10 Best Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you want to sleep better at night, one of the biggest changes you can make for improving your sleep would be to buy the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain. Having anything less than optimal to your preference and needs can create a lot of stress on your neck, head, and shoulder areas. Pains in these areas from sleep can be attributed to the pillow.

However, there are a lot of different types of pillow as well as a few dozen other pillows out in the open market. Which one is best for your need? What is so different between each pillow? What makes them so popular?

Reviews of the Best Pillow For Neck And Shoulder Pain

The Coop Home Goods Pillow

Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow King Size Bed Pillows for Sleeping - Adjustable Cross Cut Memory Foam Pillows - Medium Firm Back, Stomach and Side Sleeper Pillow - CertiPUR-US/GREENGUARD Gold
  • FINALLY – YOU HAVE FOUND THE ONE! – Meet the world’s best adjustable pillow. Customize it to achieve just the right individual balance between support and comfort. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper – this is the pillow for you! Get ready for the most restful sleep you can experience.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL – Experiencing pain, snoring or tossing and turning are all signs of sleeping wrong. Our unique adjustable design allows you to access the memory foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape or sleep position. SLEEP RIGHT! - Foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape, and sleep position. Sleep comfortably and aligned at last.
  • IS YOUR PILLOW GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED? – Our Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows undergo strict, third-party lab testing and are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure safety and quality. No harmful chemicals here! IT`S 100% SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. Vegan & Cruelty Free – no animals were harmed in the making of this awesome pillow.
  • WE CARE – ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS USED! - The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of viscose rayon and polyester that provides breathability and softness. You can finally wake up refreshed. Unlike other pillows – we freshly manufacture our foam instead of using repurposed materials. A bonus ½ lb bag of fill is included with your order if you need a higher loft.
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials

The Coop Home Goods Pillow is a memory foam pillow with a removable cover that is 60% polyester and 40% bamboo-derived rayon. Bamboo-derived rayon is known for its moisture-absorbent properties and breathability for that fresh sensation.

The pillow contains a proprietary mix of shredded visco-elastic memory foam that you can add or remove to adjust the thickness and comfort level. The pillow height is roughly 3 inches. The shredded visco-elastic memory foam stuffed inside the pillow can be firmer than most pillow. Great for pillow for side sleepers to keep the neck and spine leveled, but not so great for those looking for a softer-end pillow.

Made in the USA, the Coop Home Goods Pillow foam material is CertiPUR-US certified for safety. The pillow is hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, uses a breathable cover, and comes with a 30-day trial period with no questions asked return.

There are three available sizes: standard (20-inch X 26-inch), queen (20-inch X 30-inch) and king size (20-inch X 36-inch).

The Sleep Restoration Pillow

Sleep Restoration Bed Pillows for Sleeping – King Size Set of 2, Comfortable Luxury Cooling Pillow for Back Side or Stomach Sleepers
  • These hotel quality pillows are encased in a breathable, 250-thread count, 100% cotton cover, and filled with a soft, gel-infused down-alternative
  • Our cooling, fade-proof, bed pillows 2 pack bounces back with ease and outperforms rigid memory foam alternatives that retain more heat.
  • This cool gel bed pillow is designed to make life as easy as counting sheep! Easy to clean, simply pop them in the washer and tumble dry your way to a peaceful sleep.
  • Whether you're a supine slumberer or you love a sideways siesta, our hotel pillows have a plush, bounce-back design that shapes to your favoured position!
  • Our premium pillows 2 pack is available in 3 sizes and finished in an elegant sateen cotton striped cover. The perfect gift to encourage a more refreshing repose.

The Sleep Restoration Pillow is a cooling-gel pillow that is super plush firmness. The pillow is designed with no-shift construction so that when the head rests on the pillow, you won’t find yourself rolling or moving out of place and into awkward positions.

The Sleep Restoration Pillow is dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant. Allergen and chemical free, the pillow well known to keep you cool during the night by letting the heat circulate out of the pillow. This temperature cooling feature is great for those who have hot flashes during the night.

The pillow comes with a 30-day trial period with refund. The Amazon order comes with two pillows, and is available in two sizes: queen (20-inch X 26-inch) and king size (20-inch X 30-inch).


Mastertex Down Alternative Bed Pillows Cotton Cover Super Plush Microfiber Fill, Only Quality Fabrics Used & Superior Safe Soft and Breathable Sleeping Pillows (King) 2 Pack
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Our down alternative pillow with 100% cotton 300 thread count cover is perfect for everyone. It’s hard to believe that this isn’t a down pillow! It’s like laying on a cloud.
  • PERFECT FILL: It is the perfect combination of soft, plush and firm. It provides excellent support for your head and neck. It may help with neck and head pain. It will cradle your head and conform to your shape while you sleep.
  • DURABILITY: These pillows are well constructed and will last a long time. They won’t fall flat after a couple of uses like other pillows. Your pillow will feel just as comfortable years from now. It has just the right density and will hold its shape for a long time.
  • A PILLOW TO REMEMBER: Only Quality Fabrics Used, damask fabric with classic satin piping. 1.5" gusset for maximum loft.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine wash on cool. The fibers will stay in place after washing.

