3 Best Mattresses Under $1,500 for Top Rated Sleep

Looking for the right mattress under $1,500? In our buyers guide, we look at the best rated queen-size mattresses in this budget range. We cover how to decide on the right mattress for your need, then recommend three best mattresses under $1,500.

When it’s time, it’s time. Your old mattress won’t get any better, and neither will your sleep. It can be difficult to replace a mattress because of how much they cause, how uncertain your sleep might become, and how much headache and hassle it might be. However, mattress companies are doing a much better job online to ensure the best shopping and customer experience through this journey.

All you have to do is pick the right mattress.

There are dozens of mattresses and mattress brands available. How do you figure out which one you should begin your research on? We have put thousands of hours into learning, researching, and understanding the hundreds of mattresses on the market. Our reviews can be your starting point.

Reviews of the Best Mattress Under $1,500

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

The WinkBeds Mattress is one we have recommended in previous buyer guides as one of the top rated hybrid mattresses on the market, and for good reason. What we have is a mattress that combines American-sourced materials and crafted in the USA for quality assurance, with a factory-direct shipping model to pass savings onto us mattress buyers.

There are also a lot of individual layers that make up the WinkBeds Mattress:

  • Layer 1 and 2: Designer foams
  • Layer 3: Pocketed micro Airsprings
  • Layer 4: Lumbar support pad
  • Layer 5 Tempered pocketed coils

We have, at the top, two layers of designer foams that take on the curves of your body for contouring comfort. The foam is also infused with gel to absorb and pull heat away from your body. Below this, the third layer comprises of pocketed micro airsprings for an upward-forcing bouyancy to prevent any uncomfortable sinking that might cause awkward body positions. It also creates a space for airflow for a better cooling sleeping surface. Below this layer is the fourth layer support pad for lumbar (lower back) support. We then get into the fifth layer that gives us the deep compression support called the tempered pocketed steel coils. This layer prevents your body weight from sinking into the mattress while providing cushion for the entire mattress.

All the awesome layers are wrapped with a high ILD (impression load defect) edges for edge support and Tencel fabric:

The ILD perimeter gives you sag-free sides so you can sleep the full width and length of your mattress without sinking. It also lets you sit comfortably along the side, and makes it easy to get on and off your bed.

The Tencel fabric is botanical-based (plant) that is softer than silk but also much cooler and absorbent than cotton. This means your sweat and body moisture gets wicked away for cooler sleep, while providing a great-feeling sleeping surface.

The WinkBeds Mattress comes with a 101-night trial and is of a medium-firm feel. If you sleep on your back or in need of a softer-than-firm mattress, then the WinkBeds is worth checking out.

BeautySleep Platinum Montego Hybrid Mattress

Beautyrest Platinum Plush Pillow Top Montego, Queen Innerspring Mattress
  • Comfort or Feel: Soft
  • Queen Size Measures 79.5 inches by 60 inches by 16.0 inches; Requires one Queen foundation or platform bed to complete the set
  • 10 year Limited Warranty
  • Mattress Only; Purchase Foundation Separately

The BeautySleep is one of the leading mattress brands of the age-old, tried and trusted Simmons Bedding Company. There are several variations of the BeautySleep Platinum which you can pick from, but our favorite is the Montego because of mattress height and plush pillow top floral-patterned surface.

For those looking a plush option because their mattress is too firm and uncomfortable to sleep in, the BeautySleep is the way to go. Pillow tops are a popular option, especially when it comes to innerspring mattresses. The BeautySleep Platinum Montego Mattress provides a lot of features in its design that make it one of our top picks for under $1,500.

Let’s talk about the layers:

  • Layer 1: GelTouch foam
  • Layer 2: Aircool Max memory foam
  • Layer 3: Aircool gel memory foam
  • Layer 4: BeautyRest Pocketed Coils

The first layer provides the contouring and conformity that makes it comfortable to sleep on mattresses. It alleviates pressure points and gives you the cloud-comfort sleeping surface you can enjoy. The layer is also infused with gel to help pull heat from your body and prevent heat trapping. The second layer is another layer of gel foam that works with the first layer to pull away heat. It also provides further cushion to give you the plush sleeping surface. The third layer is yet again another gel layer, but slightly firmer. This layer acts as the middle ground between the upper layers and the coils to provide a surface for the coils to apply bouyancy so you don’t sink uncomfortably too far down. The final layer are the 15-guage coil pocketed coils that absorb pressure, provide deep compression support, and isolates motion so you and your sleeping partner can rest undisturbed.

All this is encased in an Aircool BeautyEdge foam encasement for edge support and a Surface CoolPlus tencel-infused cover to help heat dissipate easier.

The BeautyRest mattress comes with a 30-day return policy, with a 10-year warranty if body impressions are 1.5-inches deep or more.

