10 Most Comfortable Mattresses for Cozy Sleep

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Everyone deserves a comfortable bed each night. Statistically, more Americans are sleep deprived and overworked each passing day. We can change this. The most comfortable bed for sleep can help reduce stress and provide a peace of mind so you can wake up feeling refresh and energetic. Since comfort is an important factor when it comes to mattresses, there are certain issues to consider when looking for the right comfortable mattress.

When you are get quality sleep, your mind and body can recover physically and mentally. Your immune system can rejuvenate fight off bacteria and viruses much better when you are well rested. Even an amazing beauty rest can make you look and feel good the next day, too.

Mattresses come in all different shapes and sizes. More so, each brand will have its own unique mix in material, density, and design.

Is Your Bed Supportive and Comfortable?

What is and isn’t comfortable can be very subjective. A mattress that works for someone else might not work well for you. However, we can agree that a comfortable mattress should not cause aches and pain or be disruptive to your rest in any way. There shouldn’t be any sagging that can create uncomfortable sleep positions. The right mattress shouldn’t get hot and cause nighttime sweating either.

An Oklahoma University old vs. new bed study shows that a new bedding system can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of your sleep. A new bedding system can also reduce back discomfort as well.

To find out whether your current mattress is in need of a replacement, here are five self-assessment questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Are you getting full nights of sleep?
  • Do you wake up or have trouble falling asleep due to heat?
  • Is there enough space for you to adjust to different sleep positions?
  • Are there noticeable sagging and lingering body impressions on your mattress?
  • Has it been more than five years since you changed your mattress?

After answering these questions, if you deem your bed to be uncomfortable, then it is time to start searching for a new and comfortable mattress.

How Do You Find The Right Mattress?

In this guide, we offer a starting point for your conquest. We aim to provide you with information to consider when shopping for your new mattress and provide highly rated, trusted brand mattresses to begin your research.

Our research involved reviewing over 10,000 customer reviews over two dozen mattress brands and 50+ mattress models. We also compared over dozens of other sources of personal reviews found online to create our list of the top 10 most comfortable mattresses on the market.

During our research, we found there can be a lot of biased marketing reviews online. Selling mattresses online is an enormous industry. According to a market research report published by IBIS World, the industry is $14 billion in size, with over 16,000 businesses catered to mattresses. You can imagine how much advertising and biased research can be found.

Here are a few criteria we worked by in order to find legitimate reviews and assess the mattresses we have listed:

  • Reviews are critical and comes with photos for proof of purchases
  • Sources demonstrate analysis from a critical perspective and covers multiple brands and models of mattresses
  • Research sources are academic in nature and further our understanding of sleep

The 10 Top Comfortable Mattresses

#1. Turf & Needle Mattress


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#2. Leesa Mattress


No products found.

#3. Lull Mattress


No products found.

#4. Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Mattress


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#5. Nectar Mattress


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#6. Casper Sleep Mattress


No products found.

#7. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress


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#8. Sunrising Bedding Mattress


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#9. WinkBeds Mattress


No products found.

#10. Eco Terra Mattress


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About The “Comfort” in Comfortable Mattresses

Since everyone has their own taste and comfort preferences, we can look at what types of mattresses are suitable for you and in what way it will help you sleep better during the night.

Different Types of Mattress Available

When we talk about the different “type” of mattress, we refer to the material ingredients that make each mattress unique. In other words, we look at what is inside the mattress, underneath its cover. There are five types of mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses – This type of mattress is trending in popularity as the most sought after material mattress. What makes memory foam mattresses so attractive is that there is a wide variety of selection in different price ranges and how well they contour to the shape of your body. By molding to your body’s curves, the memory foams relieve common pressure points that can cause aches and pain, such as the shoulders and hips. Read more about memory foams on Wikipedia.

  • The Good: Dense and can be firm. Conforms to the shape of your body to relieve pressure. Minimal transfer of motion and can make next to zero noise. Your partner can sleep undisturbed.
  • The Bad: They can retain heat too well. Off-gassing (odor that comes from newly unwrapped mattresses) can be noticeable. The smell does, however, dissipate over time. Can have an uncomfortable “sinked in” feeling with difficulty getting up and off the mattress. Can form sagging or indentation if the foam quality is poor or overused.

Latex mattresses – Latex is a foam that comes from rubber trees. In its true form, it is a natural foam alternative. It is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. The great thing about latex is that it does not retain heat well. This material also has a rapid response that can give you a comfortable bounce when you climb on or off your bed. Read more about latex extract on Wikipedia.

  • The Good: Rapid response rate provides a pleasant bounce. Hypoallergenic. Inhibits the growth of nasty microorganisms and dust mites from inhabiting your mattress. Cannot retain heat well so there can be less build up.
  • The Bad: Rapid response rate means slightly more pressure on those who suffer from pressure points. People with latex allergy cannot use this type of mattress. Bounce means motion transfer that can wake up your sleeping partner.