The Mastertex Pillow is a 1.5-inch height pillow, with cotton cover and microfiber fill. The microfiber fill allows for a great loft recovery and doesn’t shift when you roll your head on the pillow. The pillow is machine washable and dryable (on a cool setting) and comes with a clear plastic carrying case when you want to store the pillow for travel.

The cotton cover is thread count is 300, and uses a window pane jacquard pattern design. The Mastertex Pillow comes with four sizes: standard (20-inch X 26-inch), queen (20-inch X 30-inch), king (20-inch X 30inch), and euro size (26-inch X 26-inch). You can also order each size as a single pillow or two pillow order.

The Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow for Adults - Made in USA, 20 x 54 Long Pillow w/ Shredded Memory Foam & Kool-Flow Pillow Cover, GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • SOFT MEMORY FOAM - Our body pillows for sleeping use shredded foam to keep you supported, no matter what side you sleep on. It conforms to your body shape, promoting alignment for your legs, back, and hips.
  • GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED - Rest easy knowing this full body pillow is put under strict third-party lab testing and is GreenGuard Gold and Certi-PUR US certified to ensure safety, quality, and comfortability.
  • CHIROPRACTOR DESIGNED - Sleep tight and melt the stress away with a big pillow that's been developed by a chiropractor for pain-free nights.
  • KOOL-FLOW TECH - This cooling body pillow isn't all talk! The fabric on its luxurious, extra-breathable cover will keep you cool on even the hottest nights.
  • USA MADE - Get the support you need, without the guilt. Our long pillows for sleeping are super durable, built for everyone, and best of all, made in the USA!

The Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow is a lengthy body pillow made with memory foam filling and an extra breathable micro-vented cover called Kool-Flow.

The Kool-Flow cover is 56.4% polyester, 0.6% lycra and 43% viscose of bamboo. Polyester mix allows for durability and some stretch, while viscose of bamboo is naturally hypoallergnic, incredibly soft, moisture wicking and can resist odor and bacteria – great for those with sensitive skins or allergies.

The cover is not removable, but the whole pillow is machine washable and machine dryable. If you want to use a cover, a standard 54-inch X 20-inch body pillow case or cover will fit the pillow.

The Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow works great for stomach, side and pregnant sleepers. It comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty and a 90-night sleep trial with free personal customization. The shredded foam filling is CertiPUR-US certified for safe using and made in the USA.

The Sleep Innovations Pillow

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Queen Size, Head, Neck, and Shoulder Alignment, Side and Back Sleepers, Medium Support
  • Memory Foam Contour Pillow: The therapeutic design of this contour pillow adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders for enhanced support and gentle alignment; Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Cervical Support: Choose between the higher or lower contour depending what level of neck support you need; This memory foam pillow always holds its shape; The soft, removable cover is easy to wash
  • Pillows With A Purpose: Whether you want a classic memory foam pillow, a huggable body pillow, a cooling gel memory foam pillow for hot sleepers, or a curved pillow for therapeutic support, we’ve got you covered
  • Made In The USA: Our memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are all Hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, offering you high quality materials for high quality sleep
  • Committed To Great Sleep: We invented the memory foam mattress in a box and we continue to innovate restorative foams and fabrics to give you the best night's sleep on our pillows, toppers, and mattresses

The Sleep Innovations Pillow is a contour pillow that uses memory foam for support. The contour design helps alleviate pressure and provide therapeutic support on the neck by slightly elevating it to isolate the head from the body, reducing pain and stifness.

The foam, filling, and finish is made in the USA. The cover is made in China, with a microfiber felt feel. The pillow comes with a 5-year manufacture warranty.

The Sleep Innovations Pillow comes in two sizes: standard (15-inch X 20-inch) and queen size (15-inch X 24-inch). The short side of the pillow is a height of 3.5 inches and the height of tall side of the pillow is 5 inches.

The MyPillow Classic Series Pillow

My Pillow Classic Series [King, Medium Fill]
  • Made with patented interlocking fill, Gives you the exact support you need as an individual
  • King - 34" X 18.5"
  • Machine washable and dryable -- 10-year warranty
  • Made 100% in the USA - Manufactured in our home state of Minnesota!
  • MyPillow Promotions not offered on Amazon

The MyPillow Classic Series Pillow is a proprietary fill pillow that allows you to adjust the pillow firmness and size as needed. The pillow uses a 3-piece interlocking polyfoam fill that prevents the pillow from losing its shape or going flat throughout the night. This fill is also an open cell polyfoam that better airflow so you can stay cool at night. The pillow is built with a 2-inch gusset around the entire pillow for more loft and support – great support for side sleepers.

