easily move and roll on your bed comfortably during the night.

The pressure relief system features a lower layer for firmer and additional support of your body. It balances your weight for uniform comfort that works for everyone. It also comes with a removable zipper cover system for additional comfort and support.

The high-quality mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, 90-day trial and free exchanges and customizations as you deem fit.

A lot of reviewers have reported that the product does an excellent job for back support. The Snuggle-Pedic Mattress alleviates a lot of pressure on the back and reviewers are happy they can wake up in the morning without sore backs or back pain.

One reviewer’s husband has undergone two back surgeries and a hip surgery and had trouble finding the right bed for their back. Luckily, they ordered Snuggle-Pedic Mattress and it worked like a charm, at a much better cost than previous mattresses.

“Love it fixed all our back problems and stays the right temperature.”

“Thrilled to see such innovation in the mattress industry. It resolved the back pain issues I had with my previous bed.”

“We both sleep all night long and dont wake up with back or hip pain like with our previous mattress. One of the best decisions we’ve made and at the price, you just can’t get anything better.”

5. Resort Sleep King Foam Mattress

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra, King Size 12-inch Medium Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow, Certipur-US Certified plus 20-Year Warranty
  • PERFECT CONTOUR. Beautiful eastern king-size mattress cradles you in a deluxe cushion of 2.5" Premium Air-Flow MF over 1" of Gel-Infused Visco plus 8.5" of High Density Support Base. Extra-thick profile brings luxury hotel touch
  • COOLER INNOVATION. Breathable, plush & better quality materials, not cheap inexpensive foam. Optimum comfort that relaxes & cools your body with deep rest. No coils or latex used
  • BEST SOLUTION. Top Rated Mattress with over 90% 5-star reviews on Amazon. Classic medium-firm HD core relieves pressure points + less tossing & turning. Helps sore shoulders & hips + back pain relief. Signature feel recharges you from a dream night of ultimate slumber
  • SOFT FLEX COVER. World class linen is removable for easy green care, washable & works on any home bedroom bedframe, box spring or futon. Comfortable and has a cloud like sensation. Use a bedding pad / protector on any mattress, cot, tri-fold or guest room bed
  • CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED & BONUS free queen-size pillow. Non toxic, Eco-Friendly & Hypoallergenic + Great on box-spring, metal platform, adjustable bed or hard floor only. New + Designed in the USA + full refund guarantee from 30 day trial + 20-year warranty

The 12-inch Resort Sleep Foam features a 2.5-inch premium AirFlow Visco Foam and a second layer of 1-inch Memory Foam infused with gel for total comfort. Beneath the two is an 8.5-inch High-Density Support Base for additional thickness and comfort, making up a total of 12-inch luxury comfort.

The Gel Memory Foam is designed for breathability and made using soft viscose to ensure you get total relaxation and comfort. After a stressful day, enjoy deep, comfortable night sleeps on this premium mattress. The Specialty HD foams layer is designed to give you the best feeling, ensuring you toss and turn less. It also relieves you of back pain and pressure, targeting your hips, sore hips, shoulders, and feet.

The plush zipper stretch knit cover is removable, the softest (made of world-class fabric) and the brand’s most expensive. It works well on bedroom box springs, furniture frames, metal platform, foundation, hard floor or even an adjustable bed.

The non-toxic mattress comes with a 20-year warranty and free memory foam pillow. There’s no better way to recharge your day than sleep on these firm signature layers of your mattress.

The Resort Sleep King is a highly appreciated and best-rated foam mattress on the market. The 8.5-inch high-density support base can be felt by reviewers as they reported to sleep very well with little to no back pain. Many reviewers have reported that their back pain makes it impossible to sleep. However, thanks to the Resort Sleep King Mattress, they can sleep well again.

“My husband has hip and back issues which make it so he can only sleep on his stomach or back and this bed has made it that he can sleep on his sides again! I certainly recommend.”

“It is indeed a very very good mattress! It gives good support to your back.”

“This mattress is amazing, I no longer wake up with back pain.”

Our Final Thoughts

No one deserves to have their good night’s sleep made difficult because of back pain. In this guide, we went through extensive research on known mattresses for back support. Besides finding a comfortable mattress, there are a few key elements you should keep an open eye for when purchasing a mattress specifically for your back:

  • Mattresses designed for lumbar support with either group of coils specifically designed to be placed around the center of the bed or memory foam mattresses with extra support around the center
  • The height of your entire bed matters because if it’s too high, there are more layers in between which translates to more likelihood of leaving a body impression that will curve your spine in a way that is not best for you
  • Firmness matters it maintains your spine alignment much better than soft mattresses
  • What other reviewers say about their back problems and whether it helps them sleep like a baby at night

We believe everyone should stay informed on the best of the best mattresses here at My Sleepy Ferret. Besides staying in budget, be sure to do your due diligence on putting together the right bed for yourself. It may take some trials and errors which there may not be a way around it. However, once you find the right combination, life gets a little easier with proper back support for your sleep.

We hope this guide on the best mattress for back pain helps you!

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