10 Best Mattresses Under $300 for Smaller Budget Sleepers

We sleep one-third of our lives so that we can live well during the time we are awake. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, but what if our budget is limited? If you are running on a shoestring budget of under $300 and in need of a new mattress, you have come to the right place.

Buying a mattress online means getting the best deals thanks to the cost-savings that mattress brands and manufacturers pass onto you from shipping directly and in a compressed box. For the purposes of finding the right mattress that fits most people’s needs, we look solely at queen-size mattresses. However, most of the mattresses we recommend here have multiple sizes, including king size mattresses that are around the $300 price range.

In this buyer’s guide, we look at the most popular, the least popular, the greatest value, the newest kinds of mattresses on the market. Let’s look at our top 10 awesome mattresses on the market priced under $300.

Reviews of the Best Mattresses Under $300

Our Recommendation – Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress

ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress / Cooling Gel Foam / Pressure Relieving / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • AS COOL AS IT GETS - Settle in to a bed made with our most cooling formula yet, promising perfectly temperature-regulated sleep and a clean feeling night after night, all thanks to our enveloping memory foam packed with cooling gel and green tea
  • PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS – Layers of ultra-cooling gel and green tea infused memory foam, soft comfort foam and durable, high density base foam
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED - Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hours
  • Worry-free 10 year limited warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs

The Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam is a spin-off of the most popular, highly rated Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

What’s the difference between the two mattresses? According to Sleep Revolution, one of the sellers of this mattress, the gel-infused Zinus mattress is designed for cool and conforming sleep, which we can attribute to the upper layer made with gel-infused memory foam. This layer provide not only relief, but also regulate the temperature of the mattress sleeping surface. It also includes a high-density base layer, unlike the non-gel-infused Zinus mattress that uses a convoluted (egg shell-like design) high-density base layer. This makes the gel-infused Zinus mattress much firmer than the non-gel-infused mattress.

The most notable thing about this mattress is how it is infused with green tea extract and castor natural seed oil. The combination of these ingredients minimize odor that we usually expect from memory foam, while creating an environment difficult for bacterial growth. The memory foam top layer is also infused with gel to help ensure a cooler sleeping surface, plus something called ActivCharcoal that also reduces odor and absorb moisture from your body to relieve heat.

It comes in four different thickness levels: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, as well as multiple sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified to ensure the mattresses are durable, can perform, and the contents are safe for us to sleep on. Zinus backs up the mattress with a 10-year limited warranty.

One reviewer has this to say:

I am VERY satisfied with our purchase. Not only did we save HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of dollars, it was delivered quickly and easily. We haven’t had to deal with customer support, but hopefully between Amazon and Zinus we could resolve any issues if they were to come up.

Most Popular – Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Queen
  • THE RIGHT COMBINATION - Our special recipe for rejuvenating rest. Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing ActivCharcoal infused into pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you awake free of aches and pains and fresh as a daisy
  • PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS - 3 inches conforming memory foam, 2 inches soft, airflow enhancing comfort foam, and 7 inches durable, high density base support foam; ideal for side sleepers and petite to average weight sleepers
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED - Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hours
  • Worry-free 10 year limited warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs

Compared to the gel-infused Zinus mattress, this mattress is significantly lower priced. At the time of this writing, this Zinus Green Tea mattress is priced 30% less than its gel-infused counterpart. The Zinus Green Tea Mattress is one of the most sold mattresses on Amazon. It is infused with natural green tea extract, activcharcoal, and natural plant oil in its upper memory foam layer to give you a fresh, odor absorbing, moisture wicking, conforming sleeping surface. the foam is certipur-us certified to be durable, can perform well for sleep, and for material and ingredient safety.

the inside of the mattress has convoluted base layers that provide channels for air to flow that helps dissipate heat. the top half of the layers are memory foam to help absorb your body weight and provide pressure relief, especially useful if you sleep on your sides where your shoulders and hips undergo the most pressure.

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress comes in four different thickness: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. There are also five sizes available: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. You also get a 5-year limited warranty to protect you from manufacturer defects.

