7 Best Mattresses for Sex and Intimate Nights

Aside from sleep, your bed is a great place for some great sex. A nice little plus is that sex before bedtime can improve the quality of rest you get. However, there are certain types of mattresses that might make sex a little uncomfortable. You want to make sure your mattress can survive a beating and still be firm enough for sleep. You may also want a mattress that has a nice bounce to it which makes for great rhythmic sex with less effort to climax. Lastly, a mattress that is discrete and makes a little noise as possible will make the intimate moment a lot less distracting. If you are looking for the right mattress for intimacy, you are in the right place.

Top Rated Best Mattress for Sex

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What Makes a Mattress Great for Sex?

There are three major points that make a mattress a good choice for sex:

  • The amount of noise generated
  • The degree of bounce given
  • The durability of the mattress

Although these points largely depend on the type of mattress you buy, certain mattresses can be discrete, have more bounce, or can handle a beating better than expected.

Depending on the tolerance level of your sexual partner, a mattress that makes a lot of squeaking noise especially around neighboring apartments or guests in the room besides yours can make an intimate moment awkward and uncomfortable. Preferably, a mattress that is not placed on top of a foundation or made from noisy springs will be suitable for sex.

The degree of bounce a mattress can offer that allows for more rhythm, less effort, and faster climax. “Going with the motion of the ocean” with a little bounce can allow for deeper penetration and more pleasurable sexual experience. What we are looking for in a mattress is not an excessive amount of bounce, but enough that can allow for a little rough or passionate moment and supportive for a good night’s rest.

Durability is the last important factor because frequent sex can cause a mattress to wear and tear sooner than expected. Mattresses suitable for sex will require quality material (spring or foam) that is responsive and can return to a flat surface shape after sex for cuddling and sleep.

There are a few more important points we cover in the Considerations section of this guide. Other points include edge support, thickness and density, and comfort for post-sex cuddling and sleep.

Considerations When Shopping for a Mattress for Sex

  • Has edge support – There are many different sex positions that require a stable and strong edge support from your mattress. Mattresses that collapse on the edges not only ruins many sexual positions, but can also make sleep uncomfortable as you and your partner roll off the slanting sides. Your mattress should be able to support pressure and weight directly on the edges. This means sleeping close to the edge, sitting on the edge, or having sex while leaning on the edge.
  • Thick and dense enough – The mattress must be thick and dense enough to support the full range of sexual motion. The last thing we want is for you to somehow hit the bottom of your mattress which may be your foundation or hard flooring.
  • Makes little noise – Depending on your tolerance level for generating noise that others outside your bedroom may here, you may want to choose a mattress that makes a low to minimal amount of noise when bounced aggressively on. The type of material your mattress is made from should be able to absorb forceful motions silently.
  • Can take a beating (and survive) – One of the problems that arise from constant sex on your bed is the formation of body impressions and sagging. This creates an uneven surface that can affect your sleep and future intimate sessions.
  • You have bed sheets ready – Sexual intercourse can get messy. Fluid penetration, staining or soiling of your mattress may be inevitable, but it does not mean we can mitigate the amount of messiness. The best material bed sheet is one that is made from polyester and polyurethane for a mix of comfort and can absorb liquid instead of soaking through.
  • Comfortable for cuddling and sleep – Mattresses are arguably one of the most important purchases you can make for yourself. The average person require roughly 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night. You can sleep 9 hours and still feel groggy if a mattress is not comfortable or suitable to your sleeping preference. It is important to pick a mattress that has a suitable firmness fit for you.

Types of Mattresses and How They Perform for Sex

Innerspring is the go-to choice. It’s easy to move around with minimal amount of effort. The bounciness of having springs for a bed can allow sexual partners to get into a rhythm in many sexual positions and enjoy sexual intercourse that much more.

The problem with innerspring is that the springs won’t be durable when put under a long period of test-riding. This type of mattress is well known and more likely than other mattresses to develop wear and tear problems, such as collapsed or protruding (sticking through the surface) springs. The comfort layer above the springs that prevent you from “feeling” the springs may compress easily over excessive use.

Another drawback of innerspring is the lack of discretion that comes from the noise created when bouncing on the mattress. Although innerspring mattress does an excellent job at absorbing bounce, multiple springs under constant beating will generate noise.

