Are More Springs In A Mattress Better?

Short answer: NO!

Higher coil count does not necessarily mean you are getting a “better” mattress. The number of coils can be inflated simply by making the coils smaller to fit into the mattress. Some more interesting designs include two layers of springs, doubling the number of coils. This would not make the mattress stronger or perform better in any way.

Myths Of Coil Count

Mattress companies as a marketing tactic have used coil count to show how superior their mattress is compared to the next competing brand. Why might shoppers be lead to believe more coils are better?

For one, some shoppers believe more coils mean more body support. Who doesn’t want “more support”? As long as a mattress have sufficient number of coils to provide buoyant support, more coils won’t have any noticeable effect.

Higher coil count also does not equate to firmer comfort levels. A large part of firmness depend on two parts:

  1. The density and material blend of the foam layers used, and
  2. The gauge of the coils themselves.

To keep things simple, density and material blend of the foam, and gauge of the coils explain the give that the mattress sleeping surface can offer. The denser the foam, the firmer it sleeps. Memory foam also tends to provide a different sleeping sensation than polyfoam or latex. Higher gauge coils make for a firmer, more buoyant surface than lower gauge coils.

One important piece to the equation of mattress comfort is the foundation (or lack thereof) used at home. A mattress placed on the floor will feel entirely different than the same mattress placed on a wooden slated box spring, metal frame, or adjustable bed frame.

What Actually Matters In A Quality Mattress With Pocket Springs

You will certainly want to compare the specs of the mattress. Unless you are buying a mattress that is made with only tempered steel coils and no foam, we want to look at the innerspring and hybrid mattresses (that use a coil system) as a whole.

Some common questions include:

  • What is the blend or ingredients in the foam part of the mattress? What is the density of the polyfoam or memory foam in pounds per cubic feet? How is the density of the foam different along the edges?
  • What coil system is used within the mattress? Is it continuous coils, Bonnell coils, offset coils, or Marshall coils? What are the coil gauge used within the mattress? How thick are the wires used in the coils in millimeters? What is the gauge along the edge of the mattress?
  • How thick are the individual layers or components of the mattress?
  • What is the fabric or blend that makes the cover? Is the cover quilted onto a layer of foam (pillow top)? If so, what is the density of that layer of foam?

It’s difficult to find the right mattress on the first try. We do our best at MySleepyFerret to provide extensive details and information about the mattresses we recommend (we have put in thousands of hours of research in our free content).

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There are two principals you should keep in mind when selecting the right mattress for you:

  1. Adequate posture support, and
  2. Personal comfort

If you sleep on your side, and your mattress is too firm, then we foresee problems with pressure points along your shoulders, arms and hips. Picking the right mattress with adequate posture support means considering several points such as your preferred sleeping position and material specs.

As for personal comfort, it goes without saying that a bed not comfy for you is a bed not worthy for sleep. If you find yourself frustrated with a new mattress after giving it a fair try, then it’s time to go with another brand.

It also helps to purchase a mattress with a sufficient trial period (we like to call it the “sleepy trial”). Your new mattress will need time to air out if there is off-gassing, to soften up and break in, and for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface. Cheaper mattresses will have a minimum return policy of 30 days (especially from Amazon) while more reliable brands will offer 100 nights or more.

If you want to learn more about picking the right mattress, be sure to check out our mattress buyer’s guide for more information.

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