Runner Up – Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress

Signature Sleep Memoir 10" High-Density, Responsive Memory Foam Mattress - Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • One 2" layer of Memory Foam on top followed by a 8" layer of high density foam, the Memory Foam molds to the body's natural shape
  • Relieves pressure points, distributes body weight and eliminates motion transfer
  • Foam is low in VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 PPM). Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission.
  • This mattress has a soft, knit fabric cover. Non-removable and non-washable cover.
  • Mattress dimensions: 80"L x 60"W x 10"H. Net weight: 53.5 lbs. Shipping dimensions: 63"L x 13"W x 13"H. Gross weight: 65 lbs. Made in Italy. Comes with a peace of mind 10-year limited warranty.

The Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress is made with pure memory foam. There are two layers to the mattress: a top 2.5-inch layer of memory foam with a 7.5-inch high-density base memory foam. This makes the mattress great for pressure relief, as it absorbs your body weight pressure for a well-balanced support.

The mattress is eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified, with its low volatile organic compound (VOC) foam free from any harmful metals and chemicals. It uses visco-elastic memory foam and high-density polyphase foam for long-lasting use and comfort.

The Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress comes in several thickness: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. There are also several sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king size.

Here is what one reviewer has to say:

I have not slept on it because it is in a guest room but I did take a short nap on it and it was so comfortable. I could feel it shaping to my body. I like it so much that I plan on getting a queen size one next month for my bed. Some have said it is stiff and uncomfortable but I did not find it to be that way. Am so looking forward to getting one for my bed!

Great Value – Best Price Mattress

Best Price Mattress 12" Signature Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Queen
  • Float on a cloud in amazing comfort with body conforming memory foam and ventilated pressure relief foam
  • High density base foam layer ensures support for a good night's sleep
  • Green tea infusion helps keep you and your mattress fresh with its calming effects and odor control
  • Pressure relief system virtually eliminates all pressure points along your body with a breathable open cell design for deeper sleep
  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, OEKO-TEX certified comfort Poly Jacquard fabric cover, 10-year manufacturer's warranty

The Best Price Mattress is a memory foam infused with ActivFresh charcoal. The charcoal infusion help maintain the freshness of the mattress, while absorbing moisture from your body for a more cooler, regulated sleep temperature.

The top half of the mattress is made with soft and pressure relieving memory foam, to feel like you are floating on a cloud. This is all placed upon a high-density base layer of foam that gives the mattress its shape and its sleepers the deep compression support to maintain a comfortable sleeping position. Within a few minutes of laying on the top layers, as with most memory foam mattresses, your body temperature will cause the sleeping surface to soften and conform to the shape of your body.

The mattress foams are CertiPUR-US certified for any toxic materials, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. There are four available thickness: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, and is available in four sizes: full, queen, king, and California king.

One reviewer D.C. Eaton has this to say:

I was too quick to complain about the mattress being too soft. Now that it has had a few days to equilibrate, it had firmed up a bit. It is now as firm as the Serta mattress I tried, and I no longer have complaints about it being too soft.

Reliable Brand – Classic Brands CoolGel Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress | CertiPUR-US Certified | Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • General Note: Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • 60" W x 80" L x 8" H,Perfect solution for Back To School, great for kids' rooms, bunk beds, and dorms
  • The latest technology in memory foam mattresses, 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam for breathability and temperature regulation on top of 6 inches of high-density base foam for support, pressure point relief, and proper spinal alignment
  • Gel foam draws heat away from the body, keeping you cool while the base foam provides comfort and support for a refreshing night's sleep
  • High-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates body temperature; porous, open cell design allows for a greater circulation and meets CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability

The Classic Brands Mattress is a visco-elastic, gel-infused memory foam mattress built to conform to the curves of your body and maintain the straightness of your spine. It uses a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam top layer that is built with porous, open airways to allow airflow and let heat dissipate. This makes the mattress self-ventilating as it can breathe as you move and adapt to your sleeping position during the night. Along with the gel infused into the memory foam, the mattress ensures a more comfortable, cooler sleep experience.

As a base layer, we have 6 inches of high-density foam to provide the mattress its shape and deep compression support. the high-quality memory foam layers are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, as well as resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

The Classic Brands CoolGel Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for safe use of the bed and comes with a 10-year warranty. it’s also available in six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Here is what one reviewer has to say about the mattress:

Great mattress! It offers the perfect support for your back. It’s the best mattress I’ve ever had! I love it! We have one in our bed and we even bought 2 more mattresses from this brand for our kids.

