In-Depth Analysis: The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

The average adults spends on third of their life sleeping, which is a lot! Although it is not uncommon to struggle with sleep, especially in this modern world with countless distractions (Netflix and social media, anyone?).

A lack of sleep can seriously impair your life, with just a few side effects being weight gain, depression, an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, an increased risk of diabetes, damage to the skin and faster aging, and damage to your cognitive processes. Just to name a few!

So, you’ve tried making your room darker, keeping smart phones out of the bedroom and turning the aircon up, but you still can’t sleep? What else is there to do? Get yourself a comfortable and supportive mattress, of course!

Introducing The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

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The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is one of the most impressive offers from the DreamCloud Company. The DreamCloud Company touts itself as unique in that it is the only online mattress wholesaler that offers 15 inch high luxury mattresses at an affordable and fair price. (Which is true!)

This mattress stands at 15 inches high, and has eight layers to it, with each layer performing a different function. The patented Truetufted Polyester Blend Cover of the mattress features unrivaled breathability, the gel infused layer keeps you from getting too hot, the next four layers are where the softness and comfort comes from, and the final two layers provide stability through the super soft and high density memory foam and the five zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system the mattress is made of.

Those are a lot of words and scientific mattress terms! But basically, the above paragraph means that each individual layer of this mattress has been created and tested to give you the most supportive, as well as soft surface to lay your head on.

This mattress is designed and built with natural latex, which is a material made out of rubber tree sap, also known as rubber serum. This natural latex is durable while also being really elastic. The use of natural latex makes this mattress more resilient than mattresses made out of synthetic latex, which is not as good at supporting weight. Most natural latex organizations operate under an organic and sustainable code when it comes to harvesting and re growing the trees the latex is harvested from, which should make you feel even better about buying this mattress.

As you may or may not know, the temperature of your not just your bedroom, but also your mattress can help or hinder your sleep. Research shows that increased heat leads to increased difficulty falling and staying asleep. As we mentioned above, the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is constructed with a Sleep Cool System, which is basically a gel infused memory foam, that keeps your mattress at an optimum temperature for a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep. In fact, this gel infused layer is actually three times better at keeping you cool than normal foam or cotton is.

The above mentioned five zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system layer of the eight layer mattress, is basically a layer containing thought out spaced coils which allow which enable free air flow through the mattress, including flowing out or releasing of any warm air made by your body heat that could make you feel uncomfortable. The flexible micro coils also work along with the memory foam to support pressure points on your body (especially your back, back pain caused by a bad mattress can be huge factor in sleep loss). Another factor of bad sleep could be because you sleep with a partner that tosses and turns. The flexible micro coils in this layer of mattress also work to absorb motion transfer, which means that you won’t even feel your significant other moving around (if they even do on this mattress!).

The real feelings of luxury and comfortability of this mattress is due to the cashmere that the top layer is made out of. We all know that cashmere is rare and expensive, but the DreamCloud Company managed to create and offer a cashmere blend mattress cover that is hand-tufted, affordable enough for the every man. The hand-tufted cashmere cover is also hypoallergenic, and undergoes regular testing before it’s ready for purchase. Let this scarce and creamy feeling material lull you into sleep fit or royalty every night!

Comfort really is the name of the game with this mattress, not only with sleeping on it but even with handling it should you want to ever move it. There are handles attached to the sides of this mattress and the outer edges of this mattress is foam encased, so you will never feel the coils.

The reviews of this mattress are best described as rave, including praise ranging from being the source of a best nights sleep ever, and feeling like layers of a cloud to literally feeling like a dream. Once we tried it for ourselves, we had to agree! Enthusiastically, at that. The only negative aspect of this mattress seems to be that because this company sell so many of them, you may wait an extra day or two on your shipping.

One of the aspects of the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress that has impressed us the most (apart from the supreme support and comfort, of course) is that it comes with 365 night trial. The DreamCloud Company explain this really generous trial by saying that they believe you should have the opportunity to sleep on this mattress during every season. That means that you can sleep on this mattress for up to a year, and if it is not giving you the support and comfort that you need (especially during the sweltering Summer months), you can return it, for a full refund, no questions asked!

The DreamCloud Company also offers free shipping, which means that if you do decide after 365 nights or less that you are not impressed with this mattress, they will come straight to your front door to pick it up. Simple, and no sweat for you. Buying a mattress from the DreamCloud Company will also cover White Glove delivery, which means that the company will send people out to not only delivery and set up your new cloud of a mattress, but they will also take your old mattress away for you.

Finally, the DreamCloud Mattress comes with an Everlong warranty (the best warranty the DreamCloud company offers) which includes re-conditioning your mattress in case it becomes worn and or damaged, and even cleaning your DreamCloud mattress for as long as you sleep on it.

This mattress really is where sleeping luxury and affordability meet. The DreamCloud Mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sized, with the prices ranging from $499 for the Twin, to $1,299 for the California King. So no matter how much space you have available in your bedroom or what your budget it, you’ll be able to get yourself one of these DreamCloud mattresses.

If it seems like we’ve only been spouting praise for this mattress, it’s because it genuinely is really hard to fault it. Overall, you absolutely won’t find a mattress this comfortable for this price anywhere else, and that paired with the free shipping, 365 night trial and the Everlong warranty makes your next mattress purchase, in our opinion, a no brainer.

Enter “SHOP200” at checkout and get a $200 discount on your purchase. You can visit the website by clicking here.


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