Top 4 Best Organic Mattress for 2018 – Natural, Chemical-Free, Eco-Friendly Sleep

Everyone is in the market for a comfortable organic mattress designed to offer many years of service. Over time, different mattress designs have come up, and the natural types are some of the new products that have taken over the industry with a storm.

The thing about these mattresses is that they are made from natural materials such as cotton and wool, thus offering an eco-friendly solution to elusive sleep. What’s more, they tend to be much more comfortable than the non-organic mattresses, and they are great for people with achy joints.

Below, we have provided a guide on how to best choose an organic mattress and which mattresses are the best to get hold of in 2018.

What Should You Look For In An Organic Mattress?

Choose natural fabrics

One thing that stands out in high-quality organic mattresses is that the manufacturers put in a lot of effort to ensure that the materials used are non-toxic. Chemicals such as synthetic dye are the reason why mattresses emit some foul smells which can be detrimental to your health. On top of that, it is pretty difficult to fall asleep when battling a stench from your mattress.

For the best deal on an organic mattress, get one where the manufacturer uses unbleached materials and natural dyes. Approximately one-quarter of all pesticides used on crops get used on cotton. Can you think of just how much pesticides end up in mattresses? Going natural is a great way to protect the environment as well as your health.

The certifications you should be on the lookout for are unbleached cotton back, a top that is wholly organic and polyester fill. With these in place, you get assured that your mattress is entirely natural.

Use naturally-occurring organic latex

Natural latex foam is rubber tree sap that has undergone frothing and baking. There are many kinds of latex in the market ranging from natural to human-made and blends of the former two. Ensure that the latex you choose is either natural or certified organic, the latter being the healthier choice.

All kinds of latex can last for at least two decades, depending on their quality. However, with organic mattresses, it’s always best to ensure that everything comes in its natural state.

Avoid fiberfill

Batting is the soft padding used to cover latex foam or springs in a mattress. For organic mattresses, you will find that the most common form of batting used is natural wool or cotton. However, fiber is not fire retardant and as such; manufacturers back it up with fire retardant fibers which are inorganic. As such, you should do away with batting.

Don’t go for spring mattresses

People love how comfortable spring mattresses are, and they prefer them over other types. The spring systems harbor dust, mold, mites and other organisms over time. It explains why they double in weight after a decade of use. It’s not only unhygienic but also poses risks to your health.



Reviews of the Best Organic Mattresses

1. The LatexForLess Mattress

This organic mattress has several certifications ranging from GOTS, Eco-Institut all the way to Oeko-Tex 100. These certifications owe to its high quality. It is made from the finest natural latex, pure wool, and organic cotton to give a combination that is 100% natural.

The good thing about this mattress is that it is reversible and comes with two firmnesses in one package to ensure that you get the comfort you desire. Those who use it can attest to it being the perfect blend of natural materials for long-lasting service.

The latex used in the mattress comes from the Hevea Brasiliensis plant and is devoid of any elements that would be harmful to your health. The buoyancy created from this latex is bound to have you feeling comfortable in all positions throughout your sleep session.

The cotton cover gets made with 100% pure cotton to provide a soft surface on which you can lie comfortably. You have the option to choose between sleeping on the medium or on the firm side, which depends on how hard you like your mattress.

Not sure if this is the mattress for you? No problem. With a 120 day return period, you have the opportunity to use the mattress for 120 nights before making up your mind. If you are dissatisfied, ship it back free of charge.

A twenty-year warranty comes with this organic hand-crafted mattress, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. Over time, the mattress adapts to your body’s needs, making your sleep sessions even better. This mattress is our top choice, thanks to its outstanding qualities.

2. My Green Mattress Pure Echo GOTS Organic Cotton Natural Mattress

My Green Mattress Pure Echo GOTS Organic Cotton Natural Mattress (One-Sided) (Queen) Made in the USA
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified.
  • Medium-firm mattress with a 3-zone, pocketed coil innerspring which offers lumbar support, contours to the body, and reduces motion transfer
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and All-Natural Eco-Wool, One-Sided, Innerspring Mattress: Made in the USA. No toxic chemical flame retardants or polyurethane foams. Eco-wool sourced from California & Oregon acts as a natural flame barrier. The wool is washed in a GOTS Organic Compliant soap which is mild and biodegradable.
  • Mattress is compressed and rolled for easy delivery and quick set-up. 100 Night Sleep Trial, 10 Year Warranty
  • SIZE: 59" X 79" X 9.75" Free FedEx Shipping to Continental United States

This fantastic organic mattress earned its place as second on the list, thanks to its numerous outstanding qualities. It has GREENGUARD Gold and GOTS certifications, owing to its use of natural materials. The mattress comes with three zones and a medium firmness which reduces motion transfer and aids in contouring the body.