The MyPillow Classic Series Pillow is made in the USA, with two sizes and loft levels: The two sizes available are: standard/queen (18.5-inch X 28-inch) and king (18.5-inch X 34-inch). The two loft levels available are: firm and medium. The pillow comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty when the pillow is registered on through their website.

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Fiber: The First & Original Water Pillow, clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep. Therapeutic, Ideal for People Looking for Proper Neck Support
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Our Water base technology has been clinically proven by an independent Johns Hopkins study to reduce neck pain and improve overall quality of sleep, bringing you the best night's sleep you have ever experienced
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEPING POSITIONS: -If you are a side, back or stomach sleeper or switch in between - the water will move with your head, so you will never have to adjust or fluff this pillow
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR COMFORT: Our Water based Pillow can be customized to your liking! Adjust the water level for make your pillow soft, medium, firm or even medium-firm
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: This pillow is made with a fully sealed and insulated water pouch with a resilient polyester fiber layer on top, encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell, providing exceptional comfort for the head
  • NO RISK TRIAL: Water creates a different sleeping sensation that provides superior comfort and support that so many people love! Give it a try, and don’t worry if it isn’t for you! We offer all our customers a risk-free, 30-day satisfaction

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is a 100% cotton pillow that uses water for filling. The pillow firmness and height can be adjusted by adding or reducing the water inside the pillow plastic water pouch. By using water for firmness, the pillow responds to movement automatically, contouring to the shape of your head and neck throughout the night for a better sleep. The filling also uses a soft, hypoallergenic fiber.

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow offer a 30-day trial period, with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to protect you against defects. it is made in the USA and can be machine washed and dried.

The Classic Brands Conforma Pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Bed Pillow - Queen
  • Foam constrution provides superior pressure relief
  • Ventilated memory foam allows greater airflow for cooler sleep
  • Responds to pressure and creates the perfect support for head, neck and shoulders
  • Features a naturally hypo-allergenic construction
  • Perfect for side and back sleeping positions

The Classic Brands Conforma Pillow is a memory foam pillow with visible open cell build that allows for airflow to regulate temperature. The pillow uses a removable soft-velour cover with a cotton blend for a great feel. The cover is machine washable and dryable.

The Classic Brands Conforma Pillow is 5 inches thick with a medium firm feel, and ideal for side sleepers. It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The pillow comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty to protect you against defects.

The BioPEDIC Pillow

BioPEDIC - 38680 4-Pack Bed Pillows with Built-In Ultra-Fresh Anti-Odor Technology, Standard Size, White
  • FRESH & CLEAN COVER- Each cover is treated with anti-odor Ultra-Fresh Technology making these pillows antimicrobial & antibacterial to help keep your sleeping area fresh & clean
  • ULTRA-FRESH TREATMENT- Provides a 99% reduction in bacterial growth to protect from odor & stain growth
  • LOFTY SUPPORT- Hypoallergenic polyester fiber offers lofty comfort throughout the night
  • LUXURY COTTON COVER- Each pillow features a 200 thread count, natural cotton cover to provide enhanced softness
  • COMFORT REGARDLESS OF SLEEP POSITION- The fiber fill cradles the head & neck to provide plush support ideal for all sleep styles

The BioPEDIC Pillow is 100% cotton cover with treated polyester fiber to prevent odor and stain causing bacteria.

The Amazon pillow is sold in packs of four with a standard size measuring 20-inch X 26-inch. The pillow is machine washable and made in the USA with imported materials. The fillings are certainly not as thick as other pillows, making the BioPEDIC Pillow a great candidate for those looking for a pillow that has less than average loft.

The pillow is hypoallergenic and uses anti-microbial, great for those who have had allergic reactions to previous pillows. The pillow is also machine washable.

For the 2-pack jumbo size BioPEDIC pillows, visit the Amazon page by clicking here.

The Xtreme Comforts Pillow

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The Xtreme Comforts Pillow is a shredded memory foam filling pillow that is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and never goes flat. The pillow is great for those who have allergy to other pillows. One of the biggest benefits of shredded memory foam is its firmness and ability to maintain its loft. Although the pillow may not be suited for those who do not enjoy firmer than usual pillows, the Xtreme Comforts Pillow is durable and provide solid support for the head and neck.

The pillow fillings are CertiPUR-US certified and tested as well by independent, accredited labs. The pillow cover uses a micro-vented cover with 43% bamboo for great airflow so the pillow can remain fresh for every night and throughout the night.