LatexForLess Latex Mattress

Last, but not least, we have one of our favorite organic mattresses with 100% natural latex, organic cotton and pure natural wool. It is a mattress that is double-sided, reversible mattress that gives you two firmnesses to choose from (firm and medium). It’s also very simply built with few layers to provide a “much firmer” sleep to the mattress. (Multiple layers tend to make the mattress plusher in firmness.)

Quick note: The maximum height 12-inch mattress in queen size cost more than $1,500. However, the 10-inch and below cost less than $1,500.

The LatexForLess Mattress is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Oeko-Tex 100 (world-wide textile standard) and Eco-Institut (sustainable emissions and environmentally friendly certification).

There are two simple layers to the mattress:

  • Layer 1: “Medium” natural latex
  • Layer 2: “Firm” natural latex

The medium natural latex is made with 100% natural Tatalay latex, giving it a more cushioned sleeping surface. It also gives your mattress a pillowy-soft surface feel. The firm natural latex on the other hand is made with 100% Dunlop latex, giving it much denser and firmer sleeping surface.

Together, the entire mattress is wrapped in a thick, breathable organic cotton cover to ensure it is hypoallergenic (not causing allergies) and natural wool fire barrier (no synthetic chemicals) to regulate body temperature throughout the night.

The LatexForLess Mattress comes with a 120-night trial and a 20-year warranty for body impressions of 1.5-inches or more.

Deciding On The Right Mattress For You

How Are You Sleeping In Bed?

Getting a good idea of how you sleep in your bed is an important step. This means selecting the right pillow thickness, having an idea of firmness best suited, and what kind of features you want in your mattress.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you ponder how you sleep in your bed:

  • What sleeping position do I tend to be in during the night?
  • Do I have any physical problems that prevent you from sleeping well?
  • How do you feel about the sleeping surface of your existing mattress?
  • What might wake you up in the middle of the night?

By honestly answering these questions, you might realize that you tend to wake up in the middle of the night because you are too hot, might be suffering from acid reflux, or easily disturbed by the tossing and turning of your partner. Other things you might find are you sleep on your side and having too much pressure on your shoulders or knees, snore in the middle of the night, or annoyingly roll off the side of your mattress.

These answers point you to possible features you want to look out for when picking the right mattress, such as one with edge support so you can avoid rolling off the side of your bed, the right height so you can get in and out of your bed easier, or in need of a firmer mattress to reduce back pain.

What Type of Mattress Might You Need?

With a budget range of $1,500, you will have a wide selection of mattress types (and we did our research to find the right ones). The most popular mattress tend to be memory foam. However, a new breed of mattresses that combine the best of both worlds with memory foam pressure relief and innerspring buoyancy is becoming trendy.

Our reviews below, we recommend only two types of mattresses: hybrid beds (memory foam and innerspring) and latex beds. However, you might find that you favor sleeping on pillow top innerspring mattresses. We do our best to research and find the best mattress out there suitable for the budget range. This depends on a variety of factors, including popularity, features of the mattress, material quality, and customer service. You can always continue your research on Amazon or on the web if you have a particular mattress type. Alternatively, we do have a search function at the top of our website, as well as an accompanying buyer guides on the major types of mattresses in the main menu above.

Depending on your need, one type of mattress might be a more suitable choice compared to another.

Shopping Experience

Shopping online leaves us without a sense of touch or visual, which makes us skeptical and question whether a particular mattress is worthwhile at all. That said, we want to ensure that the product page of the mattress we will be spending a lot of money on is filled with enough information to help us make an informed buying decision.

We want to see multiple high resolution photos of the mattress, a breakdown of what makes the mattress so special and what it has to do with us (features vs. benefits), as well as how we can expect customer service (they must earn our respect!) and return/warranty policies.

We tend to recommend only tried and trusted brands in the industry. We want to avoid headaches with customer service and having to deal with defective mattresses. The worst thing we could do is recommend a low-quality mattress that you are now stuck with after spending hundreds of dollars on and cause physical pain while disrupting your sleep for the next 10 years. However, with the right mattress using quality materials engineered in a fantastic manner, you might just end up with a cozy bed you never want to leave.

Warranty and Trial

Warranty deals with manufacturing defects (the mattress brand ensuring its manufacturing partners have excellent quality control over their mattress production) while trial periods give shoppers time to try out their new mattress to see if it is the right fit.

Nearly all mattresses we recommend have a minimum of 30 days. Nowadays, most mattress companies offer 60, 90, or 100-night trials on the date you receive your mattress. We personally find 30 days is more than sufficient to break in a new mattress and decide whether to keep it or not. However, the extra time is a nice touch.

Warranties tend to be 10 years or longer. There are two things you need to watch out for: 1) what you need to do to ensure your warranty remains valid during the time you own your mattress, and 2) the normal body impression inches before you can redeem your warranty. Most mattress companies have warranties on body impressions that sag lower than 1.5 inches. However long your warranty is, keep in mind that most mattresses will naturally wear out between 5 to 10 years time as well as your body changing its needs between this time frame.

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