Innerspring – Signature Sleep Mattress

Signature Sleep Contour 10" Reversible Mattress, Independently Encased Coils, Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • A layer of high density foam at the top and bottom of the mattress gives you a comfortable embracing feel
  • 7" 15 gauge independently encased coils provide an equal weight distribution by contouring the curves of your body, relieving pressure points
  • The reversible feature provides extra versatility enabling you to flip and rotate the mattress to even out the wear and last for years to come
  • Queen mattress dimensions: 80"L x 60"W x 10"H. Net weight: 81.5 lbs. Shipping dimensions: 63"L x 13"W x 13"H. Gross weight: 103 lbs. Made in Italy.
  • Ships rolled, compressed and vacuum-sealed in an easy to handle box. Foam in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals. Foam is low in VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 PPM). Made without phthalates regulated by the * Consumer Safety Product Commission. Non-removable and non-washable cover.

The Signature Sleep Mattress is independently encased pocket coil mattress with high-density foam on sleeping sides of the mattress. Its major selling point is its reversibility to use both sides of the mattress whenever one flat surface feels uncomfortable.

The independently encased coils work together to provide buoyancy and bounce for your body. Itsemory foam provides contouring comfort where it shapes itself to the curves of your body. This can make some sleepers uncomfortable from the sinking feeling, which is where innerspring can come in. With independently behaving coils, you have a much more supportive upward buoyancy and minimize the motion transfer throughout the mattress. Couples and light sleepers can sleep better with less disruptive motion. Independent coils also provide a much better “customized” sleeping surface, where uncomfortable pressure can be relieved.

The mattress foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified of any toxic metals and materials, and brief 1-year limited warranty. There are two available thickness: 8 and 10 inches, and four sizes available: twin, full, queen, and king size.

Hybrid – Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)
  • Composed of 5 layers includes pocket spring
  • Memory foam adapt to your body shape and temperature
  • Gel infused memory foam regulates temperature while conforming to the body to ease pressure points
  • To ensure that this mattress lasts many years, its coils are protected by multi HD and memory foam layers which add to unparalleled quality and incredible comfort.
  • Compressed , rolled and vaccum sealed for convenient shipping and setup

The Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress is a pillow-top hybrid bed combining the use of memory foam and innerspring materials. Pillow top mattresses can be a great pressure relieve as the extra padding tends to be a very soft and thin sleeping surface. The padded sleeping surface act as a transitional layer to cushion the body onto the mattress layers.

The Olee Mattress uses memory foam that is gel-infused to help regulate the temperature of sleeping surface while supporting the natural curves of your body for pressure relieving sleep. With an innerspring layer filled with pocketed tempered steel coils, each individually encased spring lasts longer and minimize the transfer of motion (a necessity when sleeping with a partner). Tempered steel is steel that has been treated with higher heat temperature then cooled to increase toughness.

The Olee Sleep Mattress comes with a removable washable polyester jacquard fabric and a 10-year limited warranty to protect you from any defectiveness.

Latex – Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress

LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Supportive - Responsive Feel - Medium Firm - Temperature Neutral - Queen
  • Mattress comes compressed and rolled for shipping and easy setup. For best results, please allow product to expand in an area that is well ventilated and at constant room temperature as well.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects

The Linenspa latex hybrid is a supportive but not overly firm mattress. it uses a latex sleeping surface which provides a very comfortable bounce and responsive feel which we won’t see with memory foam. underneath the latex layer, we have high-quality steel coils that are individually wrapped for isolating motion.

The mattress is made with four layers of foam and latex spanning 3 inches thick to create a responsive, supportive, and conforming sleep. The remaining 7 inches are individually encased high-quality steel coils for a familiar innerspring bounce.