The Xtreme Comforts Pillow comes with a 6-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day trial period with a money-back, no questions asked guarantee. The pillows are 7 inches in height and are three available sizes: standard (17-inch X 23-inch), queen (18-inch X 26-inch) and king size (18-inch X 33-inch).

Considerations When Shopping For The Best Pillows For Neck And Shoulder Pain

What position do you sleep? Pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and a combination of the few all need a different pillow. Side sleepers need pillows that are thick so that the neck and head can maintain a proper alignment. Back sleepers will need a pillow that has a slant or angle to support a good night’s rest because back sleepers are typically known to develop nighttime breathing disorders with gravity causing the tongue to block airways slightly. Stomach sleepers will need a pillow that is softer as the head is closer to the mattress. Combination sleepers will need to find out what position they sleep more frequently than not for finding and using the most optimal pillow.

What materials or type of pillow is best for you? There are a lot of material fillings and shells. Most top rated pillows use hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant material as shells such as cotton and bamboo to protect you from allergic reactions, itchy face, and other critters from joining you in bed. Memory foam is one of the most popularly recommended pillow type because of their resilience to going flat and providing the loft and thickness you need to relieve the pressure placed on your neck and head.

Shredded foam is certainly the more popular choice nowadays because it allows you to bend and mold the pillow as you need while providing airflow for a better temperature regulation. They also maintain their firmness pretty well compared to solid memory foam pillows.

However, this doesn’t mean other types of pillows are terrible alternatives. Waterbase pillows allow for adjusting the firmness and thickness of your pillow easily. Gel-filled can also provide a soft enough experience that memory foams cannot give. (Note: gel-filled is not literally gel, but rather the pillow uses micro fiber of memory foam as fillings.) Latex can also be an option, albeit firmer than most memory foam fillings.

What warranty or guarantee is in place to protect you? Manufacturer defects are inevitable. However, you may want a pillow that has a warranty in place upon purchase to assure exchanges if the pillow suddenly malfunctions and goes flat. The best pillows have trials and warranties in place. Most shoppers may not bother exercising their warranty and simply purchase a new pillow to save the trouble of restless nights.

Most popular pillows have a trial period of 30 days, but be prepared to pay for return shipping. The life span of a pillow is typically every two years, so whether a guarantee is for three years or more, you should aim to replace your pillow by that time frame.

How reputable is the company brand of the pillow being sold? The longer a company and its brand pillow has been around, the more likely their pillow is proven to be one of the best. However, on the flip side, companies that have been around selling the same pillow could be less innovative.

One of the major factors we examined when choosing the best pillow is what do others say about the product and how many are saying good or bad things. Some pillows may have a slight smell to them when you first receive them. Others may go flat sooner than others. However, when a large majority of pillow shoppers are purchasing a particular pillow and leaving good reviews, then that is a reassuring sign that the pillow is good. Certainly not the deciding factor, but an important signal nevertheless.

Who will be using the pillow? Pregnant women and young children need a different type of pillow. They may even need a selection of pillows within their reach. Because pregnant women is going through a miracle phase, they will need the pampering and support of their husbands. We cannot suggest the best pillow because preference can different greatly between women who are pregnant. However, you cannot go wrong with firmer pillows with softer pillows to be placed on the back to support the stomach area.

Children and toddlers, on the other hand, should not use a regular pillow. “Adult” pillows are designed to support adult heads and necks. Your child will need a children-specific pillow.

Our Final Thoughts

Pillows are one of the most important elements to good nights of sleep. Picking the right pillow can certainly be daunting with so many on the market. In this guide, we cover the top 10 pillows on Amazon based on popularity and good reviews. We also cover points of considerations you should take into account when shopping for the best pillow.

Although you may not get it right the first time, there are a wide range of pillows, pillow types, and company brands available for you. Start with these top 10, read and review what others say about the pillows, and test them out. Happy snoozing!

  1. Hi, your article sounds cool. The sleep restoration pillow looks perfect with a good shape. I wish It can restore my sleep. Choosing a perfect pillow can be a good solution who has problem with sleeping style or position. That is why everyone should consider one’s sleeping habit before buying pillow.

    • The Sleep Restoration Pillow is certainly one of the poofier pillows out there. If it ever goes flat, a simple fluff will restore its shape again.

      As you mentioned, if you’re picking out a particular pillow, how you position yourself in your sleep will play a role. For example, side sleepers would want a medium-firm pillow to keep their neck from bending uncomfortably and causing neck and shoulder pain.

      Thanks Edward.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative and most helpful article about the best pillow for the neck pain. I appreciate your ideas. Actually, finding the right pillow is definitely important. Different people have different sleeping style. people who have neck pain should buy this pillow.

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