In-Depth Analysis: The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress Review

The Insta-Bed Air Mattress is a two-pump 18-inch air mattress that provides a great height and high weight capacity support with its innerspring coil design. One of the great features of the mattress is its NeverFLAT pump system. The secondary pump monitors the air pressure inside the mattress and silently maintains a consistent air pressure so you can sleep comfortably on a leveled surface.


  • Two-pump system that makes for easy inflate and deflate of mattress
  • The main pump automatically inflate and deflate the mattress
  • Secondary pump silently monitors and maintains the air pressure during the night
  • Adjustable firmness with a twist of a knob
  • Build with a pierce-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material
  • Non-slip base with flocked top for bedsheets
  • 18-inch height for a comfortable getting on-off the mattress experience
  • Built with coils and reinforcements inside the air mattress for great support
  • Comes with five available queen-size designs
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump - Queen Pillow Top
  • THE INSTA-BED PROMISE: Rest easy! We offer a 1 Year with our Insta-Beds. Call or e-mail our Customer Service team for prompt service or to answer any questions or concerns!
  • INTEGRATED PUMP: In less than 4 minutes, the primary pump provides fast and easy inflation or deflation. Sensors monitor air pressure throughout the night, and a secondary NeverFlat pump engages automatically to maintain consistent firmness and comfort.
  • CIRCULAR COIL CONSTRUCTION: with vertical and horizontal reinforcement provides proven support and comfort.
  • COMFORTABLE PILLOW TOP FEATURE: With a removable, washable pillow top - Made with puncture and water-resistant materials, 35 circular coils plus vertical and horizontal reinforcement provides proven support and comfort.
  • SPECS: Inflated Dimensions: 78” L x 60” W x 18” H, Included: Washable Pillow Top accessory, carry bag for easy storage and travel

What’s So Good About The Air Bed?

Never FLAT dual-pump pressure sensing tech

The air bed uses a two-pump system for automatically controlling the firmness and consistency in air pressure inside the mattress. The first, primary pump can automatically inflate and deflate the air mattress and a second pump that maintains the air pressure.

The main pump can inflate and deflate your air bed in approximately four minutes. Although the pump may be loud, the automation feature is a great benefit as you can leave the room while the machine can inflate your mattress just enough and auto-shuts off. Automation eliminates the concern of the pump overinflating or burning out. The same goes for deflating the mattress.

The secondary pump of the Never Flat pump system can monitor air pressure inside the mattress and silently maintain constant air pressure for a consistent level of firmness throughout the night. The secondary pump eliminates sagging and loss of air pressure, which happens normally for air mattresses.

Adjustable firmness knob

The air bed uses a knob to adjust the level of comfort in firmness. You can choose between a wider range of firmness from plush to extra firm, and the secondary pump will maintain that same level of firmness for you in the air pressure of the mattress.

Pierce-resistant polyvinyl chloride

The mattress also uses a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. This material is well known for its durability and pierce resistance. Add on the inner construction of the mattress with coils and you have a very durable air bed. The base of the mattress is also made with a slip-resistant material. The top of the mattress is flocked and can hold a bedsheet in place.

18-inches of height

There is a mixed range of air mattresses at different height levels from as low as 6-inches to as high as 22-inches. The air bed gives a nice height level for most users to comfortably climb on and off the mattress. The mattress may not be a great candidate for camping trips, but it is a perfect temporary air mattress to use for guest rooms.

Inner coil and reinforcements built-in

The inner design of the air bed is designed for maintain shape and providing comfortable support. The queen-size air mattress is built with 35 circular coils while the twin-size has 21 circular coils. It is also built with vertical and horizontal reinforcements so the mattress maintains its shape while creating a strong, supportive, and level sleep surface.

Drawbacks Of The Air Bed

Not to be used daily

Many reviewers reported purchasing the mattress to be used for guests. However, the few that purchase this mattress for daily, personal use. As an air mattress, one of the problems is longevity, especially when used daily. The nature of air beds is to be used on occasions as needed. Using the air bed frequently will wear down the pump and mattress. Daily users have also reported the mattress at 18 inches is lower than most bed setups.

Surface design indentation nuance

Another drawback may be the surface that has design indents users may not like. One reviewer reported the nuisances of this irregularity. Although a mattress topper can solve the design problem if sleep is intended more frequently on the air bed. Most reviewers have reported being quite satisfied as well as their guests who use the product.

Additional information

The air bed can support a weight capacity of 300 pounds, although reviewer reports and sources suggest the mattress can easily hold 600 pounds without losing air. Keep in mind the heavier the total weight is applied will compromise the longevity of the mattress. The airbed also comes with a carry bag for easy and convenient storage and transport.

The queen-size mattress dimensions are 80 inches x 60 inches x 18 inches. The twin-size mattress dimensions are 74 inches x 39 inches x 18 inches.

The queen-size air mattress comes with four available designs: Pillow Top, White, Grey and Tan (original).

The mattress also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Our Final Thoughts

The Insta-Bed Air Mattress is certainly one of the most popular mattresses on the market. Most reviewers on Amazon would agree that this is one of the best air mattresses. Its two-pump system makes the air mattress easy to use, the height gives a comfortable experience when climbing on and off the mattress, and its design and material provides durability and support for longer usage.

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