The mattress uses a classy two-tone cover, making it complimentary for most bedroom design. It’s great for guest rooms and even better for a bed used for activities. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Cooling Bed – Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress, Queen
  • Offered in a universal medium comfort level, the Arctic Dreams is constructed with a .75” ultra-soft quilted top for plush, breathable comfort. The top is designed to resist body impressions over time.
  • A patented 2” layer of Energex foam bridges the gap between latex and visco-memory foam, combining all the responsiveness of latex with the pressure point relief of memory foam.
  • A surface gel cooling infusion delivers a more comfortable night’s sleep while a 7.5” high-density core contributes to durability and longevity.
  • Compressed and rolled for easy and convenient parcel shipping and set-up. Please allow up to 24 hours for your mattress to expand and potential odor to dissipate.
  • 10-year warranty, proudly made in the USA, CertiPUR-US certified.

The Arctic Dreams Mattress is a gel-infused patented memory foam mix built with breathable foam for a sleeping surface that is cool. The patented Energex memory foam layer is visco-elastic foam that have a slow recovery time and behaves somewhere between traditional visco and latex material.

The triple layer mattress has a fast responsive sleeping surface, with a great base bottom layer for deep compression support. It compromises of a very small 0.75-inch super soft quilting sleeping surface, over a 2.5-inch of patented Energex gel foam for a cool sleep. The base layer is a 6.75 inch of high-density memory foam for more contouring and conforming support for pressure relief.

The mattress has three thickness available: 8, 10, and 12 inches. There are also seven available sizes: twin, twin xl, full, full xl, short queen, queen, and king. The mattress comes shipped compressed and rolled up in a box for convenience and can be carried and opened on top of your bed. After 24 to 72 hours opened, the mattress should expand and odor should have dissipated. The Arctic Dreams Mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It is also made in the USA and is certipur-us certified for non-toxic materials and safe use.

Pillow Top – Classic Brands Mercer Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Pillow Top Mattress | Bed-in-a-Box Queen
  • General Note: Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • 60" W x 80" L x 12" H,The newest technology in bedding, this mattress combines the traditional innerspring wrapped coils with the newest generation of gel memory foam for an optimal sleep experience.
  • Beautifully detailed quilted pillowtop knit cover with a corded edge and coordinating knit sides for breathability
  • Gel infused memory foam disperses body heat and creates a more comfortable sleeping surface layer combine with comfortable orthopedic support foam for a more restful, deeper night's sleep
  • 8 inches of wrapped innerspring coils move independently reducing the sensation of movement and minimizing motion disturbances

The Classic Brands Mercer Mattress is a hybrid mattress combining the best of memory foam with innerspring. With a pillow top padding, the mattress provides a pressure relieving sleeping surface that cannot compare to traditional memory foam or latex only sleeping surfaces.

The mattress is 12 inches in thickness, and comes with handles on all four sides for easy positioning and carry. We have 4 inches of foam with 8 inches of innerspring coils as a base layer. The foam layers are porous with holes to allow heat to dissipate through airflow, as well as gel memory foam to absorb and pull heat away from underneath the body. The layers together support each part of the body evenly. Its innerspring steel coils are 13-gauge as opposed to commonly used 15-gauge (the higher the number, the weaker the coil), providing a much more supportive and firm sleeping surface.

The Classic Brands Mercer Mattress is an offer a great height that goes well with most bed foundations to give you a comfortable height to get on and off your bed. The memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, and is flexible with enough cushion to make this mattress great for sleep.

What Makes A Great Mattress?

It will last. Premature sagging and lingering body impressions is inevitable. Over time as we use our mattress, indents can form and this can make the sleeping surface of a mattress very uncomfortable. We might be running on a shoestring budget, but that doesn’t mean we should be worse off in our sleep.

Has a nice feature to it. The mattresses under $300 may not compare to mattresses $1000 and beyond. However, mattresses can still be of quality and we think it’s fair to expect at least a nice feature or two. Here are a few examples you might expect from our list of recommendations:

  • Cooling features, like gel-infused foam for a slightly cooler sleeping surface
  • Antibacteria, so our mattress doesn’t become a home to unwelcoming critters or odor
  • Hypoallergenic and microbial, so our allergies don’t begin to flare or make us sick

Dense enough to support proper sleep positions. The last thing we want is for a mattress to lack support and lose its shape. Soft mattresses can make sleep difficult because they cause our backs to curve and our spine to be misaligned (not good long-term). If you wake up feeling sore, unbeknownst to you, it might be from the awkward sleeping positions caused by your aging mattress.

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