Eli & Elm Organic Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow Review

One challenge shoppers have is finding a quality pillow design. We don’t mean one that comes from reputable brands, but look and feel fantastic and well-engineered for comfort. The Eli & Elm achieves just that with its Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow. Made with cotton, latex, polyester, and cooling gel as its core ingredients, it will put you to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Soft to touch, cool to feel, and firm enough for adequate support without being too hard
  • Organic cotton and polyester mix cover, allowing stretchiness, durability but also breathability and soft to touch
  • Latex and polyester mix filling infused with cooling gel, allowing for a cooler pillow inside
  • Large queen-size design with a curvature, comfortably hugging the shoulders of side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Great stitching around the seams and lovely beige design, with a 45-day sleep trial and 5-year warranty backing its quality

The Company Behind The Pillow

Eli & Elm is an online bedding company that specializes in luxury bedding. They sell high-end bed sheets, duvets, mattress protects, and pillows (one of which is the Side Sleeper we are looking at today!).

Founded in 1793 in New Haven Connecticut, commonly referred to as “Elm City”, the company sought to develop solutions to solve low quality bedding in the market at the time. Through partnerships with leading researchers and engineers, they created and introduced high-thread count, long-staple fibers bedding products for consumers.

Today, they continue their mission and have create fantastic bedding products high in comfort, strong and durable, and feels luxurious. Their products, including this pillow, can put you out cold quicker and help you wake up feeling more refreshed each night.

First Impressions

  • Great first impression! The Cotton Pillow looks great and feels fantastic in our hands and for our heads
  • Very wide, albeit a little flimsy when held. Weak in pillow fights, but strong in sleep and comfort
  • Cover feels soft to touch, and insides feel firm when pressed upon
  • Off-gassing was noticeable when first unpackaged, but what foam-based pillow doesn’t have off-gassing?
  • Wide and lengthy sleeping surface, so the pillow can slip under and support the neck in full. It is a queen size, therefore all standard queen-size pillow covers fit (20″ x 30″)
  • We love the design of the pillow with its curvature, allowing for more surface area. You can slide your hand underneath and snuggle pillow to your face if you like

How It’s Built and With What Material

The pillow is made with several key ingredients: organic cotton, spandex, latex, and polyester.

The cover a cotton and polyester mix, with 37% organic cotton for breathability and soft touch, 2% spandex for stretchiness, and 61% polyester for durability and a longer lifespan.

The shredded filling is designed as proprietary noodle-shape which you can remove to adjust the thickness and comfort level of the pillow. The filling uses a latex and polyester mix, with 75% latex for bounciness and firm support, and 25% polyester fiber. There is also a mix of cooling gel that helps with temperature regulation.

The latex does have off-gassing, which is an unpleasant odor smell. After using a few freshly washed queen-size pillow cases, the smell eventually goes away and you’re left with a uniquely constructed pillow built!

Despite the chemical-like smell, the pillow is made free of any harmful chemicals.

The Good and The Not-So-Good

The Good:

  • Cover is hypoallergenic, great for anyone that gets stuffy nose due to allergies since the pillow won’t carry allergens
  • Soft, breathable, and cool to touch
  • Modern pillow design providing more surface area
  • Designed with greater surface area to support the head, neck, and shoulders
  • You can unzip and remove filling to reduce its thickness

The Not-So-Good:

  • Off-gassing require switching out freshly washed pillow cases until the smell dissipates
  • Doesn’t come with extra stuffing to increase thickness for those with wider shoulders or adjust comfort level for more firmness
  • Not great for pillow fights because it is a little flimsy

Sleep Trial, Warranties, and Shipping

Eli & Elm offers 45 nights of risk-free trial and money-back guarantee on their pillow. Their warranty protects you from defects in material or workmanship for up to 5 years. So any rips, frays, stitch or seams undoing from natural wear or fading of colors can be covered. (Not damages from pillow fights, pet damages, or abuse, of course.) They also offer free shipping on the pillow.

As a little bonus, we also found out Eli & Elm offers this same 45-day trial, money-back guarantee return policy, 5-year warranties, and free shipping for all their products. Now that’s called service!

Our Opinion

First impressions can often be a mistake, but with the Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow, we love everything about it. The large sleep surface is perfect for those who have had the unfortunate experience of sleeping on an inconsistently filled or small surface pillow. Sleepers with neck and shoulder strains and pain can find a safe haven with this Eli & Elm pillow.

The sleep trial and return policy is more than sufficient, and customer service has been fantastic in answering all our questions. Free shipping is also a plus.

At first, we weren’t so sure about the high polyester mix in the fabric, but a lot of popular, casual clothing use a similar percentage mixture and the pillow feels the same way. The consistent pattern on the cover also beats out other shredded filling pillows that have oddly curvature designs that might even be felt through pillow covers.

We’re also a huge fan of latex, and a high percentage filling gives the pillow a nice little bouncy feeling when you throw your head on it for the night. It won’t wrap your head like memory foam shred filling pillows, but will give you that soft, foam bounce. The cooling gel is also a nice plus and can be felt slightly on your ears when you sleep on the pillow. Can’t get reliably cooler than that

Although the pillow didn’t come with a cover, any queen size pillow case will fit this 17″ x 29″ pillow. Off-gassing was also a challenge, but it is an inevitable scent of many pillows that use foam. Our best experience of getting rid of that smell is by wrapping the pillow in a freshly washed pillow case a few times. Eventually, the smell will go disappear.

Our Overall Judgement

We love the pillow. It’s one of few exceptional quality pillows on the market. The price tag is higher than classic pillows made by cheap materials. The quality stitching and design is what sells us on Eli & Elm’s Side Sleeper Pillow.

The curvature is not to be underestimated. It lends a hugging support to the shoulders (back or side sleepers) that allow it to snuggle underneath your neck and shoulders in full, providing pressure relief that otherwise smaller or classic rectangle pillows can’t provide.

Although the name implies its for side sleepers, the pillow also works great for back sleepers. It’s big sleeping surface gives you a lot of room for moving your head around. Stomach sleepers might not be a huge fan because of how high the pillow is and how the shredded filling doesn’t provide a soft enough cushion for the chin and face.


We highly recommend the Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow if you:

  • are sick of pillows that lack sleeping surface
  • in need of a queen-size pillow
  • want a beautifully designed and well-engineered pillow for head, neck, and shoulder support
  • love the feel of cotton and the bounciness of latex filling
  • a pillow that you can also snuggle

It’s such a fantastic design and quality made pillow, we can’t stop recommending. It comes ready for sleep with a super soft touch and offers, and super comfy and supportive sleep.

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