How To Make A Mattress More Firm For Better Sleep

After several years of use and wear, a mattress will eventually sag and sink. The uncomfortable soft spots and uneven surface make it difficult to get a good night’s rest.

Buying a new mattress can be a pricey decision. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to make your mattress firm.

Warning: Before trying anything listed below, you need to check your warranty policy and contact your mattress retailer or manufacturer. Adding plywood underneath your bed or placing your mattress on the floor can void your warranty.

How To Make Your Soft Mattress Firm:

Add a sheet of plywood underneath your mattress: The plywood will prevent your mattress from sinking further than the plywood itself. Sometimes your box spring or foundation is not flat or hard enough.

Check the integrity of your box spring or foundation for central support: Naturally, the center of your box spring or foundation will eventually sink in the center over years of wear. We don’t want this since it will wear your mattress very quickly.

Add center support to your steel bed frames: Some steel bed frames do not have enough cross rails to support the center of your bed. This applies in particular for bed frames fit for a queen size mattress or larger.

Flip the mattress every few months: If your mattress is double-sided, then flipping it every 2 to 6 months will evenly wear your mattress. By using both sides of your mattress, it can better retain its shape.

Place your mattress on the floor: Similar to adding plywood underneath your mattress, the floor will prevent your mattress from sinking too much. Hardwood flooring will provide better firmness than carpet flooring.

Make sure your room temperature is cool: Heat over time will warp just about anything. This is especially noticeable with memory foam mattresses.

Check your warranty for coverage: Mattress defects are a thing, which is why most mattresses come with a warranty. If your mattress sags beyond a particular measurement, you can talk to your retailer or manufacturer for a replacement. For example, innerspring mattress warranties typically cover a sagging depth greater than 1.5 inches.

Other Considerations

Adding a mattress topper/pad may not increase firmness: There seem to be articles floating around online that suggest adding a mattress topper or mattress pad can make your mattress much more firm. Adding a new layer of any material may only make your mattress softer because it gives your body more cushion for sinking. It is still worth the try. The worst case is you return what you ordered.

Your age affects your sensitivity: Your body can be less forgiving when you are over 40 years old. In your best interest for quality sleep, we recommend replacing your mattress before it reaches the end of its lifespan.

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Consider buying a new mattress: Ultimately, your mattress will be the biggest factor to firmness. If you recently purchased a mattress that doesn’t live up to your expectation, then returning it or buying a new one may very well be the best solution. You need to consider how well you sleep for the next 5 to 10 years.

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