Innerspring mattresses – Also known as coil or spring mattresses, innerspring use metal coils in the base of the mattress to provide deep compression support throughout your bed. These mattresses are well known for the “bounce” that helps you get on and off the bed. There are many different coil constructs available. The most common are individually wrapped coils and the traditional bonnell mesh coils that are linked together. Read more about innerspring mattresses on Wikipedia.

  • The Good: Innersprings can provide a reassuring support and pressure relief for your body. They are extremely buoyant and can give you a weightless feel whenever you hop onto your bed. The material is also extremely durable and, when used appropriately, provide lasting comfort.
  • The Bad: They have a relatively shorter lifespan compared to other mattress types. Due to the nature of the coils, they tend to make a lot of sound. When you sleep with a partner, there can be motion transfer, thus waking up your partner.

Hybrid mattresses – As the name suggest, hybrid mattresses brings the best benefits of different materials. When someone talks about hybrid mattresses, they are typically thinking about half foam and half innerspring. A latex and memory foam combination is also known as a hybrid mattress.

  • The Good: You can get the benefits of both worlds, like pressure relieving attribute and deep compression support from innerspring and memory foam hybrid mattresses.
  • The Bad: Relatively more expensive. May not actually get the best of each material characteristics.

Air mattresses – Air beds make a great temporary sleeping area for those on the go. Happy campers tend to pick up a durable base air mattress to use outdoors and those who go on long road trips can whip out an their air mattress when needed. Air mattresses are also popular for guests because they are easy to set up and store away. They can also be greatly customized as you can adjust the amount of air pressure to change the firmness of your sleeping surface. Air mattresses is often used as an alternative bed for those struggling with physical minor ailments or chronic pain, such as post-surgery recovery or back pain. Read more about air mattresses on Wikipedia.

  • The Good: An excellent, inexpensive choice for a temporary bed. Portable, easy to use, and easy to store. Known to be very comfortable.
  • The Bad: One hole can make the air mattress unusable (can be repaired or must be replacement). Cannot be used frequently due to the nature of the air bed. Requires a pump (though some air mattress brands come with built-in pumps).

For this review, we exclude air mattresses. The nature of air mattress doesn’t allow for daily use because any damage can render the bed unusable until it is repaired or replaced.

Buyer’s Guide to The Most Comfortable Beds

Considerations When Shopping For A Mattress

Since only you can determine what is comfortable, trying several types of mattresses is important. If it has been some time since you purchased a new mattress, you should keep in mind that the body also changes over time. Someone in their 40s might not have the same sleep surface preference as someone who is in their 30s or 20s.

Shopping online also doesn’t lend you the luxury of trying multiple mattresses at a time, so if any time you are shopping for a new mattress, you should consider visiting your local bed store and lie down on a few to get a sense of how comfortable they might be.

Here are a few more tips to help you find the right mattress:

  • Check the return policies of your particular mattress model – Recognizing that not all mattresses are right for everyone, a growing number of mattress brands are providing trial nights (usually 100) for shoppers. However, before you buy you should always know what return policies are in place to reduce the risk of a potentially upsetting purchase. If you buy from retailers like Amazon, you should know that it is the consumer that needs to prepare the mattress for shipping.
  • Understand the warranty – Nowadays, most mattress brands offer more years on warranty coverages. The least expensive mattresses may not have any warranty at all. Although any noticeable sagging or indents may be covered by most “limited manufacturer warranties”, you should carefully read and understand what changes to your mattresses can be covered. Most warranties include protecting you from manufacturer defects that include deep body impressions past a particular measurement or incomplete stitching.
  • You can accept or refuse a delivery order (and not sign) if there is damage – Most if not all deliveries will be done by a third party. Your mattress may be placed on the curbs or brought to your bedroom if you include an order of a white glove delivery. However, if you notice or receive damage to your mattress, you can refuse the delivery order and not sign the receipt. Let the delivery team know and contact a representative at your mattress brand to let them know about the damage so a replacement can be sent to you right away.

Common Frustrations with New Mattresses

  • Fumes or off-gassing odors – You may notice an odor from your new mattress. Most mattress buyers will be turned off by the smell. Give your mattress at least 24 to 48 hours to expand from having been compressed for shipping, then 2 to 4 weeks for the smell to dissipate.
  • Mattress is too heavy to carry to bedroom – When you order a new mattress, you should be prepared to have at least two people carry it to your bedroom. Alternatively, you can order a white glove delivery service at an additional cost to have your mattress brought into your bedroom and have it set up for you.
  • New mattress is too firm or uncomfortable – It is normal for a brand new mattress to feel firmer than you expected. All new mattress need time to settle and a period of 2 to 4 weeks to break in. However, be sure to check the mattress company return policy so you know what options you have available in case you need to make a return.

Want More Choices?

Here are the latest best selling comfortable mattress on Amazon:

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Our Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of a comfortable mattress, we aim to provide you relevant and concise information on making the best mattress purchase. Although what makes a mattress comfortable will differ from person to person, there are certain things that can be done to ensure we find the best comfortable mattress for you. From trying out different mattresses at a local bed store to understanding the different types of mattresses, this guide aims to provide you with insights and options for making a buying choice, and share with you what makes a mattress comfortable and right for you.

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