This hand-crafted mattress is made in the United States of America which enables the manufacturer to customize the products and reduce environmental emissions. It is not flame retardant as it gets wholly made of natural products and as such, no polyurethane or other toxic chemicals get involved in its manufacture.

The wool used in the manufacture gets cleaned using soap that is GOTS compliant, ensuring that you will not come into contact with chemical irritants. The delivery process is quite simple, and it arrives in a small package, compressed and ready to be rolled out. In this way, you need not worry about the assembly process.

With a 100-nights trial period, you have more than enough time to decide if the mattress is a good fit for you. It comes in various sizes ranging from Twin all the way to California King and has a ten-year warranty.

3. Latex for Less 9″ Natural Latex Mattress – 2 Sided

Latex for Less 9" Natural Latex Mattress - 2 Sided - Queen
  • 6 inches of 100% natural dunlop latex in firm (85 density), 2 inches of 100% natural talalay latex in medium (N2 density), ½ inch 100% natural wool
  • Uses natural Wool as a fire barrier
  • 2-Sided for alternating comfort levels as needed
  • Easy purchase decision, no worrying if you'll get the wrong firmness
  • GOTS certified organic cotton for a clean sleep experience

This two-sided latex mattress has a wide array of benefits for its users. Most people look to it as a great bargain on organic mattresses, and it is not without reason. First off, the manufacturer has taken some steps to ensure that the final price is affordable to consumers. By handcrafting the mattresses and using direct shipping, the middleman gets cut out, and the price reduces significantly. However, this is not all about pricing as you first have to know what you are getting out of the mattress.

This mattress boasts of stable natural latex that is durable, comfortable and hygienic. With two firmnesses to choose from, you get spoilt for choice on which side to use, and it does away with the need to get two mattresses.

Over time, allergies have become a commonality and the manufacturing techniques used to make this product aim at doing away with allergens. The materials used are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also safe for your health.

With a twenty year warranty in tow, you can rest assured that this product will provide you with service for a very long time to come. No chemicals whatsoever have gotten used in the mattress, and you are looking at a 100% natural product designed to suit your sleeping needs.

4. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Medium Firmness - Queen
  • 100% Natural Latex Foam - No Poly Foam, No Synthetic Latex Foam, No Blended Latex Foam
  • Quilted Cover Made of Organic Cotton and Organic New Zealand Wool - Designed, Sewn, Assembled and Packaged in our Chicago Factory
  • Medium Firmness - 6" 34 ILD Natural Latex Foam - 2" 20 ILD Natural Latex Foam - 1" Wool
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL - No Fire Retardant Chemicals or Barrier Cloths
  • No Assembly Required - Simply place the mattress on your bed frame, unroll the plastic wrap, and your mattresses will spring to life!

This organic mattress gets made of 100% natural latex foam and thanks to this; you can rest assured that no synthetic latex foam or blended latex foam will find its way to your bed. The cover is quilted and gets made of a combination of unbleached organic cotton and organic wool from New Zealand.

With medium firmness, this mattress is quite comfortable and can retain its consistency for decades. 6” 34 ILD and 2” 20 ILD natural latex foam and 1” wool is what you are looking at getting from this mattress.

Certified by UL with a GREENGUARD Gold, you are assured that no fire retardant chemicals are in use in the mattress. No barrier cloths are present either. Simplicity is quite the time and energy saver, and with this mattress, there is no need for assembly as it comes ready to be unrolled and placed on your bed frame. Different sizes are available ranging from Californian King, Queen, King, Twin XL and Twin. You have a wide array of choices, each with its added benefits.

Sleep better with these antimicrobial organic mattresses suited for all sleeping positions and designed to provide service for decades to come. Not only will you protect your health but you will also protect the environment at the same time. Here is to better sleep!

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