Most innerspring mattresses support the edges well, with higher quality mattresses having lower gauge springs on the edge for improved support. You won’t have to worry about slipping off the edge of your mattress.

Responsiveness is also a quality feature for innerspring when it comes to sex, and an advantage over memory foam and latex.


Memory foam is a popular choice when it comes to having a good night’s rest. The thing about polyurethane foam is that it can do an excellent job at conforming to the shape of your body. It does an even better job when there is a lot of heat generated. This makes it difficult to switch sexual positions and move around a lot on the mattress. Having sex on memory foam can feel like having sex in quick sand.

The great thing about memory foam is that many mattresses are made from quality foam that won’t give you the quick sand treatment. Memory foam is discrete, durable, and can be extremely comfortable for deep, intimate penetration. They can provide a stable footing when stood on and adequate cushion for the knees, butt, elbows, and hands.

One major drawback of memory foam is the lack of bounce since memory foam absorbs motion extremely well. This can mean sexual partners have to work a little more for climax.


Latex is a foam material that has a greater amount of solidarity compared to memory foam. This material type does not conform to the shape of your body as well as memory foam, however, this means there is not a higher degree of body impressions being made. Less body impression translate to easier movement during sex.

The problem with latex is that, like memory foam, it can develop an uneven sleeping surface over time. Body impressions and sagging can develop depending on how frequent sex is on the mattress. This in turn can make it difficult for getting sleep and future intimate sessions.

There are two notable different types of latex construction: Dunlop and Talalay. The construction differs because of the way they are created and manufactured. Talalay provides more bounce while Dunlop provides more firmness and durability.


Air beds can be a great choice for sex if you are going on vacation or somewhere away from home. The nature of air mattresses doesn’t allow for long-term use as air naturally leaks over time and any puncture can mean the end of your bed.

Air beds are commonly used for the occasional house guest and sometimes used by those who need an alternative bed while they recover from surgery. For sex, however, it can get a little uncomfortable. Air beds do not have the weight or base grip to avoid sliding. This can be fixed by placing the bed against the wall and strategically positioning yourself during sex to avoid slip and slide. Air beds under performance can be uncomfortable as the air chambers may be noticeable during sex.

Overall, air beds are not recommended because of their low lifespan and sliding. However, they can be a good choice for temporary use.

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Five Ways to Make Sex More Exciting

Interested in making your intimate moment a little more thrilling? Here are a few ways to build the sexual tension:

  1. Turn chores into foreplay – Doing chores around the house doesn’t have to be time wasted. A little teasing to lighten the mood can help improve the quality of sex later on as you build tension with your partner throughout the day.
  2. Make the first move – Confidence can be sexy. Occasionally mixing up your routine by being the first to initiate intimacy shows your partner that you are interested in them. Toss them into bed or push them up against a wall. You can’t go wrong by showing your partner you want it.
  3. Tell him/her what turns you on – Guessing can be confusing. Instead of keeping your partner in the dark, let them know what you like. Not only does overcommunicating what you enjoy give you both a chance to improve the quality of sex in your life, but it also means improving your relationship as you both share more about yourself to each other. Overcommunicating with an open mind and heart is key.
  4. Experiment with the ‘maybes’ – Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bed only. You may have also been thinking about a new position or a daring place to get it on. Talk to your partner about it, make the first move, and play with those ‘maybes’. You never know what you both may find that can take your sex life to the next level.
  5. Use a pillow when you get it on – A pillow is great for propping up her hips from under her butt during missionary or other sexual positions. This can give you and your partner deeper penetration that can make sex more exciting. Our recommendation? Memory foam pillows. They offer the thickness and firmness you will want to make sex much more pleasurable and intimate. Body pillows should be considered as well.
  6. Climb into bed naked – There is scientific research suggesting skin-to-skin contact makes for greater bonding and intimacy, and it revolves around a little known hormone called oxytocin. (FURTHER READING: Is Sleeping Naked Good For You?)

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a mattress for sex, we want a mattress that not only provides a discreet bounce and is durable, but also a mattress that can be great for sleep. Different types of mattresses have their pros and cons when it comes to intimate moments. Depending on your considerations when shopping, you may choose one mattress type over another. In this guide, we cover what makes a mattress a great choice for sex, the good and the bad of each type of mattress, considerations when shopping for a sex mattress, our top five recommended beds for sex, and a few tips to make sex a little more exciting.

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