Ethics Statement

At MySleepyFerret, we want to be as transparent as possible about our business model. It’s what put food on our tables, and help us grow as a blog to provide buying-decision insights and experience to help you get the biggest bang for your buck (savings and value) or find the best product to help your needs (back pain, snoring, etc.).

Below, you will find our Ethics Statement: a guideline that will tell you more about how our product reviews work, how our affiliate marketing business model work, and how our sponsored posts work. If you have any questions about our work, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] We also appreciate the simple “hi!” messages as they brighten our day and make us proud to be editors at MySleepyFerret. 🙂

To summarize:

  • We are not obliged to provide favorable reviews or endorsements of products.
  • We do not accept monetary compensation from manufacturers to provide reviews.
  • We may earn a referral commission when you click our affiliate links and buy something (Thank you!).
  • Things that you buy through our affiliate links come at no extra cost to you.
  • As a matter of fact, we work out discounts with companies and for products we love and recommend.
  • We strive to list deals from reputable sellers, and ban any seller that we receive consistently poor feedback about.
  • We may post sponsored content and deals (never sponsored product reviews) and will label them so you can know.



Product Reviews

Many of the products featured on website are provided to MYSLEEPYFERRET free of charge by the respective manufacturer for the express purpose of reviewing such products. We are under no obligation to provide favorable reviews or endorsements of these products. MYSLEEPYFERRET retains full editorial control over the content contained in our post to our website. We do not accept monetary compensation from manufacturers to provide reviews. Additionally, we are not experts in any one area. We are just normal people that are trying to produce helpful content from the perspective of the average consumer.

Affiliate Marketing

We utilize affiliate marketing on this website as a necessary means to make our business sustainable. If you purchase through certain links that we provide, MYSLEEPYFERRET may earn a referral commission. We provide affiliate links for products that have received both positive and negative comments because we realize everyone is different and should be able to compare prices and purchase whatever product they desire. The bottom line is that the small commissions that we may receive through the use of affiliate links do not affect how we review products.

Possible examples of affiliate links on our website: text such as “Check Price on Amazon”, “See on Best Buy”, “See on” and “$75 Off Code: MYSLEEPYFERRET”. Further, affiliate links may be denoted by a green button, by green text or by hyperlinked text within the body of written content.

We list the best deals on our deals site, regardless of whether we have a relationship with the seller. Additionally, we strive to only list deals from reputable sellers and ban any seller that we receive consistently poor feedback about.


Product reviews are not sponsored. Occasionally, however, we will post sponsored content and it will be labeled as such. This content will usually take the form of fun, entertaining posts and general updates. Also, from time to time we may post sponsored deals and they too will be labeled accordingly.